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  1. ranran
    2012-03-29 22:27
    haha, well I'm not native english speaker so I might using this term wrong, but what I meant by that is that even in NF fanfics, Nanoha's usually the one who is used mostly as the....'bad guy' you know? I mean, not all fics, but most of those that's been popping out nowadays. She's always the one who cheated, and....well yea, you get the point >_< I mean, it's not that I blame Fate, or her fans who wrote the fics, but it's just, if you want to make her the 'bad guy' at least get her characterization right. Nanoha would be OOC if she cheated on Fate just because Fate's mostly away at work...and this is depressing xD lets talk about something else...

    So you're more of a Yukarin fan than Nana huh? xD That's neat, I'm more a Nana fangirl but I like Hime just as much, put them together and I'll die happy ♥ Most of the newer fans doesn't give a darn of who voices who...I mean without the seiyuu, our beloved characters won't come to life

    Yea >_< milf bodies gone to waste!!! Thank god for official arts that made use of them. And yea, I agree with you about vivid. I find the adult design very...weird. Something's just not right >_< is it true that the mangaka for vivid is originally an ero mangaka?

    Lol poor Fate. She must have gone shopping every weekend when she was growing up huh? Thanks to puberty and Nanoha lol Sad to say that Hayate's personality has to change >_< I prefer her easy going A's self rather the serious one in StrikerS. That girl has a difficult childhood, she should smile more. And secret? I think not xDD She's just subtle about it. I bet she's groped the girls more than she could count thanks to the public baths...xD
  2. ranran
    2012-03-29 21:43
    But the 1st movie WAS about Fate, of course they have to flesh her out. I can't get people's logic sometimes but what can you do about it eh? Sides, the scenes they cut out weren't that important anyway. The movie was a pleasant watch, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lets talk about something else eh? so you won't get agitated about this xDD

    Yea, its an odd place, but that's what you get when you put people who doesn't watch anime together with an anime discussion thread....orz. Yea, baseless assumptions. I hate that. But this is the they're everywhere D8 But you know what? Nanoha gets the third degree from Nanofate fans too >_< I'm sad of that fact.

    Fanservice? Haha...well I don't watch a lot of them...maybe only two, Ranma1/2 and B Gata H Kei (because Yukarin is in it :3) but no other...xD But yea, fanservice for girls and guys are very different. Just give me a naked Chrono and I'll be happy *runs*

    D8 THEY LIKE LOLIS. And that is a very disturbing statement. Fate's (and Nanoha's of course) adult self are very gorgeous, I wish they'd given us more fanservice...and get rid of the damn twin tails too while they're at it

    "Why does she need all that pesky clothes when I'm going to rip it right off her tonight, anyways..."?? THAT. IS. PURE. WIN.
    I can see loli Nanoha's mind scheme furiously with that thought xDD Oh my god they're adorable! And I think Hayate is a bad influence on them lol perverted tanuki
  3. ranran
    2012-03-29 20:53
    Seriously? because of screen time? Dx that's not a very good reason. I mean, Fate AND Nanoha are the titular characters for the series, even idiots can understand that. And I think even if Masaki Tsuzuki likes Fate enough to, in their words, have her hog everyone's screen time, I don't think that would be a strong enough reason. Not all the staff in Nanoha are big fans of Fate, and I think every judgement they made regarding screentimes were with every character's best interest in mind. The fact that some chara has to get cut out (Chrono ;___; ) for the sake of the story is inevitable. How hard is it to accept that?

    It was a Mizuki Nana forum I'm a Mizuki Nana fan that's why I was hyped when there was a Nanoha discussion there. But it turns out the thread became Bash-Nanoha-Thread-Because-She's-Not-Nana/Fate. And the people who talked trash of her didn't even watch/follow the anime!!! I mean, if they've watched all series and read the mangas, I can accept their opinions. But they didn't even give her a chance. And turns out the person I've been angrily ranting at was the owner of the forum...last time I tried to log in there, the forum won't let me, so I guess I've been kicked out What forum did you get kicked out of?

    Yamibo is also a heaven for doujins. Shame they're in Chinese ;____;

    Haha, yes, I know xDD To Love Ru has a pretty big fanbase for an ecchi anime..though I don't watch/read it so I don't know much.

    AHAHAHAHA!! I remember that scene! The butt flash!! xDD
    Oh wow, what mind blowing scene. I remember feeling confused if the fanservice was intended or an off you think they "forgot" then?
    For some reason that statement "Less is More" reminds me more of Hayate than Nanoha...but knowing the mischievous younger Nanoha, it's possible xDD
  4. ranran
    2012-03-29 19:09
    Oh yea, sorry, I forgot that people take anime seriously in forums...that's probably why I don't go into discussions, they'll bash me left right and center if I ever try Being a character fag is fine though, its hard not to like a chara after spending 3 seasons/countless of soundstages/ and a movie with them. I myself am a die-hard Nanoha fan and I always see red whenever people talk bad of her...that kinda got me kicked out of a forum too The people there said that she was boring and shallow as a how I wish I can throw real bricks at them. Does Fate ever get bashed here?

