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  1. TheEroKing
    2011-11-09 01:08
    I hope they make the Yukki and Yuno "part" from the manga better
  2. TheEroKing
    2011-11-09 00:57
    I was probably the only pervert checking out her boobs when she was getting raped >_>
  3. TheEroKing
    2011-11-07 03:31
    sup Tsubaki
  4. Triple_R
    2011-10-19 00:00
    What's so shocking about that? Mahiru is clearly yandere for Kyohei, imo.
  5. mark1246
    2011-10-11 10:31
    I saw your summary for all 6 volume of Mushi to Medama back in 2008 and wanted to thank you

    But have a quick question

    1. In the end of volume 5 Guriko really dies!?

    2. I dont understand what happen to Guryuu at the end of vol 6? please explain

    3. Is Rinne still in a comma in 6 from drinking poison?

    4. How does the story end? like the last two chapter in summary please
  6. TheEroKing
    2011-10-08 01:10
    "And all of a sudden, we get UG appearing in some lame new outfit with lame long hair looking like he wants to live in Three Kingdoms..."

    lol glad I wasn't the only one who felt that way
  7. TheEroKing
    2011-09-30 00:24
    yea it was legally his money even though with that ridiculous interest. if there is a season 3 I hope Kaiji has finally learned his lesson when it comes to signing papers >.>
  8. TheEroKing
    2011-09-28 01:57
    lol wasn't expecting to go Kaiji dere at the end was stupid or rather typical of him to lose those 600k he had left. it was nice seeing that Teiai man give Kaiji money, guess the group isn't completely filled with greedy people. and Endou, what an ass he was >.>
  9. Lexxus
    2011-08-30 19:27
    Btw, who is in your avatar? She looks familiar.
  10. TheEroKing
    2011-08-14 22:45
    btw why is your profile pic of that rapist from ef?

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