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  1. Reckoner
    2012-08-02 01:46
    Life getting in the way, a valid excuse .

    Well despite me being thoroughly unimpressed with HSI at the end of the day, I will say it did initially provide me more energy and hook than any of the series this season for which for the most part seemed to start out pretty low key in comparison.

    Surprised you're watching Muv-Luv, is it the VN roots? Just don't typically expect you to check into a mecha, especially times like these when you're busier haha. The current melodrama to me is also entertaining, and it is bit layered in the cultural portrayals I find interesting. How Yui represents the more Bushido Code warrior mind set of Imperial Japan (Remember this is Imperial Japan and not our Japan), and how Yuuya represents the more American soldier mindset for piloting. This sort of Japanese nationalism however is part of the reason they didn't want to go for the Muv-Luv trilogy off the bat of course. I do like the setting a lot. Only disappointment to me about it is the production values, which are pretty average if not below average. Could've been the difference between a good and a great series IMO, but still time will tell.


    Hyouka I've gone through a long process of being convinced that what I was watching was really all worth it, and I will now respond with a resounding "yes!" at this point. The visual quality seems to be something more special than we've seen from them in TV series in MANY years (K-ON and Nichijou were fluid but don't quite have the visual oomf! of Hyouka IMO). Also there is just something so charming about the way you describe it as just so natural. The story flows with a grace I haven't seen in a show of this type in a while, maybe as far back as something like True Tears and ~ef (Though I wouldn't put this on the level of ef mind you!).


    Similarly Tari Tari does have a bit of that natural feel I agree, though I will say the general lack of ambition for it seems to hold it bad just a tad. It's executed very well, the latest episode displayed this fully with its understated and more subtle conveying of drama, something I wish HSI used more of. Plus no Okada around to make characters disgrace themselves for me . HSI had some utterly brilliant episodes at times, but probably only like 3-4 of that level to me throughout its run. Tari Tari still has time to make good on giving at least half that amount. They came close to me with episode 2 (I didn't think it was rushed like other people).


    Kokoro Connect I was rather surprised a lot about. It wasn't that I expected to dislike it, I kind of entered with no real investment in it whatsoever, but I really feel this is this season's hidden gem in many ways (Perhaps alongside Jinrui, though I'm not quite on the bandwagon as much as others about Jinrui). I thought it was supposed to be some ecchi harem comedy with its setup but its actually a much more complex, engrossing drama. I found the talks with Iori in particular to be quite interesting as well as it talks a lot about things like identity and the way its framing the story around these sorts of ideas I like a lot. I hope the series doesn't go down a simpler road with a "taichi saves everybody" type of thing and actually tries for the more complex one. The ambition so far is good, but lets see if they go all the way, I hope they do because it could be very special (Otherwise just good).


    I guess this season still following Accel World and am watching Sword Art Online. Both by the same LN author and both contain interesting concepts and are very well put together productions.

    As always been an avid follower the Hunter X Hunter series, which continues to deliver. Also following Eureka 7 Ao still, which had a dismal first cour, but a much better second.

    And probably worst show I'm following by far is Koi Senkyo Chocolate, which is probably the most cliche thing I have pretty much seen in a while. However, the bullying aspect is something that's getting more interested finally and it's not like I hate the characters, just everything about the introduction episode was so typical and stock VN tropes that made me very squeemish multiple times lol.

    Overall still a pretty good time for anime I would say .
  2. Reckoner
    2012-07-31 17:34
    So what are you watching this season? Haven't been seeing you too much in discussions lately, which is surprising since it's a more SoL heavy season than typical .
  3. Archon_Wing
    2012-07-25 04:58
    That sounds awesome, really. And then she's blushing hard.
  4. Guardian Enzo
    2012-07-25 00:57
    Guardian Enzo
    Renji... But... That voice.

