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Pretentious moe scholar

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  1. Vexx
    2011-04-07 00:52
    I refuse to use gg anymore unless there's no other choice ... a variety of reasons they documented themselves in various threads.
    M.3.3.W is another possibility ... but both they or gg is not really much past ep 9ish.

    And yes... Kuroneko ftw.

    And yeah... I'm not totally 'anti-navel' though I think they waste some golden possibilities. They just seem to have absolutely terrible luck/choice with anime teams.
  2. Vexx
    2011-04-06 11:39
    Just downloaded the first ep of Hana-Saku ... figure I'll watch it tomorrow (so yeah I was just responding to the 'nerd rage' in the thread ). Will let you know.

    I don't have any expectations for Nichijou other than something to keep me amused til summer (Working!! and maybemaybemaybe S. Yakuindomo) so what you say sounds good. Dog Days, otoh, I'd ruled out just on the premise because my spider senses said 'using loved trope to get me to watch crap'.

    From what you say about Oretachi... it just reconfirms everything Navel has done since Shuffle! told me. One-shot wonders.

    Heh.... I'm still behind on Kimi ni Todoke... and cripes I haven't even watched the two "true" eps of Ore no Imouto. I *did* get a chance to look at the ep 27 OVA for K-On!!

    Otherwise, I got caught up on ordering the Spice&Wolf manga and novel translations. And I ordered the second Toradora compilation and the Working! series package.

    And most odiously, here it is April and I still haven't mailed off those items I said I would. Part of that is I haven't made a single sale on Ebay to head that way (our post office and UPS are in diametrically opposite directions from EVERYTHING ELSE we ever do outside the house).
  3. Triple_R
    2011-04-05 08:56
    Originally Posted by 0utf0xZer0
    So now that you've seen Hana-Saku Iroha episode 1 twice (curious as to whether you agree with my assessment that the it takes a second viewing to really get a feel for the characters due to the fast pacing),
    I definitely do. That's a key reason for why I liked it significantly more on second viewing than on the first. The plot pacing is almost too quick. I found that watching it a second time lets you pick up on little nuances here and there that are otherwise lost, whereas the first time watching I was just trying to keep up with the basic plot and hence didn't appreciate all of those nuances the same way.

    I have to ask: what do you think of the head waitress?

    On one hand, I really like her (hey, its Noto Mamiko playing a charming, slightly mischevious type!), on the other, I realized that... she just asked someone she just meet if her mother was "quite the call girl".
    That's pretty much exactly how I felt about her myself. I like the charming, slightly mischevious type myself, but she might have took it a little bit over the edge with that particular question, lol. I think she's going to be a playful character that's a bit on the edge. On the whole, I think she'll be a fun character, but probably not someone that the other characters should trust a lot.


    Ohana herself is certainly great... basically the sort of "high spirited" girl we generally see as the lead character in moe shows, except somewhat hardened by needing to grow up fast in response to parental irresponsibility.
    Agreed. I see her as a slightly more sane, slightly more down to Earth, version of Noe Isurugi. And you know how I feel about Noe.


    Also, little details: Nako and Ohana standing up in the ED after sitting on their legs - Ohana falling due to number legs and Nako doing it with no problem - the impression I've gotten is that a lot of people have Ohana's problem.
    Yeah, I do myself. I usually get the "pin needles" sensation after I sit on my legs for long.

    That Nako is good at it hints that she probably has a very refined/traditional upbringing, although you might have gotten hints of that already.
    Good point.

    I definitely looking forward to more. Hopefully the plot will slow down a bit in some of the future episodes, enabling the little details to come through on initial viewing a bit better.

    So, what other animes are you watching this season?
  4. Vexx
    2011-04-04 02:40
    O gods.. I'm falling so far behind in anime watching.... and the episodes and new series are piling up.
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-04-03 11:39
    Episode 1 for Hana-Saku is out just to let you know. Very highly recommended and wrote a spoiler-free review/speculation about it here. I'm sure that you are going to love this just as much as I did: It's also spawned an overwhelming positive response amongst all anime forums including AS.
  6. Vexx
    2011-03-27 23:01
    Quite a few aches/pains I've had over the years have been analyzed and traced to even slightly "wrong" positioning while at a desk. People are evolved to move - not sit.
  7. Kanon
    2011-03-17 05:30
    Maybe there is one, but I'm afraid I don't know it. It seems those girls (or guys ) are Koreans. I found the pic on this blog:

    There are a few more pics here, I'll post them in the image thread in a few.
  8. Vexx
    2011-03-17 04:28
    Definitely Kaylee (we throw on Firefly quite a lot when tv sucks too badly).
    Hmmm, iffy on Leliana - probably because I actually found her annoying pretty quickly.

    I don't know if you have tried watching NCIS: Los Angeles... I loathe the show but there's a new character who's basically a loli computer whiz. She certainly has the appearance and spunk but they rarely give her enough air time for a good judgment.

    NCIS (original) forensics lab goth Abbey actually marks as 'moe' to me because the actress just funnels simultaneous beams of confident expertise and extreme vulnerability.

    The fae/arasai in Everquest 2 are quirky moe I suppose.... trying to think of non-gaming examples though.

    Wow.. this is pretty hard since much of 'western' tv uses what I consider an unpleasant "paris hilton or carmen electra" kind of ilk where japan uses cute and moe.
  9. Vexx
    2011-03-08 05:56
    The *art* in Hana-saku looks gorgeous... what I've seen of the PVs has the animation looking a bit jerky. However.. I'm in for any slice'o'whatever like this.
  10. Eisdrache
    2011-03-04 17:51
    I really like the picture you used in your signature Is it an original artwork or are there more where it came from?

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