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What would you know!

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  1. PreSage
    2011-10-21 19:13
    Hey Yami, just noticed the Halloween banners for AS...when was there an animesuki banner change? I can't seem to find the thread for it...O_O? I wanted to know who made the Hellsing banner...looks awesome. 8O
  2. PreSage
    2011-10-20 17:28
    My bishie homing device was going wild... ;D

    Ah, I read the description for that series and went...wth? But just for "the wizard", I'll check it out.

    Geez, Miyano is everywhere! How popular is this guy in Japan? O_o
  3. PreSage
    2011-10-20 14:39
    Who's the guy in your avy??!!! O______________O
  4. PreSage
    2011-10-14 11:40
    LOL. *glomps her nee-chan* Haven't been as active as I used too. D:

    Oh, btw, have you checked out UN-GO? Might be something you're interested...I am.
  5. Evil Rick
    2011-10-14 02:30
    Evil Rick
  6. LKK
    2011-10-03 21:12
    I don't remember my To Watch list off the top of my head either. I have to look it up. Mostly what I'm doing though is watching the streaming announcements and then deciding whether to give the stream a try. I hadn't planned on Kimi To Boku until CR announced its stream. I figured I would try it. Turns out I liked it.
  7. LKK
    2011-10-03 19:01
    I finally changed my Baka-ouji avy & sig. For now (at least), I'm going with Kimi to Boku cast for avy & Kaname from Kimi to Boku as the avy.
  8. The Chaos
    2011-09-28 01:47
    The Chaos
    Thanks Manju-chan
  9. LKK
    2011-09-14 21:46
    Excellent! Let me know if she tries to catch up with you. I have found me an eager beaver follower who is soooooo into manga and anime. She's not like Yomi in personality, but she's almost as tiring. Fortunately, she found someone else equally impassioned this week, so maybe I'll catch a break from her near incessant tweets to discuss various anime and manga.

    And would you believe that in the past few weeks, I've gotten 2 HUGE comments about my GH essay? Both of whom are just dying to share their speculations and want my expert opinions on stuff that is simply unknowable. (Like, how many years before Naru falls in love with Mai. Etc.) I haven't written them back yet because every time I think of it, I wince and back away.
  10. LKK
    2011-09-13 21:48
    I was wondering. Why didn't you watch Steins;Gate? Lack of time?

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