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  1. SamKajam
    2010-06-30 02:17
    your avatar's loooools man
  2. mark1246
    2010-04-20 17:49
    Dear Mr. tsunade666

    before i say anything please read the following quote:

    "then from what picture is it wilfri? or its a kinda of doujin work? but I see it together with the side story.

    (as for jcafe. Their is a script version then a text version their is even a english translated version with atlas. I get my copies their so I'm sure and even the summaries but if you want a english translated script or text then I can pm it to you. )

    as in the japanese script or japanese text version?

    try finding it at jcafe in the winnyclub part of the forum. You will sure to get it their.

    the machine translation are okay if you get used to it. Specially me when I'm using it on my games. And just like soul said. For the speeches its okay but for the explanation or depth emotion it kinda lacks creativity to translate well... well its a machine it will translate directly. But still its good if you understand what its was saying. The ending of vol 14 and that part of vol 16 is great.

    btw. does anyone know where I could find japanese script of those novels... like v14 the part where the fights happens Aqua/Touma/Itsuwa on the bridge... and V16 the moment of misaka talking about Toumas memory loss....??"

    These are quote that you said!

    if possible i have an account at Jcafe and if could you please tell me the pm or url if where you can read the novel. i been dying to read vol. 16 or just part of it.
    thank you
  3. mark1246
    2010-04-15 18:58
    Dear Serenade

    do you read manga?

    My list is:

    1. one piece
    2. Naruto( I’m surprise that you didn’t hane this on your list and it such a good manga)
    3. Bleach
    4. Monster( this manga is good try reading if you have time)
    5. D. gray-man
    6. Lastly/ Katekyo hitman reborn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3) do you have a youtube account
  4. Shiroth
    2010-04-15 16:31
    Rewatching Shigofumi seems like a good idea. I should do that sometime, along with finishing the picture dramas off.
  5. Shiroth
    2010-04-15 16:25
    Back to the classic avatar i see. It's good to see him again.
  6. mark1246
    2010-04-12 19:54
    Dear Mr.serenade_beta
    are you going to post the illustration to volume 20 of To Aru majutsu no index
  7. Kanon
    2010-02-16 15:48
    Nice avatar ! Really captures the essence of Onii. The new user title goes well with it too

    Also love the Mafuyu sig, by the way.
  8. LKK
    2010-01-29 17:20
    Thanks for the explanation. Next time I see you use it, I'll understand your post better.
  9. LKK
    2010-01-29 16:52

    I see you use the above in your posts a lot. I've always wondered what it meant. So I'm finally going to ask, "What does that mean?" (If you're wondering where that came from, I copied it from one of your posts in the Okami Kakushi thread.)
  10. xris
    2010-01-28 16:09
    The original Darker Than Black II OAD - Episode 01 Discussion poll has been deleted and a new one has been created in its place. Feel free to vote again.

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