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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-09-02 21:07
    And Kyousuke... is he even the same character? He is literally the worst and most pathetic male character I've seen in many years even beating the likes of Shu from Guilty Crown

    You know a series is bad for you personally if you end up saying Ayase was the least bad character in the series and because she was the most attractive looking (I fag over long hair k)
    Hmmm... I would have actually said she came out of season 2 the worst. I liked Ayase a lot when she was first introduced, she was actually my favourite character for a short while until Kuroneko's charms started to kick in (I find Kuroneko a bit blunt and nasty at first). The tantalizing "normal" girl who doesn't approve of your hobbies, but is rather understandably creeped out by them. Then she got flanderized into some shallow yandere character, which was just dumb. I felt like Kuroneko escaped with her dignity intact, even if she got jerked around by the plot... Ayase did not.

    I would like to forget about this franchise, but because the damage has been done and in significant amounts, it's going to be ingrained in my memory.
    As soul crushing as the s2 OVAs were I still want tp see an adaptation of the Ore no Kouhai manga. Because the series seems like it actually had something going with Kuroneko that got cut short in favour of the main"plot".
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-09-02 21:06
    I feel the urge to ask a few of you guys some questions as a thought exercise.
    1) Adult female characters that appeal to you. Immortal options are allowed but you have to give some non-immortal ones as well (because I want to get answers other than just Horo and Matsuri).
    2) Characters you'd like to see an older version of.
    3) Male characters in EF you like or dislike.

    Horo from Spice and Wolf
    Matsuri from Sola
    Yuuko from ef
    Balsa from Seirei no Moribito
    Megumi from Nodame Cantabile
    Saki from Shin Sekai Yori
    Watashi from Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita
    Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai
    Misa Hayase from SDF Macross
    Nana (punk one) from Nana
    Canaan from Canaan
    Teresa from Claymore
    Yuki Morikawa from White Album


    Hiromi from True Tears
    Wakana from Tari Tari (in fact just make it the entire female cast for Tari Tari)
    Ohana from Hanasaku Iroha
    Izumi from Another (I see a pattern here for PA Works female characters lol)
    Minko from Hanasaku Iroha (I'm serious btw because I think she'll be a lot less bitchy in her adult more mature version)
    Chiba from Wandering Son
    Rin from Usagi Drop
    Touko from Bungaku Shojo
    Tomoyo from Clannad
    Yomi from Gai Rei Zero
    Kagura from Gai Rei Zero
    Rika from Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora
    Balot from Mardock Scramble
    Ein from Phantom Requiem for the Phantom
    Tsuruko from Anohana
    Entire female cast of Natsuiro Kiseki
    Nanami from Sakurasou
    Yukino from Yahari


    Like: Yuu, Hiro, Kyosuke (Kyousuke/Kei's arc in the VN is 10x more fleshed out and is my 2nd favourite chapter after the final chapter, whilst in the anime it was halfassed and glossed)

    Dislike: None. Though I do like Shuuichi the least.
  3. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-09-02 00:20
    Sorry for not replying to your VM post but I intend to get to it.
  4. Archon_Wing
    2013-08-30 19:04
    1.) There's a really strong aura of self sufficiency I see in Motoko, which I frequently complain about in anime. Motoko, for example, is a very sexual being, but it's clear that she dictates when and where all the things concerning her will happen. She lets you gawk because she could care less about you, really.

    Shinobu is like that too. She just doesn't give a fuck, and the world is her bitch. Nuff said.

    Misato and Fate are a different kind of mature, very womanly characters. When in work, they have the absolutely most srs bzness exteriors and are very sure with making results when it matters. A bit of an underperformer, but really shines when put to the limit. Of course, the motivations are different. Misato is driven revenge at the angels that took away her father, and Fate seems to be on a quest to prevent others from going through what she did. In the end they're very passionate people with flaws, especially magnified towards people they really care about.

    Misato is lazy and slobbish (mostly at home) because she's constantly bothered with relationship problems, and Fate never really had the normal childhood upbringing until her foster mom came home. In the end, these two are my favorites because they really seem to bring home of a woman that can be really strong in many ways yet show a degree of vulnerability that makes them more real.

    Misato's not one to not be aware of her sex appeal, and she often uses it to really tease/troll people at times. In many ways she's similar to Rin Tohsaka who also had a background that would fuel a need for revenge, but with a strong urge to conduct oneself with grace.

    Fate on the other hand is pretty direct with her communications with people. I'd imagine she's very aware of her own sex appeal by now but she's clearly the more reserved; I'm guessing she's not the type to troll or tease people. The main appeal of this woman is most likely the fact that as she matures throughout the series in a very subtle fashion. I suppose she's always working to relate to people properly. A lot of people probably expect the same of StrikerS Fate as they do of series Fate, but that kind of bullshit is for the Nanoboards, and I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemies to read that. Still, Fate is the one to really make good use of both the appeals of question 1 and 2 and thus really can't be matched by anyone in my mind for this. In the end, she really reminds me of some super upstanding citizen in the anime world, and for some reason that is moe.

    Of course, you mentioned Saber, and I like her well enough to some degree as she acts with the act of royalty she took on herself. hopefully Ufotable will continue to do her well.

    2.) Yea, as you would probably guess, Kuroneko clearly falls into the cute, but obviously very mature junior appeal. Ririchiyo is much like the kind of characters Kuroneko likes to dream about and imitate; being aloof and classy. They both also have excellent character designs too. But yea, the appeal of someone that is wiser beyond their years relative to their class makes them a standout cast member. It would be a good way to describe these two girls as the ascended loliish types.

