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Ascaloth Ascaloth is offline

I don't give a damn, dude

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  1. SaintessHeart
    2012-08-28 10:36
    Not just flat. I want small sized ones too so I can troll the CID detectives.

    Btw thought you should know this.
  2. SaintessHeart
    2012-08-28 10:07
    Not loli enough though. I always wanted something of Miu Takahashi's range.
  3. SaintessHeart
    2012-08-28 08:38
    Does she have a twin sister who's a tsundere?
  4. SaintessHeart
    2012-08-28 08:21
    Eru Chitanda. Gray's Anatomy is a classic, and I can let her use my body for reference; at the same time I can point out the aspects of female anatomy she has and isn't sure of......
  5. SaintessHeart
    2012-08-27 21:17
    Chitanda from Hyouka? I can let her explore the mysterious aspects of male anatomy with me......
  6. SaintessHeart
    2012-08-27 05:31
    I think I owe you an apology for that last minute invite.
  7. SaintessHeart
    2012-07-18 08:47
    I think you are right about women :

    But I still refuse to date or marry a fujoshi!
  8. speedyexpress48
    2012-07-02 00:18
    Hey dude, you read/edit RationalWiki? We could become good friends here...
  9. Arturia Polaris
    2012-05-01 11:01
    Arturia Polaris
    Don't apologize! It's ok, I just immediately thought on you for reviews. It is understandable in any case, so don't apologize as I said
  10. Arturia Polaris
    2012-05-01 10:37
    Arturia Polaris
    Asca, I was asking around about making a podcast for Animesuki, Would you be interested in being a part of it? You already have experience in reviewing material...


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