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  1. Jeffry2009
    2008-08-06 10:20
    Yeah, i know all the time bcoz i've been so outraged about some characters in my favourite series since Chrono crusade can insulted my feelings though.....

    and Yeah, i promised i will change my poor manners though and please stop calling me 'SCREWED'. i'm not an idiot. and excuse me with my profanity these days bcoz i've been playing too much GTA IV although i've already beat the game though.......

    PS- check my new room tour pic and comments are needed if you too impressed about my room.
  2. haiz123321
    2008-08-06 10:15
    Heya I remembered you had a Natalia sig last time right? from Tales of The Abyss?
  3. Deathkillz
    2008-08-06 09:38

    Hint is that she is from quite a recent eroge (I think it was only released a few months back).
  4. Deathkillz
    2008-08-06 06:43
    It's easier to just say it here.

    The brown part is her ribbon ^^
    And there is a fat cooking at stake for guessing correctly
  5. Deathkillz
    2008-08-05 08:34
    I don't mind

    Feel free to do so ^^
  6. Deathkillz
    2008-08-05 08:20
    Paint is utter crap...

    No cure for that I'm afraid
  7. Deathkillz
    2008-08-04 21:20
    In what program do you use to save them? I just PS so whenever I save my siggies I have an option to increase or decrease the quality on the right.
  8. Tormenk
    2008-08-04 10:12
    I would imagine so, when she's called Athena.
  9. Tormenk
    2008-08-04 09:26
    I'm going along for the ride so see where this finally ends up. That said, there isn't really a character I support in Negima. Well maybe Eva but she's kinda sidelined as the 'evil last boss'.

    As for HnG, I picked it up before but didn't continue on far.

    Though I know for one thing Hinagiku is all kinds of awesome. :3
  10. Shiroth
    2008-08-03 18:38
    I've read the first two chapters upto now, and i must say i'm very impressed with it so far. The stories fascinating --- can't wait to learn more.

    Also i just gotta mention how adorable Alice is. I hope she never changes. :3

    Edit: Four chapters read now, this is an amazing read. :3

    Shame i must sleep now, though i'll catch up within the week. You've recommended me an amazing series!

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