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  1. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-30 16:39
    What?! Again? @_@ *goes to that doomed thread*
  2. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-30 16:04
    Oh crap! Sorry about it, I didn't realized I posted on my own wall orz.
  3. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-29 17:40
    So let say season 1 was all about Nanoha and Fate .
    Fate was the highlight of the season and certainly the more touching and likable character ... ever? lol When Nanoha, even if sympathetic, was rather generic.
    Nonetheless, I don't agree that she had no obstacle and hardship to overcome. Nanoha says in the serie that she feel lonely in her own family, she is stressed about her future and very pessimistic with respect to the life she's gonna live.
    Looking at the manga, when she screams facing the sea, you can clearly see that her pathos is real, close to be alarming, but nobody is there to save her. She will have to find a reason for life, she will have to fight to obtain it, she will have to put her life on the line to succeed.
    Nanoha, under the appearance of a 9 years old frightened but stubborn girl, is the mirror of the audience. Japanese people are known, for a good part, for being insecure and certainly a lot of fans recognize themselves through Nanoha.
    So certainly, what she achieved was not as spectacular as what Fate did by living past the death of Precia, but she found a meaning to her life, she found friends, loveand she even became strong enough to support and save Fate... Therefore she is, or was intended to be, the one carrying the strongest message in season 1.
  4. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-29 16:26
    But without a doubt Fate was never the "villain" but since she was the character forced into collecting the Jewel Seeds for Precia's crazy ambition, the role of Antagonist was forced onto her for a little while.

    *nob nob* Agreed.
    But speaking of Precia, from the very moment she rejected Fate, she appeared to me not as a new antagonist for Nanoha, but rather for Fate herself. From this scene when she claims that Fate is not her daughter, I felt like the whole story was just about Fate who had to overcome this awful truth, with Nanoha being a mere support to her.
    Would it be awkward to consider that by the end of S1 the focus shifted from Nanoha to Fate and that she became, at least as much as Nanoha, the heroine of the serie and ending as a protagonist? ,_,
  5. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-29 15:59
    Does two protagonists work?
    I'm weird maybe, but I always thought that Nanoha and Fate were the two protagonists in the first season. As I said before, Fate looked like a typical "mysterious dark villain" and therefore she seems at first glance like the usual antagonist, but she end up being an ally of the "good guys" in the final battle and above all, she literally saves Nanoha (along with Yuuno, but with much more emphasis) by making her fight (and giving her a reason to live) and by becoming her friend (which Nanoha wished above anything).
    As true as Nanoha saved Fate, Fate was Nanoha's savior.
    But that's just my humble opinion m_m
  6. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-29 15:36
    Not sure she will be portrayed as the antagonist. We all know about her past and the reasons why she has to fight. She is not the mysterious dark villain she was the first time we (Nanoha lol) met her. The perspective changed.
    Plus, if we have to see the re-match between Nanoha and Fate, the one ending with Fate carrying Nanoha, there will be no more good and bad character. Only two mages who want to fight fair and square.
    Thinking about it, it might well be when we will see the henshin scene : for the final battle. How more fitting could it be?
    ...shout! I got all excited just by thinking about it orz
  7. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-29 14:38
    Since Fate is no more an antagonist in the Movie (we should see the story from her point of view, right?), I don't see any reason for not showing the scene. Hope you feel better now XD
  8. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-29 05:27
    There... There is no Fate henshin in S1? _'' Guess I got confused because of A's. But it makes sense somehow, since she was an antagonist in S1 and that most of the time we don't see the "enemy" transformation sequence.
    Taking a quick look at Ivory summary, he doesn't say anything about Fate henshin scene. He says how Nanoha & Fate BJ evolved, that Nanoha henshin scene will change too... But nothing about Fate transforming it seems.
    My opinion is that the producers keep it secret, but they will introduce the henshin scene, to please the fans :3. Keep faith Demi-kun! :}
  9. Nina.Wolken
    2009-12-29 03:20
    *wakes up*
    Ohayo! (and I'm so late to my last day of work... wtf!>.<)
    I looked at the pages I posted, but it's just too small. Then took a look at the January issue of NewType and... nothing concerning Fate enshin scene. I don't remember any pic or info about it actually. But... of course that will feature in the Movie! They just don't want to spoil the fun and (above anything) they want all the feitoistes to rush in theaters to see that scene. They can't just shaft it, unless they are looking for an otaku revolution *watch your neck Tsuzuki*
  10. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-28 16:16
    All right, then. If that's what you wish, I'll do the same.

    I can certainly say plenty about a subject even if my initial expectations of it are negative, but that is a concept that seems to be beyond your ability to grasp. Pity.

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