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  1. Last Sinner
    2011-11-08 09:43
    Last Sinner
    Finished with IS. Can't believe there was actually no plot/story whatsoever. It really was harem service with nationalism, visuals and pretend-mechs. Charlotte was delightful but left high and dry. Houki became likeable somewhat by the end but was still underdone. Laura was potentially interesting but almost a non-factor. Rin is horses for courses and not my type - plus became irrelevant damn fast. Cecilia is just a joke. I don't regret watching it but next time, might only watch parts with Charlotte and Houki. Shame because this could have been really cool if it bothered to have a story! Instead it feels like a video game. Hell, the harem was unresolved...

    I facepalmed a lot. Yet...I finished IS...and fairly fast. I found it easy to watch, actually. I'm just underwhelmed. *shrug* I don't even know how to rate it. Maybe 7/10 - that's my usual mark for a show I finished but thought was still lacking considerably. I could watch it again but I ain't buying it. That Charlotte figure by Alter will do just fine.

    All in all, thanks for getting me to watch it. If anything, I learnt how much nationalism and character designs mean compared to story and writing. Although I think if it did have a decent story, it would have sold 5-10k more.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2011-11-07 15:09
    Eww... Louise. They always show her in skimpy outfits but there's nothing there anyways. But yea, I despise Index and her voice.

    I could never stand ZNT since Kugrie tsunderes are the bane of my existence. Excepting Shana, but she's pretty much grown out of the more immature phase. But as for most heavy tsun girls, them and their shrill voices can meet with the Flame of Retribution.
  3. Last Sinner
    2011-11-07 12:32
    Last Sinner

    Hoki - Well...I actually like her somewhat overall. She's got some valid motivations, she is somewhat severe but really, considering what a bonehead Ichika is normally, he somewhat deserves it. If she was honest, she'd be more likeable. I.e. Being too much of a textbook tsundere hurts her character. I get the feeling there was potential to make her a good character but they will blow it due to the time frame. Yoko Hikasa voices her well.

    Ichika - Honestly, he's better than the average anime male, these days. Which isn't saying much, but in terms of fitting the target audience, he's appropriate. He's likeable, he's believable, he's not a player or a jerk. His naivete is rather annoying, though. It only makes him compatible with Charlotte.

    Charlotte - If there's one thing this show does right, it is Charlotte. It's almost as if they loaded the cast up with violent/bratty girls to make Charlotte the one people adored. Frankly, they didn't need to. Charlotte has a great character design, well drawn, a backstory that gets fleshed out immediately, makes for good conversation with Ichika and they have a great dynamic. This is the duo you do want to watch. Charlotte is kind, pretty, brave, more mature, somewhat tragic. Kana Hanazawa is the perfect seiyuu for Charlotte. Honestly, I may be turning into a fan of Kana Hanazawa...not of all her characters, but damn, she's got talent! Seriously, Charlotte would easily be amongst my fave 5 female characters from 2011. Deserved the top 16 finish she got in ISML 2011. Now stoked I ordered that figure now I see the context of the outfit. Such a nice character...SHE DESERVES A BETTER SHOW!

    Aesthetics - There are better out there. But I admit the visuals are good overall and there's actually some good in-episode music. I don't like the OP/ED themes, though. Some of the battle music, a couple of the spoofier pieces and the pieces I think is Charlotte's theme are nice.

    All in all, I think I now get why this show sold the high numbers. Charlotte, aesthetics, nationalism, harem service. Otaku fork out their money for characters and atmosphere more than actual content in the end, don't they?

    Will let you know my final thoughts when I finish. I don't think I'll regret watching it but I think this show should have been better and that Japanese otaku overrate this show big time.
  4. Last Sinner
    2011-11-07 12:31
    Last Sinner
    Now seen six episodes of Infinite Stratos.

    Thus far, it doesn't seem to be a bad show, but not that good a show either.

    I'll go over the positives and negatives I've had just far.


    Nationalism/could possibly be racism at times - Man, they couldn't make Cecilia more unlikeable if they tried. Okay, there is a certain degree of aloofness within England. But they have blown it out of proportion. I honestly thought the food joke they played on Cecilia in Episode 5 was worse than the one in Episode 1. 'Let's have Hoki and Rin make good food and Cecilia fail at sandwiches!' Yeah, really...that wasn't remotely funny...Seriously, English cuisine may not be the most exotic, flavoursome kind out there. But they are good at using all parts of an animal carcass or improvising with limited ingredients. So what if bangers and mash, spotted dick, bubble and squeak, beef wellington, shepherd's pie, egg and chips or Eton mess aren't three Michelin hat eating?! It's still good cuisine. But at sandwiches...They went way too far with how far they made Cecilia into a joke. Honestly, she doesn't even sound or act English! Voice tonality/refinement is off, general behaviour too extreme. I knew loads of English people growing up and present. They're damn nice people! Rather disgusted with how they made a character unsalvageable. Even if they tried to develop the character now, it's way too late.