    Haha! yes xD the fanart/official arts and the doujins, they're like drugs, you can't stop waiting for them to come. Oh lord, that reminds me, I need to finish editing that doujin for nanofate...orz. I've been on withdrawal from the lack of NF, hence...

    But but you know, during that mock battle, that was very VERY UNFAIR for the veterans. I mean Fate and Nanoha has experience on their side, I can't believe they got knocked out that easily. The good part about that trip was the onsen, where Sein groped them all, and probably the matching clothes between Nanoha and Fate, I don't quite care about anything else...oh wait, except for Erio That boy is looking fine with his ponytail.

    Ahhahaha! Fate's innocent mind has been corrupted! xDD I bet you Nanoha and Fate spend every afternoon together looking at magazines with RH and Bardiche for something they can modify their BJs with....and hence, why we get Fate's...swimsuit? The new suit looks like a swimsuit sorry
  5. ranran
    2012-03-29 09:38
    Different opinions is inevitable though, considering the...stuff that's been going on But really, I've never seen fierce arguments about anime aside on 4chan and asuki. It's like a hellhole here O_o

    And they'll pick up the slack greatly xD Sometimes I feel that without the awesome fanworks related to this franchise, most people would have floated away by now. Big names like Tokoharu and Kamogawa are some of the main reason that attract people to Nanoha

    The first mock battle? You mean where it ends on a tie? And everybody's clothes got shredded?

    Pffffttt-- I beg to differ. To Nanoha, if it's related to Fate, nothing is an accident xDDD *but that's just me wishing*
  6. ranran
    2012-03-28 21:45
    Maybe because most of the people in the Nanoha thread here are so defensive? Just bait them a bit and everyone will bite.

    I think Tsuzuki's trying to bridge the gap between Nanoha and Gundam. It started with the drones...and all we can do now is wait for the real mecha to come
    The things that kept me to this franchise right now are the seiyuus, the doujins and the upcoming Movie(s). Other than that meh >>

    Lol well, true...that teasing is even more of a torture xD But at least they made it up by putting a cute like scene whenever that happens.
    And in Vivid's sake, they put out nice official arts of Nanoha and Fate eh? (though with questionable...proportions).

    Hahaha, hug her and then be at awe at Fate's design >89
    I can't really wait for the Movie, the girls looked older than they were in the A's seasons (seen from the official arts kyaaa!) and Fate's barrier jacket looks awesome!
    Though the front clasps...I think they're made specifically for Nanoha's use...if you know what I mean
  7. ranran
    2012-03-28 07:39
    Yes xDD I've seen them hahaha, I mean if you go back on the old pages of the images thread you can still see some of them..and yea thankfully.
    No arguments would be best >> Though I can see someone's been looking for some....(not you lol).

    No no, the people I talk to on other forum. They like Force because of the character/weapon designs (and Milf Nanoha, but that's just me xD) but yes, they like it less compared to Vivid. And I agree with everything you say, the amount of characters that kept popping up in Vivid kinda...ruins everything. It now looks like the Loli version of dragonball. But still though, Vivid has....Nanofate there? A little bit? If you squint with a binocular

    Force suck, but for a Fate lover, I thought you like it, even for a tiny bit xD Fate's awesome there after all. With her new hair and her prince-like self. Honestly, I thinK Force Fate is the coolest, after Movie 1st Fate
    Hehe, it's okay xD The first time I join here was to lurk around reading deathcurse's fics and usually it's the newbies that has to greet the senpais.

    My sig-- OH. Well...I thought that didn't work
  8. ranran
    2012-03-28 00:36
    Haha yea, after lurking for 2 years I get why most people here are sick of Nanofate xD
    But you know, just because of they're sick of it doesn't justify them to talk trash of the people who happens to like that pairing
    Best is not to join in any discussions huh? That'll avoid a lot of heartaches.

    True true, without NanoFate, the Nanoha series would lose lots of fans and income. You can't deny that they're what rolls in the cash.
    And I'm surprised that you don't like Vivid and Force O_o most of the peeps I know likes them...though I, don't like them as well .

    And yep, that's me. Wait-- how'd you know?
  9. ranran
    2012-03-27 22:48
    Ikr? And I thought the bad things had gone with time...but I'm severely mistaken
    I'm just happy I have a comrade in arms (and we both use different names here and there orz)

    Yoroshiku! Fate says hi too!
  10. ranran
    2012-03-27 21:57
    Lol I was gonna ask that xDD
    Anyway, nice to meet you. We've never get a chance to talk at NF haha, good to see a familiar face here :3

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