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Pretentious moe scholar

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  1. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-02-28 06:26
    No, Inori feddoming Shu would be Oisin's take. Okada would just have her squeeling over how cute he looks in a dress. And maybe having her void be an actual sex toy so Shu could destroy Endlaves by smacking them with a giant dildo.
    I lol'd so hard at this comment
  2. totoum
    2012-02-27 22:37
    Thznks for all the cosplay pics,my favorite one is the Madoka one because I really like the costume and the building really looks like something out of a shaft show.
  3. Last Sinner
    2012-02-27 22:09
    Last Sinner
    Well that would make things come full circle. Yamakan did use Kannagi as a means to not-so-subtly take swipes at the Lucky Star crew for booting him. And now Okada is doing it to him.

    His dumbest claim last year IMO is a tie between him saving anime (only for Fractale to get the sub 1k sales it deserved) and that no one had made a series regarding the Japan earthquake and should (clearly he never heard of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 from 2009).

    BTW, that blogger you linked me to sounds really damn bitter. Once I read the line 'if it doesn't sell, then it means nothing' in one of his posts, I stopped reading. If he's claiming sales = quality, he is freaking deluded.
  4. Last Sinner
    2012-02-27 09:42
    Last Sinner
    Wait...Mari Okada is on Black Rock Shooter?!

    Oh no...damn it, one of those main chars is a trap, isn't it?! Has to be if Okada is writing for it. I like my traps to a point but Okada needs restraint at the best of times.
  5. Guardian Enzo
    2012-02-26 12:24
    Guardian Enzo
    Well, honestly I don't see all that much otaku pandering in the original LE, but if there is it's sure tiny compared to what's in Fam. But really, the otaku pandering isn't the big problem - Fam herself isn't the big problem. Bad writing is the big problem.
  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-02-26 06:17
    Not sure regarding Mix. Atm, she's just an annoying "Kirino" look alike tsundere that seems to be the main love interest for MC's best friend. So unfortunately I haven't been paying attention to her .

    As for the cosplay, Very nice!
  7. Last Sinner
    2012-02-26 05:34
    Last Sinner
    Well, that 3rd ep of Hana-Saku Iroha is still painful. I considered that par for the course for Okada. Guess not.
  8. Last Sinner
    2012-02-25 13:30
    Last Sinner
    Oh dear, did I send you on the wrong track when I said Mari Okada should have written GC because at least, it would have been hilariously bad?! Inori probably would have been femdoming Shu if she was writing it.
  9. Triple_R
    2012-02-24 20:43
    Good idea. I'd also prioritize being there for whichever day Gen will have the most to say and/or take questions.

    As for my fanfic, don't worry too much about it. Catch up whenever it's convenient to you. Since you are a bit behind, my recommendation would actually be to just follow whatever "chain" your "playing" of the fanfic takes you on, and skip over the rest (then maybe go back and read the rest later). Catching up on all of it might be tricky now. I'm already at Chapter 11 and Mami Lives Chapter 4 - 15 Chapters in total with 4 major different chains.
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-02-24 08:53
    So I started watching this series called Princess Jellyfish, and first thing I noticed was that the main character's voice sounded familiar. When I checked it... it was HanaKana lol! Wasn't the typical shy moe girl though... it was voicing a nerdy female otaku. Was really impressed btw.

    The show itself so far (after 3 eps) has been pretty good. Pretty good social commentary/coming of age story about a bunch of otaku women in their early 20s. And oh... it's a classic on-the-ball park noitamina timeblock show too .

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