    As for the Chinese girl, Rin - not into her. I honestly think Japan took a swipe at China too via Rin. Sweet and sour pork that one still doesn't get overused! At least it wasn't a fried rice joke...Honestly, jealous of China being a powerhouse in the world now despite your war history with them, Japan? As for the character, it's got some backstory, but again, seems like they didn't want to try with her either. Instead of a spunky young thing, she's comes off more like a brat. Her voice irritates me almost as much as Cecilia's and her maturity is about the same level. I.e. Can't like her, don't find her cute.

    Laura - Haven't seen enough to be conclusive yet, but concerned with how she's being portrayed. I guess after this tournament, she could soften. But honestly, the way she was marketed in Megami and Dengeki, I thought she was the high-pitched loli of the bunch. Now watching this show, I see how wrong I was and that she's the one character I was innaccurate on guessing what they would be like. Very cold, clinical, authorative. Can't help but feel that the Japan-Germany WW2 relationship is eluded to in some way here. Is this meant to be respect for Germany or is this meant to be a swipe? I don't know and I need to see more. As for being the character to stir things up, Laura does that well at least. Voicing of her is okay. But I'm confused as to how she fits into this harem...What I do understand is how she went 0-49 in ISML 2011. Christ, she is not the type of character for that contest at all.

    Where's the plot?! - I honestly thought the tag on AniDB was a joke. There is no plot or story...there's plot lines in several places (Hoki's sister, Charlotte's father, Ichika's relationship with his sister, Laura's lust for vengeance) but I get the feeling they won't be resolved. I'm sure of it. And there really could be a LOT MORE done to show what the IS system exists for in the world. So far it feels more like an arcade game...oh wait, theat's probably why people liked it, isn't it...Is it just me or is story almost irrelevant in becoming a big selling title now?!

    Characterisation only - Really, this seems to be all this show is about. I get the feeling this was just to show off some flashy battles and surround Ichika with girls. It's not that enthralling...
  5. Vexx
    2011-11-07 11:45
    Oh, that's insanely cute....

    That's the thing... the anime that get "outsiders" hooked are the ones that step OUTSIDE of the rut (like Bakemonogatari) - at least thats what I've found. I avoided anime for years simply because I thought it was all just loud, noisy, unsubtle action with lots of posturing. Imagine my surprise when I tripped across all the rest of it.
  6. Reckoner
    2011-11-07 03:36
    WHAT? Turn in your resident moe fan card this instant ! (Ok, OK, you can keep it )

    Well in any case just finished season 1 and I actually rather enjoyed it.
  7. Triple_R
    2011-11-06 21:21
    I agree that Shana is one of the most influential moe girls ever.

    Heck, she's the prototype of an entire subclass of tsundere.

    I say this with a bittersweet tone, though, because as much as I like Shana I've honestly grown tried of the KugRie-style tsundere, as you probably know from my blog write-up on Kurisu.

    I think it was a good character type for awhile, but it feels a bit "played out" to me, and I can't help but wonder if that's partly why Mami won Saimoe 2011 (you can't get much farther from a KugRie tsundere than Mami, lol). At the very least, I think that the anime world could use an one-year break from the KugRie-tsundere, although based on what I've read about, I don't think we'll be getting it.

    You're right, though, that Azusa, Kagami, and Taiga are all very different types of tsundere, and so at least Saimoe likes some variety in their winners. Azusa is tsundere towards a group of people, rather than one particular person, which was a very keen observation you once made. Azusa is also more of a Type B tsundere than a Type A one, which I like about her. These are the reasons I'd put her first out of this trio.
  8. Reckoner
    2011-11-06 20:53
    So what is it about the anime Working!! that seems to work so much better for me than its fellow contemporaries in the genre? 8 episodes into the first season and liking it much better than a lot of what I have seen else where.
  9. Last Sinner
    2011-11-06 12:10
    Last Sinner
    Well, I started Infinite's..okay...It's been around the level I expected thus far. The potential harem, service or cliches aren't bothering me. What is bothering me is the excessive nationalism. Cecilia seemed merely like a tool to stir up pride within otaku and make them want to see Ichika own Westerners. Which I found pretty pathetic. I can't stand the amount of nationalism/painitng themselves as the victim in the world that occurs in anime.
  10. Vexx
    2011-11-05 12:48
    2008: Hiiragi Kagami, 2009: Aisaka Taiga, 2010: Nakano Azusa
    Huh... I did not know that --- ya that's a list I would have made myself... though I'd probably have picked Zakuro or Kuroneko for 2011. Some points for the contest picking someone with a "moderate elegant" figure though I guess

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