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  1. Last Sinner
    2012-01-12 03:45
    Last Sinner
    If this Ai arc keeps up like that first ep did...she's not just my fave girl from Amagami SS. More like one of my faves from anime full stop!
  2. Last Sinner
    2012-01-12 02:56
    Last Sinner
    Literally just finished Sae's arc - good timing. Well - I kind of liked it...but not a lot. It was way too weird early. This whole instructor thing seemed a bit cliche and exploitative at the start - plus not that endearing to Sae. I bought the whole 'so innocent neither of them can find the words but gradually will' aspect to a degree, I was somewhat touched when Sae took little initiatives in the 3rd and 4th episodes of her arc. But the beginning was so whack...the buildup was a fair way off. All that said, it ended well - Sae's black outfit at the movie date suited her very well. And it's also the first arc I've thought the sister wasn't a bitch. Still, I couldn't handle romance like that. Not because of Sae - she was okay. But Junichi handled it so wrong early...I couldn't buy that. It was like playing catchup from halftime. The ED was too sickly sweet for me in that arc too. But there were cool/amusing moments and the last ep worked. But like you said, it needed better execution. I couldn't help but feel the visuals were off early in Sae's arc too.

    Taking a 2nd look at Ai in the preview to her arc, I guess you're right, I did get some things wrong. Her bangs are longer than Miya's, aka more like males in shoujo titles like Kazehaya of Kimi ni Todoke and Soichiro of Kare Kano. The sides are a bit ruffled/going in opposite directions and her eyes are way sharper than the rest. Taking a second look, she reminds me more of a tomboy/non-typical person like Rinko from Love Plus, but I don't think Ai will have the attitude issues Rinko did since Ai does seem to get along with people way better than Rinko did in the early days. However, seems like a rougher one though - I doubt Ai will like him until late in the piece. Haruka liked him early but not in a romantic way until he showed his dedication. Kaoru did but needed to rationalise it and know she could trust Junichi.

    Well, Ai was the one I looked forward to equal most before I started watching, tied with Haruka. But so far, Kaoru is ahead of Haruka for me. I would not be able to handle the amount of attention and doting Haruka needs - I just don't have the vitality or willingness to dedicate to nothing but her to do that. Don't get me wrong, Haruka is quite nice, but very high maintenance and maybe a bit too random...Kaoru feels more accomodating and honest as well as needing someone but also to be needed back equally, which are qualities I value highly.

    Yosuga no Sora - mmm. To be honest, I think YnS has better visuals and best naked bodies I've seen within TV budgets, but Amagami better content. Nao was slightly ahead of Akira for me due to the divorce issue and her persistence to want to be with Haruka and get Sora's acceptance. Akira was a sweetie and loved the intimacy as well as the difficulty she faced. Honestly, Motoka was my fave - her specials were just so win. And YnS really lost a fair bit with me after the Sora arc...that is the complete anti of love, what Sora did. Loving someone doesn;t mean you take someone all for yourself, isolate them, ruin all their friendships and their life in general. Okay, the tabooness was somewhat accurately reflected, but Sora's purely selfish nature towards Haruka - actually, towards ANYTHING AND ANYONE - made me sick. Plus that lake scene was utterly absurd. Sora's arc killed a lot of the magic of that show for me - I hate her so very much.

    One more thing - to be honest, one of the reasons I'm liking Amagami SS is due to the LACK of drama. I don't like drama laid on thing and characters being so emotional/overbearing. It's a big reasons why I found AnoHana completely unwatchable. I guess most anime viewers want tragedy or major struggles. I don't want that anymore - in this kind of genre and setting, I'd like to see how they handle everyday life, maturation and honest feelings at a not-so-dramatic level. Since I had none of that experience whatsoever in my youth, I have a curiousity to see it at a more natural level.

    Oh well, onto the Ai arc.

    PS. WTB Love Plus least Rinko Days!
  3. Last Sinner
    2012-01-11 12:34
    Last Sinner
    Seems like once I finish shows from 2011 I meant to as well as required pre=viewing for the current season, I have one title as a definite. It may surprise you, but Amagami SS Plus is the first I've marked as a definite watch. I've seen 8 eps/2 arcs of the original thus far and I'm pleasantly surprised. Unusually good/believable protagonist, interesting take on humour and intimacy, the females are an interesting spread. Have to say I like it.

