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  1. Alavon
    2009-11-16 17:36
    Vita would be nice. And I understand; I would do the same too. :3 Thanks.
  2. Alavon
    2009-11-16 17:35
    Any really. :3 I like Vita and I understand; I would probably do the same, too.
  3. RadiantBeam
    2009-11-16 17:28
    Why is everyone always surprised when they learn I'm a girl?
  4. Alavon
    2009-11-16 17:25
    That's true but I believe they were just fantasying about Fate because Nanoha soon left afterwards without her...
    Do you have anymore? It's so hard to find good doujin lately. >.>
  5. Alavon
    2009-11-16 16:21
    You are GOD!


    EDIT: Nanoha is scary... 0_o
  6. RadiantBeam
    2009-11-16 13:48
    Still sorry. My opinion on Fate herself still hasn't changed, but I didn't mean to make such a huge debate out of the whole issue.
  7. RadiantBeam
    2009-11-16 13:21
    I'm sorry about that whole debate in the Manga thread. I didn't mean to take it as far as I did.
  8. Last Sinner
    2009-11-16 12:20
    Last Sinner
    Well, So-Ra-No-Wo-To is putting them in the army. I doubt it's going to be sunshine. The last 30 seconds of that clip were pretty sombre. I imagine it will be somewhat uplifting and somewhat heartbreaking. I personally think the title comes from the beats/notes of the stick intrsument in the music playing in that clip.

    Well, Eden of the East movies are in the mix too, so yes, there are movies appearing. Wondering what exactly they're doing with the Nanoha one though. Is there really going to be that much new material? The amount of rehash studios like Gainax do makes me permanently wary of remakes.

    I personally felt there was better fleshing out of characters in the As series. There was so much focus on Nanoha in the first series, yet Fate pretty much steals the show despite that. In As, there's a balance. But it is kind of evident already that Fate is more combat/justice oriented than Nanoha, who seems more of a mentor role than the person delivering the justice. Hayate's appeal for me was that in the midst of people getting knocked down and gradually getting up again, Hayate never allowed herself to be knocked down despite her physical limitations and her tragic surroundings. She just kept on going and stayed positive. So Hayate is a character immediately worthy of empathy, which is probably one of the major reasons As is the more popular one of the three - it is able to make the viewer care aboutt he girls but for different reasons.

    Now I need to find something else to watch. Hmm, maybe StrikerS. Or Daughter of Twenty Faces, I didn't finish that due to falling ill when it screened at the local club.

    Yeah, dreams are actually another magical girl cliche. Except this time the people inside weren't suckers. They knew the truth and reasoned their way out.
  9. Last Sinner
    2009-11-16 04:24
    Last Sinner
    It's about five girls in war-torn Spain who join the army and also play music in the skies above a deserted fortress-like city. Director of Elfen Lied, one of the Code Geass screenwrites, animator of Birdy the Mighty Decode, character designer of Kannagi and composer of the Bounen no Xamdou and Fullmetal Alchemist soundtracks - that's the main staff. I have high hopes for this.

    Finished watching Nanoha As. And I now see what you mean - the episode with the dream sequence - that was a good one. I think Fate was one of two aspects that made As better than the 1st series. Hayate was the other one. Girl who never gave up and was able to achieve what everyone thought was impossible. She ahd a lot of heart, guts and compassion. Seeing her cry in the last episode hurt. However, seeing everyone 6 years later was nice and a good ending imo. Although Lindy still seems to be immune to ageing. XD And those one-liners from those staves....damn, they're so hilarious because they're so silly. ^^
  10. Demi.
    2009-11-16 04:08
    I watched the trailer when you posted it in the ISML thread. At least I think that was you who posted it. Looks interesting, though the the trailer was a real tease so I couldn't gather much from it. I'll be sure to pick it up when it releases, my watch list is usually pretty large. :3

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