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  1. Lexxus
    2011-08-30 19:27
    Btw, who is in your avatar? She looks familiar.
  2. TheEroKing
    2011-08-14 22:45
    btw why is your profile pic of that rapist from ef?
  3. TheEroKing
    2011-08-14 14:16
    hi there. whats up?
  4. Malkuth
    2011-07-25 22:26
    I think someone already pointed out that in real life orginized criminal gangs try to avoid bloodshed, unlike your average, ghetto thugs or as Scorcese movies have us believe. But yeah, I agree that realism makes crappy TV, and comparing the drama (however unrealistic and conservative) between the two arcs, made the first one captivating, and the second trivial.

    And now I get what you meant when refering to the character designs, I jumped in the thread after the first arc was finished. Anyhow, this is the general case, static art from novels in particular is way superior to manga/anime character designs. The second serves more as a guideline for keys and especially in-between animation; it is more functional than artistic
  5. Malkuth
    2011-07-25 01:00
    Really? I don't think I was too harsh in that post. I've been harsher before (I think).
    Yes, you have, but I also agreed then

    On topic, the second arc, and particularly the second part of the third episode were not as interesting as the first one. But still better than most of the shows this season, even with a trivial plot.

    As for knives and guns in yakuza fights... well, the objective of the bad gang, was not to shed blood, rather scare the weak one into submission.

    Also what's wrong with the character designs? It's not they changed or anything!
  6. HayashiTakara
    2011-06-02 22:55
    ah, ok thanks for getting back to me on that, I asked a few others, but no response... I guess no one wants to admit its a hentai character?
  7. HayashiTakara
    2011-05-31 22:14
    Hey, I gotta ask, the character on your sig, it's Mafuyu from Kanajo x Kanajo x Kanajo, right?
  8. Miraluka
    2011-04-10 01:58
    Each one with their own opinions, one can't change other people way of thinking just because we don't like, its just absurd.
    So, starting a "why you don't like if it is awesome" quoting battle is pointless.

    Also, I was bored and wanted to cut their discussion at once. I guess, it worked?
  9. Kyouka
    2011-02-22 00:18
    avatar is awesome
  10. AkiraGirl
    2011-02-06 11:52
    hey where did u buy the Mushi to Medama to Teddy bear novels? where can i get them?

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