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  1. Sumeragi
    2012-11-28 02:40
    If A-tan and C-kun were alcoholic drinks, what kind of cocktail could they make together?
  2. SilverSyko
    2012-11-28 01:53
    Well from what I remember though you live in Singapore right? That's much closer to Japan in language AND cultural aspects no? Not exactly the same yes, but closer than...well...Canada.

    I've been absorbed in North American media for a very long time, I tend to find humour based around things I have knowledge of and speech I'd find familiar much more endearing and easier to find funny. More often than I would like, Japanese comedy just keeps me scratching my head. That's mostly what I'm talking about.

    And I've looked up what a chunnibyou is. I guess a good English parallel would be something like a "schoolkid role-player" right? Only they delude themselves to believe they're actually what they're role-playing.
  3. SilverSyko
    2012-11-28 01:24
    Well that's a better answer than the one I got before. Thank you. Last fellow told me because it was "made by KyoAni" and " it's cute" and "well animated". That didn't change anything.

    I guess I'll be more specific this time, do you think the humour in the show is something that would be much easier for a foreigner like myself to understand and find funny? Or is a large amount of it very Japanese-ish?

    (And lol, from what I've seen around here it's not like I was expecting such a show to be "dark" in the first place. That'd be rather silly. )
  4. SilverSyko
    2012-11-28 01:03
    The sarcasm is strong with this one.~

    No no, why should someone like me watch it?

    (FYI I just watched the ED on Youtube and no, I didn't like it. )
  5. SilverSyko
    2012-11-28 00:54
    Alright try number 2. I didn't get a satisfactory answer from the last person I asked so I'm trying again. Since you have a signature related to it, I want to ask you one very simple question:

    Give me one good reason why a person like me should try watching Chunnibyou?

    It's popularity confuses and intrigues me at the same time.
  6. Hell_ping
    2012-11-27 10:30
    That's it, I'm officially quitting from now. Bye.
  7. Sumeragi
    2012-11-27 10:00
    I can't get myself to punch you?
  8. TheEroKing
    2012-11-27 09:46
    Random pic of the day
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  9. MeisterBabylon
    2012-11-27 09:33
    I finished my exams to listen to rie-pika!!
  10. Sumeragi
    2012-11-27 09:26
    I can probably drink you under the table: I've never been drunk, although hangovers are a different story.

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