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  1. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-28 16:10
    Somewhere in the User CP, I think. But even beyond that function, it's simple enough to just skip over posts, or read them and not respond to them.


    I'm going to say this one last time. I'm not going to say it again. You're asking me to change something that, currently for me, is impossible to change. I have nowhere else to make my 'negative comments', so I have no choice but to continue making them in the same place. Further, I do have positive expectations for the movie that I often discuss with others, but you like to tear them down.

    So, I'm sorry. But right now, that's impossible. My 'negative comments' might change when the full movie comes out, but right now my opinion of the movie is based off a trailer that, quite frankly, fails to impress me.
  2. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-28 15:56
    Then here's an idea: don't read my posts, and I won't read yours. We're bound to disagree either way, so this makes things much simpler for us. You already draw enough of a bad rep as it is from the likes of Keroko and Nya, and I know that arguing with me doesn't help the matter. So how about we just pretend the other doesn't even exist? It's much more helpeful and less stressful, in the long run.

    I have expectations for the movie. I don't know how many times I have to tell you this. You might not agree with what I expect from the movie, but I do have expectations for it. And beyond that, the whole thread is simply for discussing opinions and thoughts on the movie, not just expectations. You're being narrow-minded it what we can post there and causing us both more trouble than we want.
  3. Nya~n
    2009-12-28 15:19
    Good. Time to shut up.
  4. Nya~n
    2009-12-28 15:15
    You know what? Talking to you is like talking to a 6 year old. This is going nowhere
  5. Nya~n
    2009-12-28 15:00
    But that would beat the purpose of being in a forum, no? To make your opinion known to others?

    And contrary to what you think, my profile is seldomly looked at. It's not like I have a lot of Fate fans rallying around me, you know?
  6. Nya~n
    2009-12-28 14:49
    where would you rather RB post her opinions then?

    -Fanfic thread? sorry, that's for fanfics.
    -Manga thread? sorry, that's for manga.
    -OC thread? nuh uh. we do OCs there, not movie.
    -Avatar and signature? that's way off the tangent, no?
    -Music? This isn't exactly a musical, is it?
    -Q&A? What'd you want her to say? "Oh hi guys, is it ok if i don't think i'm expecting much of the movie? please answer asap kkthxbaiz"
    -Magitech? This isn't exactly talking about cartridge system mechanisms, is it?
    -Merchandise? Unless you count the movie tickets...
    -Relationship? Sorry, I believe relationships weren't the only things she was talking about.
    -Jokes and Humor? I'll tell you what's humorous. THIS.

    So please, tell me. If the movie expectations and speculations thread isn't the place to be talking about it, then just WHERE is she supposed to talk about it?
  7. Nya~n
    2009-12-28 14:39
    your narrow-mindedness appals me.
  8. Nya~n
    2009-12-28 14:29
    nope, not that we're not interested. we just don't expect it to be fantastically great.

    In case you didn't take your vocab lessons, "interested" and "don't expect it to be fantastically great" are completely different.

    Besides, "don't expect it to be fantastically great" isn't exactly off topic in a thread with "expectations" in it's title, no?
  9. Nya~n
    2009-12-28 14:25
    because we're discussing what we hope to see in the movie, genius. Where else do you think we should talk about the movie other than the movie thread, Einstein?
  10. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-28 14:16
    I post in the thread to discuss opinions on the movie, since it's the only thread where I can do so. And believe it or not, I have plenty of expectations for it. The problem is that every time I mention them, you shoot them down and tell me to come back to reality because my expectations for the movie will never happen.

    Besides, can't I just chat with my friends? A lot of my friends here on the forum post in that thread. I enjoy discussing things with them and getting their opinion. You can't deprive me of that.

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