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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2011-10-09 00:20
    Guardian Enzo
    When I say "not a moe show" I really mean not just a moe show. because when people rip Ikoku Meiro, it's because they think it's just Yune moeblob and that's it. For me, I don't see moe as a good or bad thing in itself - it's just an element, like anything else. It seems like anime fans in particular are hung up on labels - I think of the silly "slice of life" debate that's been raging as a perfect example.

    All I care about is one thing - is it a good show or not? If it is, I'll probably like it. If not, probably not.
  2. Guardian Enzo
    2011-10-09 00:06
    Guardian Enzo
    So where exactly is the "au contraire"? I said it's not just a moe show - and it's not. I said some people dismiss it as a moe show because one of the characters is cute - and they do. Since it doesn't sound like you disagree with either statement, I'm not sure what you're taking issue with.
  3. Last Sinner
    2011-10-08 01:13
    Last Sinner
    Amazing how different Type-Moon titles end up in anime form than their VN versions, hey? I once thought the Tsukihime anime was good. Then I played the game. Man, J.C. Staff passed over so much good material. They only hinted at Shiki's true identity and not even properly. They barely hinted at the Kohaku/Hisui situation and poorly at that. Akiha was made far too soft - I wanted a fire battle, damn it! Ciel's backstory is awesome but they avoided it...And even though they only covered the Arcueid arc, they still missed some important bits. As for Fate/Stay Night, Deen completely ruined Archer's character. Some of the interaction between Saber and Shirou was off. Rin needed more love later in the series.

    I just hope Fate/Zero gets a decent showing by ufotable, since they did a good job with Garden of Sinners. But years of anime watching have made me wary until the proof is sufficient. But it is interesting to see a cast with mainly males and Saber as a dominant-persona female in a men's world. Certainly anime is too female-character saturated lately - if this show does justice to the guys, I'll give it my support. Anime could really do with some decent males of late.

    Will say more about this season soon. Planning to watch what's available this weekend.

    I'm still feeling a sense of dread about the Last/Exile sequel though. I just get the feeling Gonzo will have compromised too much with new gen desires and stray from what Last Exile stood for in the first place. I hope I'm wrong, because Range Murata artwork, Dolce Triade music and Maaya Sakamoto/Hitomi Kurioshi themes deserve a good series to go with.
  4. Archon_Wing
    2011-10-07 00:37
    As expected Boku wa Tomodachi was much better than that crappy OVA. Hopefully you'll enjoy it if you manage to get around to it
  5. Vexx
    2011-10-06 23:41
    ASUS A53 Series A53E-XN1 -- got it at a sale on Newegg $379.99 at the time.
    (Intel Pentium B940(2.00GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory 320GB HDD Intel HD Graphics Notebook)
    For my wife's purposes, its working out fabulously (i.e. not a gameplaying machine though I haven't experimented to see what it can handle).
    And... yeah, it took me almost a full day to
    1) Remove all the bloatware
    2) Let the basic OS update itself (it wasn't even SP1 by a long shot)
    3) Create the restore disks
    4) Back the system up.
    5) Install all the favorite apps (FF, OO, JRE, Flash, Adobe, etc)

    Yeah, probably not even going to think about tablets til next year... just upgraded the home network to 802.11n and I'd like to get a video card upgrade to finish my desk overhaul (AMD Phenom IIx4 3.4GHz, 8GB helps a freaking bunch in games strangely enough)
  6. Vexx
    2011-10-06 21:30
    The entry costs of Apple products has been my major nixer over the years. Almost 2-3 times as expensive ... so mostly I pointed *businesses* at them who had, say, a department of graphic artists already deep in Appledom or a science museum full of educators, etc.

    And yeah, Windows 7 is almost usable by Joe Average My wife's only complaints with her new Win7 ASUS has been it doesn't warm her legs like the old Thinkpad did (and it doesn't crash or hang like the old Win2K Thinkpad did trying to run modern apps).
  7. Reckoner
    2011-10-04 14:00
    I read through your conversation.

    Well having played the VN my perception of F/S N is going to be completely different than Triple_R's in the first place.

    Yes, F/S N itself if we are only talking about the Fate or UBW routes is not as grim dark as Fate/Zero. That goes without saying considering the nature of our main protagonists in each of the respective stories (Assuming Shirou's father is Fate/Zero's main protagonist that is). The masters in Fate/Zero are all professionals, while many of the masters in F/S N were less than that. But I really disagree with the idea that their atmospheres are completely different, especially considering the HF route in F/S N which is almost as every bit as dark as Fate/Zero. For this I mostly blame DEEN, but really, Fate/Stay Night was not exactly a walk in the park either.

