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  1. Palsa-San
    2016-02-05 20:31
    Sure, I posted the list in another forum, so I'll just copy it over here. ^_^
    Most of the items I was interested in were either sold out, pre-orders or on back ordered though.
    But after putting some time to it, I decided on the following:
    I've wanted this one for awhile, I know there is an English version on Amazon, but I'm cool with it. ^_^
    I'm currently playing this right now and enjoying it quite a bit, Falcom is moving up on my list. :-3
    I've been watching this for a long time now, with everything on my wishlist that is sold out, HOW IS IT THAT THIS ONE IS STILL AVAILABLE!?
    Plus, I suck so badly at drawing Kimono and Yukata, that this would be a great reference to have.
    I wanted to include a figma along with the group, most of the ones I was looking at were either on preorder, sold out or would have driven the cost up to the point I would have to exclude one of the above, and that wasn't going to happen.
    Plus, you can't go wrong with Tohkasa Rin. :-3

    It actually added up to approximately: $199.96 (Just made it.)

    Overall, my primary motivation is to help with my drawings, I've already bought these:
    And I'm currently waiting for this one to arrive:

    If these were not on back order, I would have bought them, as I'm planing to once they're available:
    They do have a skin-tone colored version, but the gray versions come with more props, and that is more useful for drawing action poses.

    That's a great cosplay, I voted for her. ^_^
  2. Palsa-San
    2016-02-02 05:35
    I'm glad to hear that her cat has returned safely! ^_^

    Carolina Wrens, the one with the red feathers and a tuft on his head is a Northern Red Cardinal.

    Are you familiar with an online store called Tokyo Otaku Mode?
    They're currently having a Valentine's Day event, where they give items away to one person each day until the 14th, I got selected on the first day, and won $200 worth of merchandise!!
  3. Palsa-San
    2016-01-26 22:19
    Sure, feel free. ^_^
    And yep, that's where I live.

    Her cat looks adorable, I hope he shows up.

    Let's see. . .
    0:06 - Tufted titmouse.
    0:15 - Gray Squirrel.
    1:13 - A bird, can't tell what kind.
    1:25 - Eastern Towhee or Spotted Towhee, male.
    1:46 - Eastern Towhee or Spotted Towhee, female.
    1:57 - Carolina Wren.
    2:20 - Eastern Towhee or Spotted Towhee, female.
    2:22 - Carolina Wren (has a white streak above the eyes).
    2:29 - Eastern Towhee or Spotted Towhee, female (chases off Wren).
    2:30 - Carolina Wren.
    2:48 - Carolina Wrens.
    2:56 - Northern Red Cardinal (our state bird, I actually drew one a long time ago).
    3:08 - Black Capped Chickadee or Red-Breasted Nuthatch, and lots of Carolina Wrens.

    Unfortunately, none of our Blue Jays showed up, they're a very pretty, and somewhat mean bird.
    They Will tease/chase a cat or dog, and have been known to dive bomb a person's head, to pull out some hair for nesting material (rarely).
    But they also chase away the larger birds and sound the alarm when a predator enters the area, so their kind of like the animal kingdom's equivalent of police, both in a good and bad sense.
  4. Palsa-San
    2016-01-22 18:03
    Thank you!

    It snowed again, here are some pictures:

    After taking the first picture, I switched the camera over to video, but made the mistake of adjusting it to the wrong setting when I switched back, so the pictures don't look all that great.
    Here is a quick video I also took:
    It might be hard to notice, but it was actually snowing when I took that, so the snow made it difficult to get a good focus; the sound from the wind and snow as it hit the ground created a strange distortion, but you can hear the birds in the later half of the video.

    And here are a couple final shots before it melts.

  5. Palsa-San
    2016-01-20 22:01
    My understanding is that they have a new series with a different cast and school.
    Here is the info on that.
    And a PV.
    Personally, I feel like they took the members of Mu's, mixed their hairstyles and personalities around a bit, to create the cast, but I'll be sure to watch the anime when it comes out.
    I just hope that people give it a chance, and that the story doesn't copy too much from the original to receive negative scrutiny.

