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  1. Shiroth
    2010-04-15 16:31
    Rewatching Shigofumi seems like a good idea. I should do that sometime, along with finishing the picture dramas off.
  2. Shiroth
    2010-04-15 16:25
    Back to the classic avatar i see. It's good to see him again.
  3. mark1246
    2010-04-12 19:54
    Dear Mr.serenade_beta
    are you going to post the illustration to volume 20 of To Aru majutsu no index
  4. Kanon
    2010-02-16 15:48
    Nice avatar ! Really captures the essence of Onii. The new user title goes well with it too

    Also love the Mafuyu sig, by the way.
  5. LKK
    2010-01-29 17:20
    Thanks for the explanation. Next time I see you use it, I'll understand your post better.
  6. LKK
    2010-01-29 16:52

    I see you use the above in your posts a lot. I've always wondered what it meant. So I'm finally going to ask, "What does that mean?" (If you're wondering where that came from, I copied it from one of your posts in the Okami Kakushi thread.)
  7. xris
    2010-01-28 16:09
    The original Darker Than Black II OAD - Episode 01 Discussion poll has been deleted and a new one has been created in its place. Feel free to vote again.
  8. gilded
    2010-01-25 11:58
    Re: Y-Milk Tea
    I didn't see your post. It was deleted by nightwing.
  9. Animelover#1
    2010-01-15 07:41
    Aww, Well if your interested if i find out i'll let you know.

    And i loved Ef: A Tale of Melodies (accidentaly missed out Ef: A Tale of Memories) it was really good but a little sad at the end
  10. Animelover#1
    2010-01-14 05:59
    Greetings, I've just watched episode 13 of the baccekano anime (i can't remember the proper name I assume that they are releasing more episodes, do you have any idea when?

    Also is that dude with the cigarette in your profile picture the 'evil' painter dude from "Ef: A Tale of Melodies"

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