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Tabloid Journalist

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  1. Eurys
    2010-03-11 09:43
    Sensei my life is like a soap opera

    Did you find out you have an evil twin plotting your demise?
    But seriously, what happened? (Hi btw~)
  2. Eurys
    2010-01-31 05:17
    I...missed your birthday... ;_;
    omg happy belated birthday sandy

    The only thing dead in Naruto is Naruto's dignity. Anyway, Kishimoto trolled us all in the last chapters. I think NaruSaku is deader at this point. Oh well, Kubo and Kishimoto both contributed in curing me from reading shonen.
    How u doing?
  3. Zu Ra
    2010-01-27 15:36
    Zu Ra
  4. Eurys
    2009-12-20 05:09
    Hahaha that comic was adorable. Kubo can still DIAF though.
    As for MF, whut? If it was confirmed, the Sheryl fans here would have made some noise XD
    Stupid love triangle >_>
  5. Eurys
    2009-12-05 00:37
    D'awww, I'm sorry I don't post more ;_; and I miss you too.
    I pretty much lost or cut contact with people online, it's weird. I still read the wank though, it entertains me.
    And time is passing by so fast. I mean, already december, it's scary.
  6. Eurys
    2009-10-15 10:42
    Yeah, I saw (i admit I still like to read Ichihimers' ridiculous posts more than the manga itself) and well, Kubo indeed likes to troll people ._. Luckily, I don't feel anything anymore.
    Naruto's keeping me on the edge of my sit though >_<
  7. NightWish
    2009-10-11 05:36
    Proust? No, I have not. Have you?
  8. Eurys
    2009-09-17 10:11
    Tell me I died like a hero? ;_;
    Did you cry? °o°
  9. Eurys
    2009-09-05 06:43
    D'aw, the good old days ;_; When my fangirl heart wasn't crushed and was still naively optimistic .
    Did Fukuda really make that one? Surprising...

    (and I thought it was a KiraxAthrun AMC at first)
  10. NightWish
    2009-09-02 10:27
    Working in general or on something specific?

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