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  1. Irenicus
    2011-11-25 03:19
    On the Witcher 1, you do have to run around a lot throughout the game, though I am of the opinion that the plot ratchets up soon and it feels less disorienting, less directionless as the it builds up. So, yes, the running around continues, but things feel subjectively faster and more relevant because you start to see them coming together, at least in my experience.

    In the end it was a very good RPG, though I like it less than many others even though I played the well-patched later version. The plot came full circle and the story was very good, but it was not the same world-shattering epic as, say, the Baldur's Gate's saga (Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal; the first BG was rather inferior) or Dragon Age Origins, or as deeply involving as Planescape: Torment. That and I think I was just really annoyed at the have sex with random women for achievements thing, which felt...pandering.

    As for the mods for Fallout 3 that guy is using, no clue. Sorry.

    Anyway, for general recommendations on RPGs you might like, how about listing some of what you've played and liked before? I'll see if I could fill in the holes here and there to the best of my knowledge.
  2. Last Sinner
    2011-11-24 05:53
    Last Sinner
    I can see how you might see my girlfriend's specific tastes in cute surprising, but are you implying you don't know many female anime fans who like cute stuff?
    That is what I'm implying. The only cute characters females have ever talked about with me are Hatsune Miku, Haruhi Suzumiya and Saber/Rin from Fate/Stay Night.

    Because most of the "90s shoujo fans" I know (which is most of the female anime fans I know who are older than me) love cute stuff
    The ones around my parts are quite anti-shoujo actually. Except for a few who dig Sailor Moon, but that's about it.

    along with their bishounen and sappy romances (gay or straight). They may not necessarily have the sensibilities of the modern moe fan, but if I show them Toradora they'll usually love it.
    Doubt that many would even know what Toradora is. I usually find loli-loving males to be the Toradora fans. Bishies are popular for certain among them. And actually, they like hot females. A LOT.

    Moving to younger fans, the fujoshi crowd is definitely there but I've also noticed a lot more female fans that are into seinen stuff.
    Yaoi/bishouen outsells almost anything over here in my state amongst females. And it's not younger females I see buying it. It's mid 20s females, dressed up very classy/office style ducking in, slyly getting it from the shelf, paying and escaping post-haste. Wish they were into seinen stuff - I don't know any that are. You know what title is the most bought title by females in my state at the bigger of the two manga stores? Gantz. I kid you not - the females like it apparently. Black Butler is also a seller.

    I do convention photography, and I've seen an awful lot of girls cosplay characters from Haruhi, Higurashi, Shana, Toradora, Madoka, Angel Beats, K-On!, Macross Frontier, and maybe Fate/Stay Night, Clannad, and Working. That may be a bit of selection bias on my part though, since the vast majority of the cosplay photography I do is cute girls cosplaying shows I know.
    Most of those don't here. C.C. from Code Geass is an eternal fan favourite along with Final Fantasy 7/10/13 characters. Along with the glut of Naruto, Pokemon, One Piece and Bleach cosplayers *sigh*. There really isn't much variety there. And the judges don't seem to favour bravery - unless the costume had a lot of effort put into it.

    My girlfriend is a bit unusual in that she's not really an action fan at all - most female fans I know watch shows with at least a bit of action. On the other hand, she's really into drama, romance, and seifuku
    Australian women are more active, aggressive and demanding than most other countries. Can tell you cute shows that were popular 10 years ago like Fruits Basket are turn offs for the current generation. Or if they are fans of that stuff, I don't meet them or see them - they could be the reclusive ones. Seriously, most of the titles you mention - I bet 99% of them wouldn't have a clue what they are.

    Forgot to mention, Boku wa Tomodachi is another one she wanted to watch in fall but didn't get time for.
    You still going to dare her to read some h-material out loud? :P

    Also, if I had to pick what older series she likes, I'd said Cardcaptor Sakura and Utena. Both of which she saw around age ten.
    That explains a lot.

    Actually, she also saw Evangelion and Lain around age ten with her older siblings (eight and ten years older, respectively) but doesn't remember much of them beyond "robots, penguins, and teddy bear pajamas". I'm not quite sure what to say about that.
    Sounds like her sanity's intact so that's a good start. Doubt she missed much from Evangelion. Lain she definitely would have and should give another lookover.
  3. Last Sinner
    2011-11-23 12:51
    Last Sinner
    I wouldn't have thought Monster to be showing in better time slots though. TV revenue means little unless you're in the kids or dinner slots, which Toei and Bandai benefit big time from.

