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Chaos2Frozen Chaos2Frozen is online now

"What is it you desire?"

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  1. com_gwp
    2012-02-03 11:04
    I'll....pass, at my current fitness level I can barely scrape a silver. How about you, how're you keeping up with the exercising?
  2. Kirito
    2012-02-02 17:35
    Your avatar, what anime is that from?
  3. com_gwp
    2012-02-02 12:41
    I could come back in March for a month if I so desired

    Just that I wouldn't know what to do when I come back.
  4. com_gwp
    2012-02-01 22:31
    Eh, then why not you get a red and we trade our 3DSes or something? Teal is nice but not something I would've picked if I was the one buying. Also, never liked the white on the DS, makes it look cheap compared to something like say iphone white or Vita white.
  5. com_gwp
    2012-02-01 22:18
    Hatin' on Mikono? Those bastards! Can't they see how adorably useless she is?

    Eh? My 360 is giving me problems with it's internet connections so that's not an option, I'm just holding on till RE:R next week... Black or Teal? Which colour looks better?
    360 connection down? Can't you just directly connect it to your router or something?

    Black, my reason being you should get a different color from me. Also, slick. Honestly tho, Hotrod red looks the best to me.
  6. com_gwp
    2012-02-01 22:06
    You guys seem to enjoy your textwalls here, maybe that's why.

    Anyway, 'Character Defense Force' is like I'm making it a personal mission to defend said characters from insults, and it's bugs me so much all I'm doing is just refresh pages over and over again... It's fine if no one stirs the pot though.
    Ooo, and said characters being?

    Also, here's an idea for a distraction. Go buy/download/play the ME2 DLCs to prepare for March. Some have an effect on your save file, apparently. Sorta telling myself to go do this too.
  7. com_gwp
    2012-02-01 21:51
    Too long; Didn't Read. I'm surprised you don't know this, seeing as forums are one of the most guilty of this.
  8. com_gwp
    2012-02-01 21:49
    Eh....what're you trying to defend? Aquarion thread basically falls in the tl;dr category for me.
  9. Marcus H.
    2012-02-01 21:20
    Marcus H.
    It was a trap, and I led myself right in.
  10. Marcus H.
    2012-02-01 20:23
    Marcus H.
    I know that your avatar is not an older version of Kirino, but I have to say it-

    "There's no way your avatar can be that cute."

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    Yharnam, Home of Blood Ministration
    You're looking at it ;)
    University Student in Aeronautical Engineering
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    "The blood makes us human... Makes us more than human... Makes us human no more..."


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