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  1. demon_god04
    2008-10-25 17:16
    Yeah that is one thing I love with Tales of Symphonia too, and Sheena the best XD
  2. demon_god04
    2008-10-25 08:56
    Nothing wrong with beating the game fast, I was just surprised you went through it so quickly. For the second playthrough, remember the second mystic artes all characters have. I would have actually advised you to fullfill those requirements in the first playthrough, that way you can hop in and try them out. Jade's Indignation is one of my favourites, along with Natalia's Noble Roar and Guy's Brilliant Overlord and Tear's Fortune's Arc is really good. Fortune's Arc damages every enemy on the field and heals and resurrects fully every party member as well as fully buff them. There are alot of good ones but Anise's was great too as she gets an extension on Final Fury. As for tips, it depends where you are, I would recommend getting the Elven Bow for Natalia from Dinn's shop as soon as possible as it allows her to do the Noble Roar mystic artes. I usually keep that bow on her for her final weapon. And also when leveling up, you should swap your best cores onto characters that are about to level up to get the best stat boosts. I suggest you play on Very Hard and forget about Unknown for the moment. Unknown difficulty multiplies the stats of bosses by about 4 and even the defence stats so boss fights can last for an eternity. Especially the Liger boss in the begining as you are doing like one or two damage to it. Play it after you have unlocked all the AD skills and gotten the best spells unlocked through side quests. That is all I can think of for now, let me know if you have any questions.

    Basically, I keep saying, Kallen was written as the main love interest until marketing screwed us.

    Well to give credit where it is due, it is not my theory but basically an agreement that was reached on the gamefaqs board through long debates about the ending.
  3. demon_god04
    2008-10-24 18:39
    You beat the game already? you must have skipped alot then. If you did one of Jade's sidequests on contamination you would have a better understanding of it.

    Basically it has been argued and there is some understanding that the majority opinion is that it is Luke in Asche's body. Basically the general jist is that Asche had it wrong when he though that the originals in replicas always died, but rather that the original gets weaker to the point of appearing as if he died and then the replica would break up into fonons and be transered back into the original bringing the original back to life. But the unique case here is that Asche was killed before that happened. His powers ended up transfering to Luke giving Luke the ability of the second order hyper-resonance. And when Luke released Lorelei his fonons were undergoing rapid separation and it is agreed that it is either absorbed into Asche's body or that Lorelei merged him into Asche's body. If you look at the cutscene, Luke was wearing the Key of Lorelei in a left handed draw which would mean it is not Asche as Asche is right-handed.

    And Jade is not "the man" he is a god among men.

    My favourite line from him:

    It's strange to hear that from such a wise man. People and planets all eventually die. Regardless of whether the planet has a memory or not, that alone is guaranteed. Even if the absolute path you speak of exists, people have the right to choose their own path to destruction.
  4. demon_god04
    2008-10-24 15:19
    It was probably your imagination

    Yep like I said, Jade Curtis is the god of Auldurant Screw Yulia, Jade is the one that deserves a religion in his image.

    How far are you in the game by the way?
  5. demon_god04
    2008-10-24 08:32
    Why did you not tell me that there was a Kalulu fanclub?
  6. demon_god04
    2008-10-23 12:37
    In the begining he is meant to be like that but the manga does a better job of making you not want to punch him after volume one. He actually changes and there was more backstory as to why he became such an asshat. But the big thing is that he changes for the better because of his experiences. Dump the anime as another literary abortion from Gonzo and read the manga.

    It is to keep the more numerious fanbase happy. It is for marketting that they did that basically. Looking at the manga, it also seems to lean more towards Kalulu as well. I just do not think about it too much anymore. CG is done, no use in complaining now that everything has been settled. Kalulu was just one aspect of CG that seemed wasted, and there are other more important failures in terms of the writing.
  7. demon_god04
    2008-10-22 13:28
    They relied too much on the things that they perceived to have made season one successful in R2 which is why alot of people felt that R2 was a rehash of R1. They relied too much on the WTF moments to drive the plot because those moments were popular. They stuck Ashford back in because it was an element that made Season one successful. But what they failed to realise is that the story had evolved past the point of needing those as the driving focus and their adherence and reliance on those factors dragged the series down. The episodes after 19 were all pretty much disasters in terms of literary abortions.

    I highly recommend that you play the first time without walkthroughs, in fact there are somethings that you cannot do in the first playthrough anyways. Although I do recommend you play on Hard to rack up more grade so you can make use of the grade shop on the second time through. And also Normal is just really too easy and alot of the bosses do not even use mystic artes unless set on hard. Plus Luke's best costume is gotten when you fight a certain amount of battles on hard mode.
  8. demon_god04
    2008-10-22 09:01
    Nine out of ten times you argue with someone on the internet all you get are unintelligible responses. -.- I was just pissed that apparently someone was passing around what I said to you in this conversation about Lelouch's death and how it was basically started by some C.C fans arguing for their pairing. Honestly if you look at all the people saying how he was alive the majority of them were C.C fans and started by basically that dumb gif someone made with Lelouch being the cart driver. You know, like how most Gino x Kallen fans were basically C.C fans trying to shove Kallen away in a very vocal and annoying way that did not make an ounce of sense. And I am still waiting for an answer to the question of why it makes good literary sense to have him live even after that touching death scene.

    But whatever, I am not really angry about that, more the fact that apparently I am talking behind people's backs. Frankly I am not stupid enough to think that only you would ever read what I typed to you in this conversation as it is publicly accessible. If I had wanted to talk behind someone's back I'd use PM. And I am more then a little annoyed that someone I'd have considered a friend would get angry about that comment without even talking to me about that first. I am not afraid of people seeing what I post because I can back it up with evidence in a debate. If they have a problem with my opinions I'd gladly welcome the chance to debate it. -.- And frankly I find it ironic at being accused of talking behind people's back while essentaily that person was doing the same about my comments -.-

    But meh, I am done with CG, the ending just made me disappointed in the series, honestly I just couldn't stomach that Lelouch turned into Suzaku in the end. He had Suzaku live and atone for his sins but he himself dies a martyr as Suzaku wanted... right.
  9. demon_god04
    2008-10-21 21:42
    You know, sometimes I am just overwhelmed by the futility of expressing one's opinions in these forums. -.- depending on the interest the 00 forums rouse for me I may just go back into hibernation again -.-
  10. demon_god04
    2008-10-21 21:05
    cool let me know when you do

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