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  1. com_gwp
    2011-12-11 17:04
    Skyrim GOTY at VGAs? Sure it's good, but I still am debating if its GOTY with all the other awesome releases this year. IF anything from what I played UC3 and Portal 2 were definitely more fun...while they lasted for that 6-8 hours

    Funny how shooters are were completely overshadowed by all the other games. You hardly saw mention of the major shooters like GOW, BF3 ad MW3 when talking about GOTY.

    Oh, and well, let's hope you stay unbanned this time for a bit longer, eh? XD
  2. TheEroKing
    2011-12-11 02:16

    You should use if the image is less than 2mb
  3. Flawfinder
    2011-12-10 03:00
    Good to see you're back. What happened? What did you get banned for?
  4. SilverSyko
    2011-12-10 02:36
    Yeah the only infractions I've received are ones related to signatures. I just decided to keep my Anime Planet one for now since there's no risk of it being removed and whatnot. Besides, there's not many things I'd want a signature of right now anyway.

    Well if it wasn't in a spoiler tag that's kind of understandable, I mean spoilers are against the rules on this site. However if it WAS in a spoiler tag then I'd be annoyed too. In that situation it'd be entirely the fault of the person who got spoiled because their curiosity was too overwhelming.

    That would be unfair I think to not allow members to talk about certain things in visitor messages though. The visitor messages exist for casual conversation between members with no specification of topic.
  5. SilverSyko
    2011-12-10 02:16
    Well if you feel that you have the ability to resist posting things that shouldn't be, then I guess it's okay to stick around as long as you keep yourself in check.

    I don't blame you though. I'd love to go into certain threads and trash it up about why I find certain series so bad, but I just continually remind myself that such etiquette won't help me at all. I've managed to avoid any infractions because of inappropriate behavior so far. (Though that doesn't mean I haven't been warned. )

    I hope you're not getting infractions just because you're constructively expressing your opinion about something or someone though. That would be pretty unfair.
  6. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-12-10 02:16
    Kuroi Hadou
    God no.

    Here. Enjoy.
  7. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-12-10 02:04
    Kuroi Hadou
    Ah, that makes more sense.

    But yeah, as soon as people found out I had read the novels and had the gall to actually try to engage in any type of meaningful discussion, they decided I shouldn't be allowed to post in the episode threads and started getting bitchy.
  8. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-12-10 01:57
    Kuroi Hadou
    Enjoyed reluctantly?
  9. SilverSyko
    2011-12-10 01:55
    Jeez dude, maybe you should take a break from AnimeSuki for a while and let some of those infractions expire. It's not good to keep getting banned like you have been.
  10. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-12-10 01:54
    Kuroi Hadou
    I have up the Fate/Zero threads after a bunch of people got pissy with me after they found out I had read the novels.

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