    Haruka moe, eh? Hmm - maybe. He wouldn't be the first to pop to mind for me, though. Maybe July from DtB? Tarou from Ghost Hound?
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-07-24 07:37
    Red Data girl seems to have a miko protaganist . Char designs reminded me of a bit of Book Girl actually. But it seems to be a fantasy series. PA seems to be really following this trend of 1 SoL (usually anime original) followed by something not SoL (usually adaptation). Me likes this trend. Too bad it's only the SoL that sells since that's what the industry wants.

    Btw, in case you aren't, go watch Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita now? Remember all the Seiji Kishi bashing I was doing? Well I take it all back, because this series like turning out to be my favourite of the year if it keeps up. The satire in this is gold.
  6. Archon_Wing
    2012-07-24 04:45
    Lol, I'm sure Kuroneko can identify with Ririchiyo really well, maybe secretly dress as her.
  7. Vexx
    2012-07-24 03:00
    Sadly... no though I have gotten Ever 17 installed now. I also downloaded Ano Natsu and Inu x Boku - so at least they're in the library to "to watch" (which has about a dozen series in it at the moment O.o). My only defense is all the shinies that glitter like Skyrim, Secret World, and my Rockband obsession. I did start and finish Katawa Shoujo in basically one go but it is fairly short.
  8. Triple_R
    2012-07-18 15:49
    I'm going to assume that Harper returned you a yaoi show. Maybe it's costaring John Baird or Jason Kenney.

    The two your AS handle returned were pretty cool! The first one for your real name was funny, and the final one made me think "Mari Okada is going to write for KyoAni?"

    As for Yosuga no Sora's Akira. Well, I haven't watched that show in a long time, but going by memory, I'd say that these are her five key traits from most important to least important:


    What's your take on her?
  9. Last Sinner
    2012-07-18 10:35
    Last Sinner
    Well the only Gundam I ever liked was Double Zeta. FMP was what I would lean more to, but specifically the Fumoffu series. TSR really ticked me off.

    Sword Art Online is my only series this season and comes out Sundays. Suits me just fine.

    Golden Boy was definitely the biggest hit. A seemingly classy chick having a secret fetish for getting off from her motorcycle then taking the protagnist to task to show her if a man was truly worthy of her was quite a sight to behold. And early eps of Haganai are hard to go wrong with - pity about anything after the 5th. And yes, that scene was exactly why I picked Episode 5 of YnS. That and Akira had the best personality out of any of the arc girls. Within that circle, the rest would have received iffy reactions. That bath scene got a huge laugh and applause, right from the leadup.

    I haven't watched any Hyou-ka past Ep1 but I am somewhat interested in trying, but not high on my priority list. I think the series proves the aesthetics matter but that the subject matter has to have more appeal than simplicity.

    Hmm, the key traits of Akira. I think the fact that she's the most energetic, positive and smiling girl despite her secrets from the past make her the most likeable. Her energy is very infectuous. The fact she lives somewhat carefree and untied by constraints is also intriguing. She seems to fall somewhere in between the genki and ditzy types. Energetic but sometimes she has a brain fade which leads to amusing situations (the sunscreen, the changerooms, the rail-walk, the bath, sliding down the tree while doing the splits, etc.) There is a certain feeling of wanting to protect Akira's zest and her somewhat free spirit. The serious/darker moments really feel like a downer with her - she needs to be smiling and livening things up. Whereas someone like Nao, who has a more serious face and bigger proportions, invokes a more serious and steamy scenario. I guess another aspect would be despite her outward positive nature, Akira wants to belong to a network within a home and the fact that she is forced to live alone quietly eats away at her since she has no connection to her real family. Haruka is able to bridge that gulf and give her reasons to be able to move on that. A notable early instance is when Haruka refused to give up looking for the pendant no matter how much Akira said it couldn't be done. In general scenarios, Akira was pretty unflappable but when it ht close to home, Akira was quite vulnerable.
  10. totoum
    2012-07-18 04:37
    I'll go into others a bit later but a want to get this out of the way firs,entering just "okada" gives you what i think is a much better result:

    By Brains Base, a 100 episode mystery anime about okada's love life.
    or better,enter the japanese order

    By Bones, a 13 episode mystery anime about okada mari's becoming god.

    more later

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