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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2012-01-08 18:49
    Try Kyral.
  2. com_gwp
    2012-01-08 10:49
    Yes, well, a new gen pokemon is always a fun timesink, the 3D mario games are always awesome, and fan of the KH series so I'll get that. Already got Zelda and Devil Survivor, rehashes as they are they're still good fun.

    The 3DS stuff I listed are the ones I'm interested interest in RE waned since the disappointing RE5. If you want to invest in a 3DS, I suggest you wait until the rumors of a 3DS lite are confirmed or debunked.

    And your list is strikingly missing Max Payne. Rockstar already confirmed release for March. Don't know about the rest though, but I'll take IGN's word for it then.
  3. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-08 09:10
    Kuroi Hadou
    What happened to giving me something every day?

    Or you could just... find someone who speaks German fluently and ask for their help.
  4. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-08 05:19
    Kuroi Hadou
    I will say that if it hasn't been found by naturally or been made artificially yet, chances are it's either highly unstable or requires EXTREME conditions to make. Possibly both.
  5. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-08 05:16
    Kuroi Hadou
    No problem.
  6. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-08 05:09
    Kuroi Hadou
    It'll tell you whether it's found on pretty much any planet, moon, or asteroid in the solar system, including whether it's a naturally-formed isotope of Fe, thanks to various scientific advances. From there, assuming it's actually an isotope we humans are familiar with and that it occurs naturally in the Sol System, the scientists doing the analysis will use the geological databank humans have collected over the years to tell you which regions and planets that isotope is found in. From that, they'll also know what conditions are necessary for that isotope to be created, and also whether it needs actual lab conditions to make and the lab conditions needed to make it.

    Again, though, this is all assuming it's something that's either been found by humans or we've actually made it in a lab. If it's neither, then all they can tell you is that it's never been found in the Sol System and never been created in a lab.
  7. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-08 05:01
    Kuroi Hadou
    Not an expert, but familiar enough with the field to know. It's isotope analysis. Specifically isotope geochemistry.
  8. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-08 02:17
    Kuroi Hadou
    Eh?! I don't remember that one, specifically. Then again, I watched the English dub, so it might have gotten changed a bit.
  9. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-08 02:15
    Kuroi Hadou
    When did you watch Linebarrels of Iron?
  10. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-08 02:02
    Kuroi Hadou
    Oh! The guys that don't exist in canon. Those guys not acknowledged by canon, those guys the fanbase systematically ignores and believes no longer exist... those guys, right?

    I think their biggest problem is that they went straight to Nanoha and Fate fixing everything for everyone else, rather than them being in everything.

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