    It actually snowed again today, so I'll probably have better pictures this week.
  6. Palsa-San
    2016-01-17 15:39
    One thing I would recommend to the group, take up drawing, it's a fun thing to do, and if your good enough at it, you can take payed commissions.
    I myself haven't reached that point yet, but I'm looking at starting on adoptables soon. ^_^

    It's funny, I'm not really a fan of idol group music, but I love the characters and feel compelled to support them.
    I think a lot of the reason Love Live was a success, is because it had a perfect balance of characters.
    The Idol M@ster: Cinderella focused too much on weirdness, which didn't help a whole lot.

    Well, my only complaint with AKB48, is that I feel the management can be a too excessive with their rules at times.
    I understand why the members are not allowed to date, and with circumstances like Asana Inuzuka getting suspended for making an e-mail mistake, I have no serious issue with that.
    But when they shaved Minami Minegishi's head, and had her apologize to the fans in a video, they stepped over the line.
    Especially when you consider that the same management promotes dating sims, featuring the very members that are not permitted to date.
    Even the anime has at least one member e-mailing a boyfriend, which she would be suspended for doing in real life.
    The management in the AKB0048 anime, tends to make decisions that will quite obviously put unnecessary stress on the members, challenging them when their past the breaking point, and passing over the senior members when they should be rewarded.
    The problem with the Idol M@ster, is that it presents the management in an overly positive way, when they're doing the wrong things, such as over working the members, especially during the Holidays, is not a good way to run things.
    Wake Up Girls would be my second favorite series, for one thing the group actually exists and the members voice their anime equivalent.
    The story itself is about a small struggling agency that may go out of business, it also shows the corruption of the bigger agencies, and how they abuse their members.
    The original Idol M@ster also showed this, but again, they're guilty of over working the members.
    Where Wake Up Girls fails, is when the owner disappears with all the money, only to come back later on, but she does make up for what she did.
    Having said all of that, Love Live is about a group of girls teaming up against the odds, to save their school from closing down.
    In Love Live, they may disagree, argue, get lost in the moment or act complacent at times, but there is generally a reason for why it occurs, and the team always pulls themselves together within an episode and a half.
    Over time they win over themselves, the school, their classmates, their family, their town, their rivals, and eventually Japan.
    But the thing is, any of the members could quit at any time, and they manage themselves better than most idol agencies do.

    Anyway, you asked me last month to share some pictures if it snowed, and it did a little today. ^_^

    It's not a whole lot, but it may snow again this week, so I'll send you some more pictures if it does.
    Note: someone else had my camera today, and it was melted by the time I got it, but they did manage to take a few pictures before they left this morning.
  7. Palsa-San
    2016-01-12 17:28
    No, that's not what I meant, a whole lot of people showed up to see the movie on it's opening day, so the line was extremely long (similar to what you would expect of a Star Wars movie).

    So she was playing someone else, as someone else was playing her?
  8. Palsa-San
    2016-01-11 15:17
    Yep, I'm thinking of making it a butterfly variation, having wings on the back of the outfit.
    I heard somewhere that when the Love Live movie came out in Japan, it was like the first day of a new Star Wars film.
    That looks pretty cool.
    By the way, I started watching the AKB0048 anime, it's entirely different than what I was expecting.
  9. Natsurin
    2016-01-06 17:21
    My apologies for the delay, I've been busy for this event as well. Happy new year! I hope the first week or so of 2016 is treating you nicely?
  10. Palsa-San
    2016-01-05 00:04
    Regarding the drawing, I'm looking at having original costumes based on an Alice in Wonderland theme, to give an idea of how it would work, here is a quick list of the costumes:

    Kousaka Honoka - Alice
    Minami Kotori - White Rabbit
    Sonoda Umi - Caterpiller
    Yazawa Niko - Cheshire Cat
    Ayase Eri - Queen of Hearts
    Nishikino Maki - Mad Hatter
    Toujou Nozomi - March Hare
    Hoshizora Rin - Tweedledee
    Koizumi Hanayo - Tweedledum


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