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0utf0xZer0 0utf0xZer0 is online now

Pretentious moe scholar

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  1. totoum
    2013-01-20 16:15
    I find the reaction of your girlfriend interesting, it's not like Kotoura can stop herself,I'm sure the poor girl would love to have an "off" button on her power.
    Honestly I'm not one bit scared about Kotoura-san because as weird as it might sound it's not the drama that sold me the show,the first half of episode 1 felt so forced to me that if it had been just that I wouldn't have been thrilled,so I really wouldn't want any more of that,it really was the second half that sold me the show.
    The character interaction has been quite fun and I'm confident the show can keep that up,really liked the two new characters that were introduced in ep2
  2. KIRITOkun
    2013-01-15 19:35
    likes to play Kounter strike?
  3. KIRITOkun
    2013-01-15 19:34
    io u sta online now?
  4. Triple_R
    2013-01-13 17:27
    Yeah, VRO is like Nanoha meets Strike Witches. VRO was honestly better than I expected.

    I haven't seen Katoura-san yet, but I'll probably check it out based on what you wrote about it.

    Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is indeed pretty good so far.

    OreShura feels a bit fresh to me, but I'll admit that Masuzu could become an unlikeable character for me over time. Right now, though, I find her mostly interesting and amusing.

    Tamako Market is Ok, but yeah, it's no Hyouka.

    I think you might like Love Live! School Idol Project. It has a lot of charm to it, imo.
  5. synaesthetic
    2013-01-13 15:39
    Probably not. Most of the PS3's unique catalog never gets a PC port, and I don't expect the PS4 to be any different in this regard. Sony makes their consoles for the Japanese market first, not the global market first. Most of what's on the PS3 now that is also on PC is on all systems and thus not coded to take advantage of any one specific GPU architecture.

    As for compute GPU, I suspect if anything it'll be similar to nvidia's PhysX.
  6. Archon_Wing
    2013-01-08 06:08
    That doesn't reflect well on Shaft, regardless. And I'm pretty ehh on Nadeko herself, though the arc itself wasn't bad. So it's kinda fuzzy. By and far one of the weaker Kana Hanazawa character to me though.

    And yes I know of Shin Oounma. He certainly had some skills in EF.
  7. Vexx
    2013-01-07 05:19
    Absolutely! As does Aina's club, which only stocks the "real thing" at the bar

    (if you get a moment, I'm trying to decide if I made Glycerin's inner workings too complicated and would like to know what you think if you're caught up. She sounded fun on the drawing board with her MPD, but my melodrama buzzers are going off during implementation).

    Yeah, I can barely stand the chemical simulation of coca-cola they sell in the US any more. We buy mexican coke and save it for special purposes (ice cream floats, drink mixing, etc). I shouldn't have too much anyway so wife and I usually share a bottle and that's enough.
  8. Vexx
    2013-01-07 04:34
    I'd blame the Coke (unless it was mexican coke which is still made with cane sugar instead of a vat of chemicals ).

    Heh, it varies. I can wave a gin&tonic under my wife's nose and she's under the table. My son can snork down four or five martinis and still play soccer or beat the hell out of me in a video game.

    Been re-reading the first volume. Man, it needs work in so many ways.
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-01-06 01:47
    I still remember the "youth is about tears, sweat and overflowing juices" quote
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-01-06 01:04
    I think the show is doing something right if I'm actually laughing at the comedy of a series that is actually of the comedy genre (common problem with anime for me where I actually find comedy series unfunny whilst its the actual non-comedy series that have comedic parts that tend to be funny). Also the fact yuuno looks a bit like hiromi, is a flirt so I was yelling at the Mc to put it in whilst loling at tamaki antics. I imagined tamaki as okada during her college years right down to her arc where she goes apeshit when her bf breaks up with her for extra lol factor.

    God dammit. That writer has ruined me forever. Whenever there's a female character that trolls with romance/flirtaous or pervy dialogue she always comes to mind! This is beyond being tsundere...

    Anyways very fun series indeed. Unfortunate that the plot wasn't the same level.

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