    But I digress. I'm not sure if Saber's entrance into Fate/Zero was supposed to be in any way messianic, considering that it was alongside the summoning of a bunch of other servants. It just felt like a grandeur introduction and start to the 4th holy grail war, but I guess you could see it as that way.

    It goes without saying that Saber is a white knight, as one would be able to tell form the very start of Fate/Stay Night where Shirou describes her as so beautiful and pure. Saber is definitely a contrast to the cast, but at the same time, it is at this point of the story that we also know Saber never finds the answer to her woes. At this point of the story she is filled with regret and sorrow over her life. So I don't really expect her to be anyone's savior, especially considering how she expressed in Fate/Stay Night how she never really understood Shirou's father.

    However, I believe I must correct you on the issue of the gender diversity of the cast in Fate/Zero. Some people got the impression that this had to do with some sort of patriarchal system set in place in the type-moon universe, but anyone familiar with type-moon overall would just have to call hog wash on this. There's never any mention of such a thing, and many of the most power magi are in fact female with very important roles. Magic crests of magi family are passed down to the best off spring regardless of gender I believe. It's why Sakura could later on become the Matou heir.

    I think what the cast is trying to convey more so with the lack of "moe" (Which I'm not sure why this is considered a central feature of F/S N to Triple because it made little difference to the themes of the story), is more of a sense of professionalism and seriousness, which I guess is the same point in the end that you were trying to make.

    This could be done with the addition of female characters, but I think the cast all being male makes it so that "moe" isn't a more distracting factor for the story. It actually would make little difference if the characters were female because they'd be acting almost precisely in the same manner. Gender diversity should not even be in the picture because it's rather irrelevant personally.

    Considering that soooooooooooooooo many animes today have female dominant casts, I think this is a nice change of pace for once.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-10-04 02:52
    Well, you know me... in addition to liking moe I have a weird intellectual interest in moe analysis and commentary of it, and have always claimed the concept can easily be applied to guys as well (with EF's Renji as my favourite example, him and Chihiro are both adorable as all heck). So in a way I've kind of been waiting to get my hands on a show like this, should give me some material to chew over.

    Can't say I ever really picked up on a change to a girl's POV in BakaTest II outside of a couple flashbacks, could you elaborate?

    I never actually got around to watching all of NnA despite being both a Kobayashi fan and a Shaft fan. Too much anime, too little time. Same with R-15 actually, was originally planning to watch it with my girlfriend (I have no idea what makes some girls like some ecchi shows - that's another thing I want to figure out) but both of us have been really busy recently.
  9. Guardian Enzo
    2011-10-04 02:33
    Guardian Enzo
    You know I'm not a fan of those four cute girls shows, so I don't know which one its most like. But they sure aren't acting like guys. You were right, based on 1 episode anyway. I'm very disappointed.

    My problems with Baka Test II mainly stem from what I see as the shift in focus from something fairly unique - a high-school show from a guy's POV, with a lot of wildly creative battles and social injustice - to a mediocre romcom from the girls POV, which is a dime a dozen.

    Believe it or not, I haven't watched School Rumble. It's high on my bucket list - I know it's purportedly great, and even from NnA you get a sense that Kobayashi knows how to write from the adolescent male perspective.

    As for Charlotte, well... I can only speak for myself when I say she was obviously a girl to me from the second she walked on screen. And my favorite character anyway. She was like Utae from R-15 in a lot of ways.
  10. Triple_R
    2011-10-03 14:28
    Aahhh... now I get why others had a stronger emotional reaction to Saber's appearance in Episode 1 than I had. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was cool, but I didn't get into it as much as some.

    But now I see how a "Finally, somebody who's genuinely worth cheering for has shown up!" effect took over much of the audience there. Yeah, I get that. Thanks for making that clear to me.

    I devoted so much time to simply keeping facts straight in my mind that I never became that emotionally invested in the episode (a couple Sakura scenes notwithstanding). But if I knew more of the facts going in, I might have had a bit more emotional buildup from the episode, leading into a great cathartic moment when Saber arrives.

    I see what you're saying about Gen's goals thematically, and I really like your "Miharu instead of Waver" idea. Yeah, someone like Miharu would work marvelously here, I think.

    And yeah, Saber looks great in a suit.

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