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  1. Vexx
    2012-01-28 16:19
    No idea who she's cosplaying, but as this is the cutest Megumi Natsume pic I've seen in ages I felt like sharing:
    Wow... lethal cute o.O
    Also, geek question: what's your preference in keyboards? I'm still a bit undecided, but I've noticed even many of the mechanical keyswitch desigs these days don't have quite the "click" of the ancient IBM buckling spring keyboard I have on one of my boxes.
    I got tired of spending 50-100$$$ on keyboards that were "not cool as advertised", "failed early", etc (Razer, cough). The Rosewill line of keyboards are amazingly cheap and their bubble clickers do remarkably well without making a huge amount of noise. Here's my current board:

    If I get another high end keyboard, I'm likely to try:
    Durable without any crap-ass software drivers or stupid bling
  2. totoum
    2012-01-25 20:02
    Well it's a good thing I don't watch anime with you guys
    The resemblence doesn't really strile me though,sure they both have an eyepatch but that's all.
    Anyway Another has got me rewatching episodes like crazy,havn't been this interested in speculah since Madoka,I'm hoping to stay clear of novel spoilers.
  3. Last Sinner
    2012-01-25 10:13
    Last Sinner
    Fair enough.

    Well, truth is some of the more seasoned people thought the upper end of this poll would look rather strange to outsiders. So hearing you say things like that and that such titles were liked in the club you once attended. One Outs bombing was one of my two disappointments for that poll. They liked Kaiji so much I thought One Outs was an obvious choice to show for a bit. seems that their like of Kaiji is for far more sadistic reasons and the lack of it in One Outs along with sports (they just don't like ANY sports at all - hell, they even get nasty when people talk Australian sports...) sunk it. Madoka - well, all three seasons of SZS did well at our club. Rozen Maiden - not really. Bakemonogatari was part of a mutual agreement blanket ban on certain shows. Minami-ke has a trap (Mako), a very GAR man (Hosaka), cute females and their type of humour, plus Azumanga Daioh won the 2002 poll so it made sense. Ika-Musume is mainly a case of no one hates it and light comedy is easy material for them to view.

    In the case of my area, it genuinely is a case of people not liking moe. There are, but they seem to be far more socially reclusive or despise our lot and hang out in weird dives.

    Kurenai was part of a 3-way tie for 3rd in the 2008 poll. What is remotely lolicon about was a pure look at two people spending time together for a while? If anything, it ripped any notion of lolicon to shreds, which was why our club liked it so much. Haruhi won the 2006 poll after winning the tie-breaker against Hellsing Ultimate.

    When I say different, I mean more Suki is so pro-2011 it's creepy. And that it's very hard to have open discussion about titles these days. While the club over here really disliked 2011 and feels a bit isolated because we know there are a lot of people out there that like 2011.

    Finished Amagami SS tonight. Thoughts on it overall:

    Girls preference: Ai > Kaoru > Rihoko > Haruka > Miya >>> Ayatsuji = Sae

    Rihoko's arc was quite refreshing since its timepoint went to well past Christmas, unlike the other arcs. Rather than glam or weird it up, Rihoko was as honest and carefree as a person could be. It was clearly building up to romance, but stopped at a point where it hadn't quite reached it yet. And I like the fact it did that - I admire the friendship between Junichi and Rihoko. She seems like a reliable friend one could have for the long run even if she's somewhat clumsy and sometimes air-headed. She's quite adorable, like the way she dresses and her general attitude. I'm glad they were able to make a character like that do well.

    Ayatsuji's arc was just started okay then gradually went sour. Okay, she's not being the real self - it's a type that works (Kare Kano, anyone?!) just got silly after halfway and then the reasons Ayatsuji does what she does, when revealed in the last episode were so weak...It just completely killed any romantic feeling and made the whole scenario pretty whack.

    Risa - What a little bitch. The fact they allow a possible ending where she's chosen is pretty disappointing. 'Hi, I'm the girl that caused you to be stood up and get 6 other girls to stop going after you!' 'That's okay, let's be lovers anyway!' I don't think so...

    Miya - Thankfully avoided any typical Onii-chan loli junk and allowed Miya to simply be curious about who her brother really is. The kitten saga made for some great moments. She was a fun character overall.

    Probably would call it 7/10 material. Most arcs were good, Ai's was super, but Sae + Ayatsuji were weak, Risa's episode was stupid and the art quality really went down after Ai's arc. I hope the currently airing season has been given proper treatment in that department since AIC have had consistent success lately.
  4. Last Sinner
    2012-01-24 10:31
    Last Sinner
    Well, as promised, the AJAS poll results are finally out in full...

    Now how does THAT sit with you? Quite different from Suki and the like, aren't we? ^^
  5. Reckoner
    2012-01-21 20:23
    Was much more satisfied with Nise episode 3, the dialogue just felt so much more crisp and the directing back to normal. For me at least .
  6. Triple_R
    2012-01-20 22:32
    Thanks a lot for the feedback on Madoka Magica: Pure Pink Pretty Lovers!

    I'm glad you like the concept. I know that my yuri goggles can get out of control sometimes (just ask some Penguin Drum fans, lol), but Madoka Magica is indeed one of those shows where the yuri is pretty obvious and natural, imo.

    Due to how little time I have to work with Mami (given what happens in Episode 3), I admittedly am playing a bit fast-and-loose with Madoka in order to get a satisfactory number of
    affection-building options in there for her/Mami. So I do see where Madoka glomping Mami might have been out of place.

    This shouldn't be a problem with Madoka/Sayaka or Madoka/Homura because the canon narrative gives a lot more time for less rushed romance development in those two cases. Madoka/Kyouko will be quite the challenge though, lol.

    As to Kana and Erio, part of it was simply their pose in the picture of them you linked me to, which struck me as somewhat yuri-esque. Also, my philosophy on romance/shipping is a bit different from some. Many favor "Opposites Attract", whereas I tend to be more of the mind of "Birds of a Feather Flock Together". So the idea of romance almost always crosses my mind when I see two very similar characters put together like in that Kana/Erio picture (and neither has a confirmed/definite sexual orientation that would rule out the pairing).

    Now, even though I favor "Birds of a Feather Flock Together", I do see how Kanbaru and Nadeko would compliment each other. That certainly is a creative yuri concept on your part though.
  7. Vexx
    2012-01-19 21:45
    I finally sat down and watched eps 1 and 2 of Nisemonogatari .... they knocked my brains out of the park....
  8. Triple_R
    2012-01-19 11:08
    I noticed you've been following my Madoka Magica VN-style fanfic so far. As somebody who's a big VN fan, what do you think of it so far? Any suggestions you'd like to make on how to make it better for VN fans?
  9. Reckoner
    2012-01-18 20:50
    So you really thought Nadeko in Nise episode 2 was the same ol Nadeko eh? I can't help but wonder if they ruined some of her appeal for me. I should probably give it a rewatch.
  10. Triple_R
    2012-01-18 16:29
    Just now checking out that Safebooru image. That's a very clever idea behind it actually. Yeah, that's one yuri/shoujo-ai relationship that would fit like a glove, imo.

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