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  1. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-25 16:33
    I figured as much, but I thought it was better to be safe than sorry.
  2. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-25 16:27
    Because I didn't want to be called out by the mods for being off-topic in the thread. They've been cracking down lately, and I already have one yellow infraction for a nonsense post.
  3. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-25 16:22
    Yep, haven't read any of the SSX, but judging from the scene I figured it had something to do with Fate. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. ^^
  4. Nya~n
    2010-01-25 11:52
    You're welcomed. I try my best. :3
  5. Last Sinner
    2010-01-25 09:13
    Last Sinner
    Yeah, we are somewhat similar in tastes. Which is why I converse with you. Also because you're able to do so without biting anyone's head off. Witty sarcasm is fine by me. Pity not everyone can appreciate it.

    Reading reviews or other comments is a bit of a gauge to use, but in the end, one's own experience/opinion is the best way to find out whether something is good or not.

    Murasaki was a different type of character. To have someone that young be so intellectual, honest yet still naive made for amusing results. Shinkurou is one of the few anime males I truly respect. Too many soft males in anime these days. -_-

    Do watch some of Kimi ni Todoke before ISML starts. ^^ Get it from Eclipse or FMS groups. Sawako is awesome!

    Bakemono is something I probably would have liked if I was barely an adult. Those days of liking that kind of stuff of excess and gratuitousness are well behind me. So Bake's ploys don't work on me.

    Wrote a little piece in memoriam of ISML 2010 in the ISML thread. Hope it didn't suck.

    I'll link some of my other figures later. Not sure if scantily clad was what I actively seek. Mainly a character that I know or appeals right off the bat, plus has a good face, good colours and design. Plus proper proportions, can't stand the over-the-top or jailbait ones.
  6. hinakatbklyn
    2010-01-25 08:21
    Oops. Now I look foolish for not following up. The minute I figured out how it works, I should of just copied my original reply here.
  7. Last Sinner
    2010-01-25 03:59
    Last Sinner
    That other one Alter did....the tones of black and white seem wrong, although the red looks correct this time. Her hair as well as her face seem off. Don't get me wrong, I do like serious/vengeful Fate more - very much so. It's just I'm very picky with faces on figurines. The rest of the figure can be awesome but if the face is wrong for me, I just won't buy it. Faces are like the most important thing for me when looking at figures and the physical features of IRL women as well.

    Sora no Woto is nothing like K-ON. That was simply a campaign from Sankaku and pockets of 4chan that wanted to trash it before it started. It is actually like Aria somewhat. It has that gentle, peaceful, aesthetically perfect feel. And somewhat Minami-ke like as well, with the :3 and other expressions. It is worth watching. As for K-ON...comments like that are why I still haven't watched it. Don't know if I will at this rate. Girls seem cute but that hardly seems anywhere near good enough a reason to watch it.

    Those are awesome comedy series. Kimi ni Todoke and Kurenai also had good comedy despite them not focusing on comedy.

    *shrug* Shinbo seems to be trying too hard to be Hideaki Anno. His treatment of Bakemonogatari feels like what Anno did with Evangelion. Now if feels like he's replicating Anno ruining Kare Kano with what he's doing with Vampire Bund. Either way, that girl being naked sends off Chris Hansen alarms so hard it isn't funny. Although Ladies vs Butlers seems to go even worse in that regard.

    I tried Ichizon and grew bored, don't know why it got so much support. Railgun - not a BiriBiri fan so bleh. Kuroko imitates me just with the sight of her, let alone her actions and voice. Plus the insinuated bukkake that happens to Saten - ewwww.

