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  1. DisarestaX
    2012-04-08 09:35
    Yeah I thot I would join for the fun of it, though I have not used it for quite a long time, so it isn't very updated
  2. DisarestaX
    2012-04-07 22:10
    Yeah character fagging is really important. But I remember that the 1st character I fag was a boy (Sawada Tsunayoshi from Katekyo hitman reborn) not that Im not straight or what, but generally at the younger age most people are not interested in the opposite gender . In general I tink that anisong have some of the quite interesting and inspiring lyrics, which is part of the reason I would like the song even if the music isnt that catchy.

    I totally agree with u for the last part . Being cute is one hell of a bonus .
  3. DisarestaX
    2012-04-07 18:26
    Oh i see. Someday I should figure how to use it

    Hmm not really a new fan, just tat at tat period i wasnt much of a character fag and din complete A's yet, so it sort of stayed dormant until i finished A's. The movie definitely did play a big part in the reawakening of my fanboyism after i went to look up the lyrics and I must say all the OP and insert song sung by nana mizuki is great. Sad to say I onli like tat song in the movie by yukari and tat song's lyrics describes the way how nanoha encountered fate so I really like tat song . The movie also makes me rewatch the 1st season .

    I like fate's personality is because of her strong character. When she breaks down emotionally, it makes me wan to hug her . When she was able to pull herself together, I became even more fond of her .
  4. Cold~as~Ice
    2012-04-07 10:07
    I saw your comment about the last 3 anime on my list.I was going to change those anyway so the last 3 would be 8.Mirai nikki 9.ano natsu de matteru 10.Kuroshitsuji.Happy now?
  5. DisarestaX
    2012-04-07 10:04
    Can see that =3 cause I have been surfing the image thread for the past 2 weeks, and I must say going thru 1600+ pages for image hunt isnt that easy after all >_>. Yeah really those 09-10 period din have much good anime. Railgun was one of them (misaka fan also here lololol for her cute tsundere personality >_>) that attracted me the most I guess.

    My encounter with the nanoha series is certainly a strange one lol. I remember watching the 1st series and part of A's on TV at least about 4-5 years ago. For some reason I can't remember why I din finish A's, though im pretty sure they did air until the end. Internet wasn't easily accessible for me until about 2 years ago, so I mostly watched anime on TV. Perhaps the "mahou shoujo" genre makes me avoid it, ever since after watching pretty cure >_>. So I struggled awhile, until I decide to download it last year, but din have the time to watch it. It was 1 month ago that I finished my exam, and decided to just watch finish it since I have already watched the 1st series and part of A's. Heck, when I was watching the movie for the 1st time, I din feel anything in particular. But when I rewatched it, I cried lol. Maybe I am a softie @_@ and the OP/ED/OST contributes to tat.. Watching the movie makes me feel quite nostalgic, its as though I found back my long lost love =X. The way nanoha shows her concern for fate and fate eventually accepting her feeling makes me support the NanoFate pairing very much though I figured I like fate more, cause of how cool and shy she is .

    Sorry for the rant, it's as though Im talking a grandmother story here
  6. DisarestaX
    2012-04-07 08:29
    Hello there nice to meet u . Seems like u had been around for quite a long time and I must admit, that is quite an admirable devotion .
  7. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 22:34
    Ruby Princess
    No, those answers are great. ^^ I'm going to be busy on Wednesday and Thursday, so I was running out of time since tomorrow's my last 'free' day before the project is due. Thank you. *huggles*
  8. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 20:20
    Ruby Princess
    And I'm so sorry to bother you, but could you perhaps reply to the PM I sent you? The project is due on Thursday, and I only got four responses. I'm sorry... ^^;
  9. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 20:13
    Ruby Princess
    Hi there Mr. Demi! You like Fate-chan too? That's so cool... she is such a kind and adorable girl. I watched Nanoha with my irl friends and none of them liked her... one said he wishes Precia killed her in the first series >.< and another said he does not like her until Strikers once she acquires boobs -.-. I am glad Animesuki has better taste.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2012-04-01 05:10
    Riri's gonna have some serious competition very soon:

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