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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2012-06-08 09:52
    Eureka Seven OC oneshot bunnies are coming through the wall HALP

    Also, what's ur battletag? PM me it so that the china farmers can't hack you.
  2. Skane
    2012-06-08 02:44
    Assuming you're not attempting to use Diamond Skin to face-tank anything, Mirror Skin can easily last you until Hell-A2. Increased absorb will only have a noticeable effect from Hell-A3 onwards.

  3. Skane
    2012-06-07 13:32
    That's a lot of offence.

    Spectral Blade is a dubious choice unless you specifically gear/skill/rune your Wizard for melee. Melee Wizards do exist, but the build is pretty specific in order to be effective.

    Diamond Skin is pretty much a keeper as a panic button.

    Hydras are love. Pretty much a staple for any Wizard. Arcane is the most versatile, while Venom is best for Bosses.

    Blizzard depends on how much kiting you want to do. With the Temporal Flux passive, Arcane Hydra will slow enemies too. Blizzard is also pretty low damage, and may not be the best choice for group-play. It is popular with soloists though. Blizzard also has the worst coefficients for Life Leech/On Hit.

    You are lacking an Armor spell. If you want to channel Disintegrate longer, you may want to consider Storm Armor: Power of the Storm. For pure defence, Energy Armor at the later levels will serve you well, with either the Force Armor rune or the Prismatic Armor rune.

    For more damage, there is also Magic Weapon: Force Weapon or Familiar: Sparkflint.

    Generally speaking, Wizards will usually choose two attack spells to focus on, two defence spells, and two utility spells. It is quite hard to have more than two attack spells until you have good gear to compensate for the loss of dps from the utility spells.

    Another popular defence spell is Teleport: Fracture. People pair it with the Illusionist passive so that the CD is a non-issue. If you can afford the passive, it is something to consider.

  4. com_gwp
    2012-06-07 07:34
    Think everyone learnt their lesson from oversaturating the market like last year. People just don't have the time or money to dedicate. I'm all for this tho, and since I've already decided to drop the rehash shooters, I wanna try other kinds of games like X-COM: EU.
  5. Solafighter
    2012-06-06 18:13
    I think, that Keima looks like he would be without, any training. He is somewhat average or even below. I dont see him well trained, compared to other characters, like Sawamura Seiji (Midori no Hibi), who is well trained and fit.
  6. com_gwp
    2012-06-06 17:35
    Secret world huh? I saw gameplay vids, but it looks really derivative, except for the world they built. I honestly don't want to touch MMOs unless they're trying something different with the combat system. Any interest in FF14 2.0 at the end of the year?
  7. Solafighter
    2012-06-06 17:19
    Hey there,
    about Katsuragi Keima's secret, i honestly dont understand it. What secret are we talking about?
  8. com_gwp
    2012-06-06 16:17
    Spec ops....nah, I don't wanna play that. I'm honestly bored of shooters at this point, and I'll probably skip every major one for the next year (Well, except Bioshock, I guess). Sleeping dogs, on the other hand, now that's something I wanna get my hands on, if it really lives up to its promise of "Infernal Affairs: The Game"
  9. com_gwp
    2012-06-06 15:38
    You know what's the similar theme in all of them? You're still AMURECA YARRRRR. Why can't we ever have a game mainly about killing batshit Americans? Now that, THAT would be most refreshing of all.

    Yes yes, I know AC3 will let us go all hunting on the patriots, but at least for now, marketing seems to say otherwise.

    Also, Ancient Chinese Warlords > Redcoats and Bluecoats anyday for me.
  10. com_gwp
    2012-06-02 16:10
    Oh, right, yea, You're UGDip, if I'm not wrong. A PGDip is for people doing a masters or doctorate. Postgrad basically means you've completed a degree.

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