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  1. Konakaga
    2013-05-22 06:07
    Well unless you've made a mistake of saying things to someone you shouldn't, then I'd say one of the things related to relationship is probably the cause, which is probably also easiest to ask about.
  2. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-22 04:50
    Azuma Denton
    Might as well meet you guys privately if I cant get a conclusion...
  3. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-22 04:45
    Azuma Denton
    So confirm yah, 25th noon.
  4. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-22 04:36
    Azuma Denton
    3 or 4 pm maybe??
  5. Patchy
    2013-05-22 02:58
    Well, no point hiding it since everyone already knows...its Singapore patchy is from Norway right?

    You two are a couple right? If not then you can be a couple with me

    Why do you want to resist ?

    Btw Patchy, how come you allow Saintess to pat you but you don't let me hug you?
    Whew too far, is it hot in there? ~_~

    Hmmmm don't know if we were, it's up to you on what you can say to us.. hmmm it's like a butler-master relationship to me ^^/...

    Hehe so that I won't include in your harem...

    Ah nii-san I think it's only normal to pat the head of a younger sister ~_~ but you're hug have a meaning *hide*
  6. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-22 02:55
    Azuma Denton
    I am available until afternoon on Saturday...
  7. Patchy
    2013-05-22 02:27
    >_< always seeing me .... good aftie also chaos-sempai

    Because 'heartbreaker' sounds too tame

    Its one in the afternoon here.

    Thats good, couples shouldn't fight... too much.

    Now I can concentrate on winning you over with my south east Asian charm.
    how tame? thought it was lame maybe heartdestroyer is more suited XD lol just kidding

    so your time is gmt +8? south east asia? where and what country ? though you don't need to answer ^^

    Cooo- couplessS>?????? who? we? hehehe??? HEHEHE!!!

    Must use a charm resisting accessory against you then! ^^
  8. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-22 02:15
    Azuma Denton
    University application??
    Are you going for master program??
  9. RRW
    2013-05-22 01:25
    ~「hi everyone」~
    ~「this is program RRW speaking」~
    ~「that only do "random pic of the day" and gif request」~
    ~「program RRW only able to answer the question with "yes", "no" or "maybe"」

    ~「here is you daily "Random Pic of the Day"」~

    Random Pic of the Day
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    ~「I hope you like it!」~
    ~「have a nice day」~
  10. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-22 00:51
    Azuma Denton
    Saintess is suggesting 24th May 10pm

    I am available on 24th and 25th except 24th 4-9 pm..
    If you wanna switch the time, please let me know.

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