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  1. Last Sinner
    2011-06-04 03:27
    Last Sinner
    It wasn't so bad since Mio didn't have a perfect season and there were revolts against several characters. But the way things are, Kanade will win against anyone with at least a 2k margin because China says so. Nothing against China, but it's not International Saimoe if it's them controlling the contest. They love the submissive, quiet types or the not-so-mean tsunderes and it shows.

    To be honest mate, I like no 2011 anime at all. I'm watching retro anime. It's so fulfilling. Far better than this current junk. Learing about Nagai, Matsumoto, Tomino and seeing where anime came from - FAR more informative and satisfying! You should give it a shot IMO.

    Club I help run is doing two panels at the anime convention next month. History of Anime is the one I'll be speaking on. Make sure you check it out.
  2. Last Sinner
    2011-06-04 03:02
    Last Sinner
    It's more like China-Taiwan Saimoe than International Saimoe lately, hey?
  3. Triple_R
    2011-05-30 00:29
    Just so you know, I hope that Fate Testarossa wins SaiMoe since you care so much about it.

    Fate is also one of my three favorite girls in this contest, and one of my five all-time favorite anime characters.

    Even though I like Haruhi a bit more, I hope that Fate wins for your sake (it helps that I like Fate a lot myself, of course).

    If Haruhi vs. Fate somehow happens, I'll probably just abstain. I intend to vote for Fate in any other match-up.
  4. Nina.Wolken
    2011-05-23 14:26
    Nina saw her MAL message but she wasn't sure what to reply u.u Shumimashen~ I just came back from Japan (well, last Tuesday) and have mix feelings about everything right now "orz. Also should be studying but my anime-addiction is as strong as ever >.< But I shouldn't complain because I just got the most amazing year ever. Have fulfilled so many of my dreams I can barely process it lol But yeah, coming back to the real world is pretty harsh >...<. But what about you? How went the last 12 months? You doing good? ʕᴥʔ
  5. klare
    2011-01-26 04:42
    sounds good, i am signing up and see what does it offer

  6. klare
    2011-01-26 02:23
    i have heard of it but i do not have an acc there
  7. klare
    2011-01-25 09:24
    sorry, what is MAL?
  8. Kagayaki
    2010-12-31 07:58
    I'm flattered to be recognizable like that You're not kidding about the lag though. It feels like you add something and it doesn't show up for hours.

    I considered switching to something like Anime Planet, but I couldn't stand their frontend design (boxes within boxes within boxes). At least MAL is relatively clean and ... list like.
  9. Kagayaki
    2010-12-31 07:23
    Yep, that would be me! ... Just out of curiosity, where on MAL did you find me?
  10. shiroi mahotsukai
    2010-12-24 19:13
    shiroi mahotsukai
    Yes it's fate in my avatar (at least i'm fairly sure it is), I'm afraid I can't give you the source. It is from the image thread between pages 800 and 1200, I was too ill to attend college for a week so I spent my time searching it. I'll repost it if you'd like. Or I'll Pm it you (can you send images that way?)

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