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  1. Rising Dragon
    2015-05-02 23:09
    Rising Dragon
    Bllaaahhhh. LN readers in the High School DxD forums are trying to turn the place into a 2.0 version of the Zero no Tsukaima forum.

    It's these attitudes that make it so damn difficult for me to get back to reading the LN versions of a franchise, like TAMNI. Nearly all of my encounters with people who read LNs have just been so... god damn poisonous.
  2. Hooves
    2015-05-02 03:16
    That's a great tribute indeed
  3. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-04-25 05:05
    Cosmic Eagle
    Fatal Frame is completely different imo

    Personally I go into Fatal Frame for character and story rather than horror
  4. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-04-25 01:01
    Cosmic Eagle
    Gascoigne's family...their fates so dark.... Are those two girls going to be the game's Queelag?
  5. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-04-20 23:55
    Cosmic Eagle
    tsk...that's bad.

    Can you still play single player if you cut off auto updating?
  6. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-04-20 22:49
    Cosmic Eagle
    Does FROM have a history of buffing/nerfing weapons/items/armor frequently?

    Tons of game whiners in both english and JP communities are calling for nerf this nerf that for Bloodborne

    One of the big turn offs for me is when game makers release nerf patches that ruin a certain build you have been spending so much time to create. Would be a strong no factor to me getting a PC version if it does come
  7. Sakanaka Shouko
    2015-04-19 00:35
    Sakanaka Shouko
    Thanks. ♥♥♥
  8. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-04-18 01:53
    Cosmic Eagle
    But it would not even last a quarter of each segment so will never be a main weapon...
  9. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-04-18 01:17
    Cosmic Eagle
    BTW, what you think of Tonitrus? It seems like it's applicable only in PvP or a special weapon for boss fights only due to the crap durability
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-04-17 00:02
    Cosmic Eagle
    Or the EL localization team did a swell job

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