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The Demon Weapon

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  1. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 07:13
    The dyslexic in me struck again and interpreted the VM as "I want to bury my face in my sisters' breasts". I reread it and corrected myself.

    If it wasn't Vesak Day tomorrow I could bring you GL6 to have a real one. The ones you want for a good hug have two zeros behind though.
  2. Kimidori
    2013-05-23 06:16
    he broken beyond repair, sorry.
  3. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 04:20
    Then you have to present your method of problem solving so your shifu has something to write about.

    Well it is up to you. From my assessment and a few calls I made just now, showing problem solving skills in engineering (inclusive of financial engineering) applications are the best bet. Strata of character might help because engineering work can be very long-winded and tiring, but man-hour and time-cost issues favours someone who can Macgyver things around.

    It is your choice now. Choose carefully on what you think is best - I can only help you until here because this decision can only be made by yourself.
  4. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 04:13
    Tell you what. Copypasta my problem solving method and tell your shifu it is your philosophy of solving problems. Then pray that they don't call you for interview and just accept you straight away.

    You got to be kidding me if you can't come up with your own philosophy of problem solving. Everyone has their own method in the face of problems!
  5. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 04:05
    Being good at TKD has nothing to do with aerospace because it is a highly independent job looking for problem solving skills. There are thousands of ways to solve problems, and it requires a close eye for detail and examination. Unless you have shown how you have increased the pass rate for the level you are coaching, or you have developed a combat system for a certain situation, it wouldn't really help.

    What would really get you into there for a referee would be to highlight your ability to do situational analysis and having a methodology to solving problems. Here is one of my problem-solving methods, which is based on Rene Descartes Discourse on Method :

    1. Observe. Gather as much detail as possible, based on all 5 sense. Disregard "useless data".
    2. Match data with current knowledge to form hypothesis. Why does it happen? How does it happen? Who does it affect?
    3. Form a theory. At every juncture of cause and effect, define rules; when this happens, such and such are observed, etc.
    4. Find a solution to the problem using the theory.
    5. Test for side effects and byproducts. Experiment until exhaustion by repeating Step 1.

    For example, there is the Collar Triangle, three major factors that contribute to aeroelasticity, it is a rock-paper-scissors style of reasoning that assesses the possible damage caused by flutter in aeroelasticity; you could also build your problem-solving method around that.
  6. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 03:41
    Then she has to write something that is the same as yours. What did you write?

    PM me if it is too private.
  7. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 03:34
    LOL. That is not a referral. That is called personal statement already.

    How many words? Let me think of something; to me, your constant fixation on "reality" is a psychiatric hint of lack of critical and lateral thinking - I have no idea how true it is IRL because it only reflects on your forum personality. And the previous few posts keep asking for blackwhite solutions that providing ideas for you shut you off rather that start you thinking.

    IMO, a pattern to write one would be :

    1. State why you want to study the course (interest)
    2. Write a couple of sentences showing the evidence for your study (like what you do in your spare time about that interest, highlighting books you have read)
    3. Finish off with your working experience and how you enjoyed it.
  8. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 03:20
    Direct entry or through private academy? There are different type of evalutors involved you know.

    She has that point. HOW would you solve problems? She is looking for a short pre-defined chart of actions which you would take to solve a problem, present one in a fishbone or flowchart form and attach it to the referral. It has to be your own, use some thinking; usually it is easier if you predefine the problem.

    And seriously, stop rushing it or keep asking for blackwhite solutions. That lack of patience is not going to get you anywhere.
  9. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 02:53
    The problem is when you highlighted that you are borderline. That kills alot of things, which you have to make up using job experience and referrals, regardless of whichever school you applied for. Although Mechatronics is a very wide field that allows you to go into practically any engineering field, most are siphoned into electrical or IT. Aerospace is a big leap of faith because ASP-engineers are taught to think differently. One of my ex-clients is an aerospace student at NTU.

    You applying for SIT?

    One more thing : reference letters are NOT easy to write. The core points of a reference letter are the statement which highlights the suitability of the candidate for this course, and the examples given to back it up.
  10. SaintessHeart
    2013-05-23 02:23
    This is a uni application. I would rather you submit a good one to leave an impression than to submit a shitty anyhow one that bombs.

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