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It's been One Week

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  1. Kirayuki
    2013-08-14 02:21
    For pete sake
    Okay, that seriously made me laugh Cookies for you
  2. RRW
    2013-08-14 01:02
    Random pic of the day
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  3. mangatron
    2013-08-13 12:18
    wait a minute, my mind is so slagged right now

    I'm guessing you meant something like this:
  4. mangatron
    2013-08-13 11:23
    How would you like it?

    There are two pictures, unfortunately the bigger one would have been nice but that text would not look so good
  5. RRW
    2013-08-13 02:42
    Random pic of the day
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  6. Konakaga
    2013-08-13 01:58
    Flavory is a cute person </dodges the question>
  7. kuroishinigami
    2013-08-12 20:21
    Exceed is indeed the one that increase AC.

    Concentration is the skill that buffed Jude's teleport effect. Concentration 1 gives the effect after you dodge enemy's attack once, for the next 5 second, you only need to guard(not dodge) to make Jude do his teleport move.

    Second arts upgrade some of Jude's move if you press the button long(majinken become majinken souga for example if you pressx button long enough). Mira also has this skill with this effect to her magic ability which I also reccomend.

    For Alvin and Leia, yes, basically buff their special ability, but for Leia it depend on whether you play as her or not. If you let AI plays her, the item ability and steal plus ability might be more beneficial than her special ability skill. I also recommend sky soldier skill for her if you play as her(the one that increase her arborne damage by 25%)

    Lso, once you get limit skill, equipping limit skill for the character that you play is also recommended for easier hi-ougi(overlimit 1,2,3 and Limit Keep)
  8. kuroishinigami
    2013-08-12 10:33
    not sure what the names are in English and depend on who you use. Exceed 1-3 and Exceed Link is nice for every character too for longer combo.

    For Elise, I like wizard 1 and wizard 2.

    For Jude, Concentration 1-3 is a must. Stepper(less AC for side step) and Step Long(longer front and back step) are also good for Jude for easier dodge. Second Arts is situational, but the skill from second arts are usually stronger, so it's a good one to take also.

    For Mira, nothing stands out, but I like her aerial skill.

    Alvin, I rarely use lol. I just use him to hear Sugita's voice :P, but Speed Charge, Charge Keep and Charge Plus is a must. Charge Breaker is also good, but not a must.

    For Rowen, there's two way to play him. Either use Spell End or Over Spell(you can use both, but I don't think those two skill has good chemistry) and Speed Spell. If you're good at dodging, Splendor Time is a must(Rowen is slow though so it's kinda hard to dodge with him). Also use Tetra Spell once you get it.

    For Leia, use Hayami Saori's cuteness to defeat enemies :P. Joking aside, Sky Soldier, Splendor EXP(not a must, but good to have if you have extra SP), Stick Plus, Steal Plus, Good Job, Speed Item are all good, so make any choice base on your play style(for example, Good Job and Speed Item are useless if you rarely use item). Stick Plus 2 is good if you're good at doing Flash Guard.

    For status skill, just use the one you think is useful for that character(int for example is useless on Alvin, just like Strength on Rowen).

    Hope this helps
  9. Sumeragi
  10. Sumeragi
    2013-08-12 10:21
    If it weren't for my being a Hime-sama, I might be like this.

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