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"What is it you desire?"

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  1. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-05-22 18:24
    Kuroi Hadou
    I love the new avatar.
  2. MeisterBabylon
    2011-05-22 05:04
    And there's the other problem of the Green Robin's symbolism. She was designed with Ookami's body, but made with Hood's embellishments. I couldn't decide between the Green Wolf (based on Lone Wolf novels, Lone Wolf often wore a green hood ) or Robin Hood. I suppose I could go with Lone Wolf, as with the later stories he gathered a team he usually works with.
  3. MeisterBabylon
    2011-05-22 04:56
    I can see it now... for Green Robin's arc. Informal tactical briefing in Freshman Class X. Boy from another class nervously enters, then confesses to Ookami in front of everyone.

    Chaos ensues.
  4. MeisterBabylon
    2011-05-22 04:49
    I dunno if you had any plans for her, but the real name of the Green Robin is Ookami Ryou of the Green Hood!

    (She was the softer half of a set of frat twins, Ryou and Kyou, until something happened that changed her into the snarling hunter that leads Robin's Raiders. While I had plans for Jim to be the one uncovering her paste and raising flags, looks like Ryoushi may be a better idea!)

    So hilariously, both mention of Ryoushi (WTF) and Robin Hood (WTF!!!) in the same post was @_____@ as Ookami-chan was meant to fulfil both of them. XD


    Also, I can has idea, and reworked my Aleister Crowley descendent.

    She's Erio Alexandra (Crowley). The forever-hungry yet intensely adorable daughter of a hyperactive woman, Laura M. Crowley. I think you know where this is driving at, if you remember my "Index is Laura and Edward's daughter" crack. But in this world, the brainiac speaks about other-worldly aliens like Aiwass and claims to be a receiver of the outer worlds, born from her demigod father and crazy (cunning) mother.

    But... I need help with working out what kind of powers will she have by manifesting a portion of Aiwass. For example, her immense knowledge of the supernatural, enough to fill 1003000 grimoires, is a permanent effect of being linked to Aiwass, a being of immense knowledge. When she writes on her tongue, a fragment of Aiwass takes over her. Erio then acts like Johann's Pen, remotely controlled by Aiwass.

    I know I'm kitbashing Index and Denpa worlds together.............. But it makes a lot more sense when I do that..............
  5. MeisterBabylon
    2011-05-22 00:31
    CHAOS YOU BLOODY SITH LORD!! I wanted to keep the Green Robin's name secret until I finish her profile, since she's from the 大神 family. But then you...!!

  6. com_gwp
    2011-05-19 12:13
    wow you should see this

    It kinda makes me regret my laptop choice haha.
  7. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-05-19 04:38
    Kuroi Hadou
    Check out the To Aru fanfic thread, if you haven't already.
  8. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-05-19 02:49
    Kuroi Hadou
    ... you've been stalking me?

    Aleister/Laura would be hilarious. And hard to do. Is there a particular scenario you'd like to see?
  9. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-05-19 00:10
    Kuroi Hadou
    Sure. Though the only series we have in common that I know of is To Aru...
  10. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-05-18 23:40
    Kuroi Hadou
    Just letting you know that, while I wait for your request, I'm working on an Accel/Awaki one-shot.

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