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  1. com_gwp
    2012-03-10 06:56
    Oh yea, there's that, really like how they don't restrict the weapon choice. I can still play with my favorite sniper rifles even as a vanguard.

    I didn't get to play around much with my skill choices though. Just maxed out charge and incendiary ammo with all the other skills rank 2-4. Will there be some way for me to redistribute the points later in the game?
  2. com_gwp
    2012-03-09 22:59
    I know what you mean, it's a pity I'm pretty turned off by their skillset. Nothing but ammo powers. I know they're packing the firepower but the powers are half the fun.

    That said vanguard is pretty dope. The singularity/biotic charge combo is fun as hell, especially with the crazy recharge speeds
  3. com_gwp
    2012-03-09 21:37

    And I can change classes too! Gonna try a vanguard run since I ran with soldier and infli the last 2 games. The joy of having your entire skill tree at the start of the game. Bioware did a pretty cool thing. What class did you run with?
  4. com_gwp
    2012-03-09 09:45
    Nope, I don't ever remember you mentioning that. Why add on to another $$-draining hobby when you already have an incredibly expensive one in gaming already?

    So. What kind of figurines are you collecting?
  5. com_gwp
    2012-03-07 10:55
    Wait, you're not watching Ano Natsu? Huh. Alright, guess I'll go with Another then.
  6. com_gwp
    2012-03-06 19:06
    You talk to her, you die. Yea, sounds a lot like a Japanese horror plot, now that you mention it. Meh, then again, I was bored to death by the Ring. Geez, can't I have some excitment in my life? Oh, wait, I'm watching Aquarion already. >.>

    Honestly, which do you like more? I'll just pick that one up and marathon it over the week since I'm not that bothered by genres atm. Sigh, spring season can't come soon enough. ME3FRIDAY can't come soon enough. =.=
  7. com_gwp
    2012-03-06 17:18
    Ano Natsu is the other choice >.>

    And okay, if not higurashi, umineko?
  8. com_gwp
    2012-03-06 11:52
    I'm just picking at the more whimsical side of show. Unfortunately the final destination styled episodic pacing doesn't exactly appeal to me either. That said, I am interested in picking up 1 more show now since I've a boat of time, and it either gonna be this to see how exactly they spun final destination, higurashi and SOL together, or Ano Natsu. Which would you pick, in this regards?
  9. com_gwp
    2012-03-05 20:47
    Break out dancing in the middle of class, beach episode, slighty tsundere twintail, main girl goes from mystery to moe, oh yes, I know what goes on in that show. How am I suppose to take a horror like that seriously?
  10. com_gwp
    2012-03-05 19:10
    Nise.....and.....holy shit, I'm having difficulty remembering....uhhh, can I say Guilty Crown? Oh, that Papa show as well, but it's getting painfully hard to watch it.

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