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  1. Konakaga
    2014-01-09 04:40
    Yea besides sequels, there isn't much I am picking up aside from a certain series, you wouldn't be into .

    And I suppose it's good I have 3 or so carry overs then.
  2. kuroishinigami
    2014-01-09 03:39
    So you decided to play ff xiv after all whch server are you playing at?
  3. SilverSyko
    2014-01-08 12:49
    Just watch Space Dandy then if you have no idea. You like space right?
  4. Konakaga
    2014-01-08 03:35
    Really? as for me this is going to be one of those seasons where I watch very few series >_>.
  5. Estavali
    2014-01-02 06:22
    Looks good. Go for it! >=3
  6. Estavali
    2014-01-02 05:49
    That's all thanks to the wuxia writers >=3

    But then again these two schools have been famous for more than just holy grounds for Chinese martial arts. The Wudang Daoists were revered by various Chinese Emperors who preferred the Daoist faith to Buddhism.

    The Shaolin monks OTOH had a more colorful background, often involving current politics. In the Qing era, the temple was seen as a refuge for troublemakers and Ming resurgent movement. Even without that, the various martial arts stories that surrounds it seem to suggest that Shaolin, or at least the people seen friendly with it, had been more or less an organisation not too unlike a triad.
  7. Estavali
    2014-01-02 04:53
    Well, our civilisation had generally preferred the pen over the sword so our warriors didn't have the kind of esteem as their counterparts in Japan =3
  8. Estavali
    2014-01-02 03:20
    Happy New Year!

    For the Chinese General, I suggest using it as it is, aka just "General". Just remember that it's a localised class, in other words the server where it'll be created in will be using Chinese, not English as its common language. In this light, going too much into an English name for it would have little meaning.

    In case you ask what I think would be a good Chinese name for the General: 武将
  9. Frontier
    2014-01-01 02:16
    Happy New Year !
  10. Kismet-chan
    2013-12-30 03:14
    *puffs out cheeks* No pinching!

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