    I'd say after starting Amagami SS, I now understand your focus on certain details. I found how Amagami SS focused on hair styles and eye shapes/effects to be interesting. Like the following:

    Haruka - Longer hair to reflect her maturity and sensuality, but with those curls at the bottom to reflect her free spirit and quirky tastes. Eyes somewhat sharp to reflect her interest and zest. Also notably less service emphasis on her to enforce the idea of a more 'pure' love, but one the protagonist had to work hard on to convince Haruka to have a shot at her. That knee scene and soup scene in Ep3 were gold though - it may be fairly pure, but the roleplaying and Haruka's quirks were hilarious. Also very positive and curious - eyes and facial expressions combo important in conveying that. ED with more of an idol/light rock feel to convey that J-idol/model look.

    Kaoru - Long and fairly ruffled hair to reflect the 'genki' nature. However a lot of emphasis on the fact that she is very knowledgable on fashion and also more service moments to remind the viewer that while she is more girl next door/tomboy than most of the others in the show, she still is quite feminine. Eyes fairly sharp to reflect her zest and her intensity. As for Kaoru's ED, styled to reflect that despite her tomboyness and intensity, she is a girl whose feelings aren't to be taken lightly and are very honest. Qualities like that made it beliveable that she took more initiative in this arc with Junichi, whereas Haruka liked to be doted on and set up Junichi to do so.

    Impressions from the brief moments of others I've seen:

    Sae - Very shy, twintails and soft eyes to reflect youth, inexperience, innocence. I get the feeling she's been watching Junichi for a while and trying to hide it from the sister.

    Rihoko - The somewhat frazzled, big eyed look to represent her clumsy, bizarre yet honest take on things. I get the feeling something farly different will happen in her arc - as in not-so smooth sailing or maybe it won't work out.

    Ai - Bangs but much straighter than Junichi's sister. The subtle difference of that similar haircut the two have is actually revealing. The curved, almost flirty design of the sister's reflect a more animated, vocal personality whereas the clean, straight form of Ai's bangs suggest a quieter, no-nonsense type of female. Both having shorter hair to reflect the difference in age and attitude to Kaoru and Haruka. More cutesy tastes to show inexperience and that Junichi would be required to take the lead more. Ai's eyes and complexion seem cooler than the other girls as do her facial expressions. Her hair, voice and mannerisms also give off a tomboy vibe to me in a way.

    Tsukasa - Very refined and elegant, reflected by long, straight hair with a subtle arc and warm eyes. Soft voice but commands respect with her actions and earnestness. Sensing an air that she may feel distant to love/other people despite the respect she has amongst her peers. And maybe a secret.

    Teacher - Open collar, somewhat elegant hair with several-direction girls at the bottom with a more earthy hair-colour and defined eyes to give an adult feel. And a far more defined bust than the rest, heh.

    So yeah, Amagami SS Plus is on my definite watch once I catch up.
  4. Triple_R
    2012-01-10 11:41
    Aquarion EVOL definitely had a really nice "blockbuster action flick" feel to it. I also liked what seems to be the main romance in it.

    The show's a bit cheesy, but in a mostly good way, and it's a lot of fun to watch.

    As for Another, I do see how its intentional lack of liveliness can be a negative as well as a positive. Thankfully, there's a lot of shows this season with lively casts, so Another comes off as a nice contrast to me for the most part.
  5. Last Sinner
    2012-01-09 12:11
    Last Sinner
    Did you end up doing well in your exams? And what's on your to-watch list for this season?
  6. Last Sinner
    2012-01-08 11:37
    Last Sinner
    So...being a Monogatari fan involves things as intricate as Nadeko's subtle change in hairstyle? Sounds intense.
  7. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-06 17:35

    Also, I finally reached that famous episode of Bake.
  8. Last Sinner
    2012-01-06 13:12
    Last Sinner
    Just thought I should mention - if you like Range Murata's artwork (character designer for Last Exile), try and track down the work he contributed to and ran in a series of large-size colour stories he and indie manga artists did in a project called ROBOT. The cover of Lavie on the first issue is just...breathtaking. Yoshioka Abe of Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Renmei was also in that project. Note that some of the content is R18+, so...maybe mull over it with the gf. It's mainly in an art sense, so maybe she'll be into it.
  9. Triple_R
    2012-01-06 11:10
    The visual quality in Nisemonogatari is really great, and you definitely get that SHAFT feeling from it, yeah.

    My one misgiving is that the Nise PVs come across as more fanservicey than I recall Bake being. Bake certainly had it's fair share of fanservice, of course, but Nise seems to be taking it to a significantly greater level.

    Should still be a fun watch though. I'm looking forward to the first episode.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-06 09:08
    Did you have the outlines for it? And if it had yuri, plz forward to me and triple_r right away XD

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