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  1. Kyouka
    2013-03-29 04:18
    i dont know what you mean
  2. Kyouka
    2013-03-29 04:13
    nah uh yuri is bad
  3. SilverSyko
    2013-03-29 01:04
    If you find it draggy this early you're going to really hate it later on when the pacing goes to shit.

    The final Rob Lucci fight is done intermittently over several episodes at the climax of the Enies Lobby arc. The specific episode where Luffy uses Jet Gatling though is 309.
  4. Drkz
    2013-03-29 01:00
    Persona 4 golden limited edition or what not. No eu release only Britain?
  5. Drkz
    2013-03-29 00:52
    So did you ever the persona limited edition thingy?
  6. Sumeragi
    2013-03-29 00:27
    Probably, although I could just search for myself.
  7. Drkz
    2013-03-29 00:19
    Spoiler for THE FUTURE ITS HERE!:
  8. Sumeragi
    2013-03-28 23:09
    Too big for my tastes.
  9. SilverSyko
    2013-03-28 22:37
    Luffy's certainly a clown for the most part but he knows very well indeed when he needs to get serious.You do eventually learn to embrace him when he's not being awesome too. Not to mention there's an entire pirate crew of characters to follow so even if you're indifferent to one you could like another like Zoro or Sanji.

    Arguably the most badass moment for Luffy in the series is when he finishes off Rob Lucci with Jet Gatling Gun. So much emotion and epicness comes out of that scene there's probably only 2 or 3 others that can match it.
  10. SilverSyko
    2013-03-28 21:53
    As a matter of fact I originally didn't like One Piece. The original English dub done by the now infamous 4Kids group was heavily edited and child-friendly making it quite a pain and annoying to watch. However several years ago an RL friend of mine imported a volume of the Japanese DVD's. It had English subtitles included so we watched it and pretty quickly after I was hooked and did a marathon the of entire anime right up till the most recent episode at the time. After which I switched over to manga scanlations.

    You didn't like We Are? It's not my favorite OP theme of the show but it's pretty up there, especially with how it's an original song for the show. Those don't happen much anymore.

    Ah I assume you mean the fight against Arlong. That arc along with Nami's back-story is generally considered to be by everyone where the series' brilliance starts to show itself.

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