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  1. mangatron
    2014-01-29 06:12
    Sort of long time no see! Not taking any requests though until my health gets back to 100%
  2. kuroishinigami
    2014-01-28 18:56
    The playable cast list is getting too ridiculous for me with each reveal It's going from might buy to likely not buy with the latest reveal XD
  3. Konakaga
    2014-01-27 13:34
    The new volume just came out, meaning a surge of newcomers into the subforums, and has been the case for the last three years.
    yea, they are reason I have so many to deal with in it.

    Good luck Yousei-san, a book would be out every four months
    Well geeze a 90 page thread to mod every that often huh? XD
  4. Konakaga
    2014-01-26 08:23
    Too cold, too boring, too much time wasted, too expensive? Which reason .
  5. SilverSyko
    2014-01-25 04:39
    I'm not necessarily excited for it either but I'm still gonna buy it. But hey I guess you have your priorities.~

    If MGSGZ/MGS5 is gonna be like any previous game, it's definitely going to be like Peace Walker. One can tell because it has the "Tactical Espionage Operations" subtitle, not "Tactical Espionage Action" like MGS1 through MGS4 did.
  6. SilverSyko
    2014-01-25 03:35
    Hmm, what do you mean? Is it not what you want from a Tales game or something? I guess Symphonia 2 at least is somewhat unorthodox in a way.

    Ah still never finished MGS3 huh? Fair enough then. I wouldn't recommend going into MGSGZ/MGS5 without at least finishing MGS3 and Peace Walker anyway.
  7. SilverSyko
    2014-01-25 01:35
    Surprised Symphonia Chronicles isn't on there since you said you never played either of them before.

    And you're not getting MGS: Ground Zeroes? That's coming out in March too y'know.~
  8. SilverSyko
    2014-01-25 01:09
    Mmm, probably not. I'd say FFXIV counts more as an MMORPG based on a JRPG franchise. Never really liked the the FF franchises' gameplay TBH, but I watched playthroughs of X, XII and XIII recently to enjoy the stories. I especially liked XIII's so I'm watching one for XIII-2 right now.

    I guess there's Symphonia Chronicles next month for me, but that isn't really anything new. The highlight for me in February is Danganronpa actually.
  9. SilverSyko
    2014-01-25 00:33
    Been playing a lot of JRPG's lately?
  10. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-01-24 16:56
    Oh it can't be, you have some sort of amnesia that affects your memories only partially?

    But really! Please answer question even if only part of it.

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