    Hmm, interesting list. Lot of drama and cuteness. Very anti what the females around my way watch. There seems to be three predominant types in my parts - fujioshi, shounen junkies and those who like their female characters but in a non-yuri way.
  4. Irenicus
    2011-11-23 02:03
    Unfortunately I've been out of the loop with recent RPGs so I can't tell you much more.

    Compared to others I play relatively few RPGs, but dig them deep and dissect them all over so I can hopefully be very helpful to others for the games I play (this happens beyond RPGs, I mod the hell out of all my personal copies of Paradox grand strategy games, after applying the big mods), but as for general recommendations I have to be honest (especially since I like you and would rather not lie and pretend I played the games I didn't and give fake opinions! XP) but I myself is not a position to be very helpful.

    In fact I wasn't even able to play DA2 yet so I can't tell you exactly how good is it compared to the original. Synaesthetic, another major RPG fan on the forum, really likes it, but for some reason, that is to say, plot spoilers, I get the feeling I won't be sharing the same sentiments as her.

    The only essential list I could give you is the big titles, and I'm sure you already know them (short list: Fallout 3 and its expansion and the Witcher 2, for example). Of course the biggest title that's capturing all the attention is Skyrim, the latest Bethesda installment, but personally I like to play "matured" RPGs (as in, RPGs that have some time for mod communities to plonk down and start churning out the game experience-enhancing stuff) so I'll be waiting a bit on it too.

    One thing to note about Fallout 3 if you get around to playing it and haven't played Bethesda games before (Morrowind, Oblivion): it's thin on plot and character but big on open world, kind of the opposite of Dragon Age. It can be a lot of fun, because a Bethesda game world is big and incredibly pretty, there's a lot of lore to complement the world and its dangers, and you can walk around doing many things you like (not to mention the ridiculous amounts of mods they have), occasionally there are some fun quest lines too (Oblivion's famed Dark Brotherhood line, for example), but then you turn around and you realize that there's not much of an emotional connection between your character and any other NPC. Fallout 3 is not an exception to this. Skyrim, I hear, changes it up a bit, but how far I do not know.
  5. Triple_R
    2011-11-22 22:41
    I get your point on Kane, lol. Still, I can't really think of a better way of fusing Kane with Gai. Gai's most noticeable physical feature is his hair, I would say.

    As for Horo vs. Matsuri... I cited Matsuri in part because I felt she fitted very smoothly with my moe girls/"dreamy guys" analogy. I really do think that Matsuri is pretty close to the female equivalent of your standard Johnny Depp character.

    Horo is probably the more sophisticated character of the two, but she doesn't fit that "dreamy guys" analogy quite as well as Matsuri does, imo.

    I do agree though that Horo is a "high end" moe character.
  6. Vexx
    2011-11-21 17:28
    Typo evil.. it's a 9600GT... yeah he has 4GB and I have 8GB (and we both have win7).
  7. Vexx
    2011-11-21 16:57
    I went ahead and threw my copy of skyrim to #1 son as he's currently mmo-less and I'm not. Figure I'll play with character creation (pixie of doom ahead). I still haven't upgraded from a 9600GTS sooooooo whatever. Son also has same card and it looks pretty decent on that.
  8. Last Sinner
    2011-11-18 12:38
    Last Sinner
    What would that list of shows be, out of curiousity? I'm interested to hear about what couples watch together anime-wise.

    The more I watched Monster, the more it just blew me away. For me, it's writing, storytelling and characterisation at its finest. There are many examples of directors aiming for epicness and either derailing or settling for too low. Monster is the one time I can say from start to finish that the author knew exactly where he wanted to go and how to get there, as well as a studio giving it exactly what the adaptation needed. Amusing that botched epicness is what sells most yet when someone gets it right, hardly anyone notices. And I know that the new crop of anime fans would probably be unable to appreciate it, because so much has changed in the fandom in the last 5 years. One one level, I'm glad that I know of something utterly sublime that a lot of people of people will never know about. Yet that same fact makes me equally sad. The fact it got a full licensing in English then got halted after only 15 eps were released in the West and likely never will be fully released sickens me.
  9. totoum
    2011-11-18 05:34
    I know I mentionned this a little while ago but the Aiko fan in me died a little again

    I noticed a new animesuki banner,I then got excited because it was a true tears banner,then all excitment vanished when I noticed that only Hiromi and Noe were on it

  10. Last Sinner
    2011-11-16 05:05
    Last Sinner
    Hang on - you haven't watched Carcaptor Sakura?

    Put that on your 'to watch' list ASAP! Hell, it's one of the first few animes I ever watched, I saw it back in 1999.

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