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  1. SilverSyko
    2013-03-08 00:48
    I'm pretty much beaten now anyway. I've been contemplating that last post of his for a while now, and it's pretty much solid. I'm more angry at myself for being so ignorant.

    That nagging feeling of wanting to be right in an argument is difficult to suppress, even if I know it's not a good thing.

    Though can you really call what Yozora's doing to Sena bullying? I don't know. If you ask me something about their relationship seems a little too intimate to see it that way.
  2. SilverSyko
    2013-03-07 23:31
    Ugh, it's so unlike me to discuss a light novel adapation anime so seriously.

    I'm not trying to show any favoritism because I don't actually like Yozora that much, but I don't really hate her either. I wonder if that's what I'm coming off as?
  3. com_gwp
  4. Sumeragi
    2013-03-07 02:44
    *Buys out the Amatsuka family*

  5. Sumeragi
    2013-03-07 02:19
    I would have thought you would have gotten the euphemism.
  6. Drkz
    2013-03-06 23:53
    Waiting for vol 4
    Spoiler for Its tenshi with cat ears and a upgrade.:
  7. Sumeragi
    2013-03-06 23:02
    I noticed from people's comments.
  8. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-03-06 21:34
    Oh a first timer huh? How do you like it so far then?
  9. Drkz
    2013-03-06 21:17
    I found some pics. Too bad most of them involve nipple slips...
  10. Drkz
    2013-03-06 21:12
    Hmm if you can read moonrunes go ahead. The OVA is basically like the middle of the first novel anyway. They should make more ovas...

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