    But from the looks of it, I may have enough people to vote for in this prelims. For the groups, probably voting like this: (in preference order)

    Group 1 - Shiki, Kotomi, Mio
    Group 2 - Winry, Asuka, Ryou
    Group 3 - Shion, Misuzu
    Group 4 - Rena
    Group 5 - Saber
    Group 6 - Horo
    Group 7 - Hayate, Enma, Eruru
    Group 8 - Sawako
    Group 9 - C.C., Nanoha
    Group 10 - Sakura
    Group 11 - Rika
    Group 12 - Alice
    Group 13 - Kana, Mion
    Group 14 - Chiaki, Ilya

    Hope that's enough to cover the minimum votes. -_- That's 24 people, I would hope so. Not like I'm going to like all 126. Might have to think strategically otherwise.
  8. Last Sinner
    2010-01-25 01:42
    Last Sinner
    You kind of got me there. The Nanoha one is on my want list but I forgot that was Alter. The Fate one....yes it is very detailed...but it doesn't feel like Fate. For me, anyway. Not sure if it's the pose or the face (something about that facial expression they put on her feels very wrong) but it just doesn't have that edge that makes me want to get it, especially at that price. The red used in her outfit seems too strong as well. - That would be the only Fate I've ever seen that I wanted. Yes, I know it's not her in that battle outfit and seems un-Fate like, but it is based off a magazine cover, plus it does feel like Fate to me. *shrug* I'm weird, I guess.

    Watched the 2nd episode of Hanamaru Kindergarden. Seriously, this is great. Hiiragi is just such a funny eccentric genius. She completely dominates the 2nd episode. The ending credits are just pure epic win.

    Tried Sora no Woto yet? If you haven't, that is also a winner.

    Actually you've done better than me in recent times. 2 episodes of Sora no Woto, a re-watch of Minami-ke episode 5 and a rewatch of Full Metal Panic Fumoffu episode 6 was all I had watched in recent times. Along with a little bit of 18+. My time has been taken up by work, World of Warcraft, watching Aussie summer sport and (feel free to laugh at this bit) WWE wrestling. Yes, I am an anime fan. Heh.

    Vampire Bund seems alright in manga form. But when Shinbo gets his hands on something, he mangles it. The anime is chalk in comparison to the manga cheese, from what my friends who read the manga tell me. Hence why I despise SHAFT. The new Gainax IMO.

    Trying a couple of other series, will give my thoughts once I have.

    Bought three figures last week. (Found this in a local store by complete fluke) (Yes, by an American artist but I saw this advertised in Japanese magazines too because of how good it is) (will have to assemble this in the near future)

    And one I also got recently (Just epic. Ever seen a figure rated that high? It deserves to be)
  9. Nina.Wolken
    2010-01-24 19:50
    Trolls and Co. is a flourishing organization orz.
  10. Last Sinner
    2010-01-24 18:00
    Last Sinner
    My bad on posting on my own page. >< A mate of mine was in Japan, he might have been able to see it. He got the figma figurine of Nanoha that was made for the movie. Looks okay but Goodsmile have still done the best Fate and Nanoha IMO. Actually, Goodsmile are pretty much win and the best full stop. FSN movie should have just come out too. Shall be interesting to see how they turn out.

    Hanamaru Kindergarden has a bit more to it than one may think. It is cutesy but there is some twisted humour in there too. The story revolves around the male lead, Tsuchi, who is starting out as a male kindergarden teacher, which is quite rare. The females that work there thought it would be fun to get a male to work there and enjoy poking fun at him a lot. Anzu, the little blonde female lead, is in the class he is teaching. Anzu is the daughter of Sakura, who was his senpai in high school. They were friends but Sakura left high school six months from graduation to go to America with her husband. Who just happened to be her art teacher....?! As she left, Sakura made a promise that her first child would be just like her. The twist is that Anzu is somewhat infatuated with Tsuchi and wants to marry him someday. (!) Sakura is equally enthusiastic about making it happen.

    Now that doesn't spoil everything that happens in that episode. But what I said is essential knowledge. You kinda need to be prepared for that aspect, hehe....There's nothing sinister to it, it's all tongue and cheek. But yeah, be prepared for it being somewhat twisted. ^^ But it's cute, soothing, amusing, nice colours and some good voice acting. I was converted after one episode. Its twisted humour is the essential edge that makes it worth watching. But I will admit I did listen to a short burst of hard rock after watching this. XD

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