    Mai and Ohana often fall into the type of somewhat distressed, oppressed girl who really should be very very angry at the world around them, but instead of making everyone miserable like Kirino, they try to really make the most out of it. It's that sort of frustration that I can feel with them on.

    Of course, they took very different paths. Mai tried to shun away other people when hurt, much like someone like Fate. And it turns out, just like the former, she's extremely passionate about the people she cares about a lot. Although what really distinguishes Mai is actually how pissed in reality, and how hard she tries to not hurt other people with it. Indeed, if Mai didn't have god mode hax on her mother, I'd imagine her to be very much like Batman. And Batman always makes things better.

    Though, the truly Batmanish type, is actually Homura due to the fact she can't use Jun Maeda'ish contrived hax to win. Still, not absolutely my primary choice, but let's just say I wouldn't mind it.

    And finally Ohana. Of course, I love Ohana. I'm really surprised she put up with all the bullshit that came her way so well, and despite the fact she came close to cracking a few times, she never seemed like the type to ever give up. It's those things where you're just experiencing the struggle with the character, and naturally she'll grow up to be a very interesting person. She survived the Okada'ostrophe! Only exceptional people can!

    I can sorta see how Hanekawa, yet another character that has an entire boatloat of luggage would have that kind of appeal too.
  5. Triple_R
    2013-08-28 20:17
    I really like Akiko. A very warm and soothing presence in the show. The family resemblance between her and her daughter is so strong that I think an adult Nayuki would basically be like her mother.

    Tomoe is a lot of fun. She makes me think of the adult version of a genki girl. Thinking back on it, I was probably too hard on that LARPers episode. It was a good episode for Tomoe and really let her shine a lot.

    iDOLM@STER's Azusa looks great. I really like the hime-cut hairstyle, particular for dark and/or blue hair. I also like how Azusa is very elegant and full-bodied. She's all-woman, shall we say. iDOLM@STER has so many major characters though that it's hard for either of them to stand out to me. But I do fondly remember the episode where Azusa is running through down in a wedding dress. That was simply a barrel of laughs!

    Honestly, I probably do like Akiko more than Sanae now that I think about it. It's just that, as you say, Sanae had more presence in Clannad than Akiko had in Kanon, so Sanae came to mind for me quicker.

    One of these days I might sit down and compile a list of my 10 favorite adult female anime characters of all-time. If I do so, I'll make sure to share it with you.
  6. Reckoner
    2013-08-27 03:16
    Sorry bout being late on this. I wrote up a reply and accidentally closed the window and raged . But here we go again.

    1) Re-l (Ergo Proxy), Balsa (Serei no Moribito), Doc (Texhnolyze), Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion), Ryougi Shiki (if she counts)

    2) Haruhi, Rin Tohsaka, Tohru Honda

    3) I like all the male characters lol. I like Kyousuke a lot actually. He might be my favorite.
  7. Triple_R
    2013-08-26 20:41
    Well, while I do like StrikerS, it's not my favorite portion of the Nanoha anime franchise, so I tend to think of Nanoha and Fate as kids (the Nanoha movies are definitely a factor here too). In contrast, my favorite portion of Clannad is when Nagisa is an adult, so her adult self stands out in my mind as much as her teenaged version does.

    I'm glad my responses on questions 2 and 3 are similar to your own takes there. I'm not surprised we differ on Question 1, though. While I do like the idea of following a favorite character into his or her adulthood, I don't usually focus on characters that start as adults unless the show's cast is adult-dominated (i.e. Psycho-Pass, Tiger and Bunny, etc...). Some characters that get beloved as MILFs actually creep me out because they hit on characters much younger than them, in some cases close relatives like adopted sons or nephews.
  8. Triple_R
    2013-08-25 10:12
    1) Oddly enough, I honestly don't think of Matsuri as "adult", though I guess you're technically right that she is one. Anyway, some adult female characters that appeal to me - Junko Kaname, Irisviel von Einzbern, Akane Tsunemori, Sanae Furukawa, Nagisa (as an adult), Honoka and Kotori's mothers in Love Live!, Miho Amakata... I'm sure there's more, but that's 8, so a decent number. If you want my take on a specific adult female anime character, feel free to ask.

    2) Haruhi Suzumiya, Ohana (HSI), Noe Isurugi, the entire Tari Tari cast, the entire K-On cast, the four main cast members of Hyouka and Irisu as well. There's more, but this is a fair number, and the first names that really stood out to me.

    3) I largely liked the teenage male characters in ef. I found both Renji Asou and Hiro Hirono to be pretty likeable. Chihiro was my favorite character in the show, so by extension, Renji would probably be my favorite male character int he show. The adult male characters were largely fine.
  9. Triple_R
    2013-08-24 20:33
    I'll try to get back to you on your question soon. Hopefully later tonight or tomorrow.
  10. totoum
    2013-08-24 19:59
    1)Wasn't sure how much you wanted but off the top of my head: Watashi , Misaki, Hana, Nyamo, Kaya (she's in school at the start of the show but midway through she's an adult)

    I asked for the clarification because I've got a fascination with crazy action ladies and femmes fatales such as benten , Faye, Revy, Koko, Real, Michiko, Minene
    While i loved seeing them on screen I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable around some of them

    Also wanted to go with a "badass grandma" bonus: Megaba, Sui and Sakae

    As for 2) there's so many of them!But here's a short selection: you can put in the whole Tari Tari cast, Makoto, Isako, Aoba, Sora and last but most definitely not least the ladies from Gunslinger Girl, especially Triela and Claes.Though sadly I know that's impossible in canon.

    Let me get back to you on 3)

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