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Come on everyone

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  1. kusabireika
    2016-07-07 06:47
    Thx uhm I'm planning to change my avatar I wonder if I choose Barian Rio "Zexal" or White Asuka "GX" can't choose. x_x
  2. kusabireika
    2016-07-07 05:08
    uhm condolence for your cat. T_T

    uhm sorry for the late reply. T_T

    lastly I will finish your signature soon uhm I just got a cold. X_X
  3. Palsa-San
    2016-07-06 19:18
    K, I'll see if I can work on it over the weekend. ^_^

    Cool, looking forward to the report.
    I'm not sure how Funimation works, but I think you can watch the first episode of an anime for free:
  4. Palsa-San
    2016-07-04 14:45
    Sure, I can make another, but it will have to be sometime next week.

    On a separate note, the new Live Live has aired, I watched the first episode through Funimation, but Crunchyroll is supposed to be picking it up.
    I still get the free 48-Hour Premium+ Guest Pass from Crunchyroll on a monthly basis, when they add the show to the list, I'll be more than happy to share it.
    I'm pretty sure that you can watch it with commercials though.
  5. Palsa-San
    2016-07-03 22:41
    This is rather difficult to respond to, but I'm not going to say that you did anything wrong, on the grounds that most mistakes are learned after the fact, and much of what was going on could have easily happened while she was on her own.
    Having said that, I'm going to share a situation that occurred with one of my own cats a number of years ago.
    Before I was born, my parents went to the local animal shelter and brought home a mother and daughter cat, they're names were Mottri and Koshka, the mother Mottri was only a few months old when she had Koshka, and they both had worms at the time, which they both overcame.
    Several years went by and Mottri had two additional kittens: Ginger and Artemis, they grew to a good size, but after a few years they came down with different sicknesses, and were both put down be the veterinarian.
    When I was about 7 or 8, my family got our first computer, and my mother was going to the store to buy ingredients for a blackberry pie, as we were going to celebrate.
    Our driveway had a steep slope that was difficult to see over, where Mottri had fallen asleep, so my mother couldn't see her, to make matters worse Mottri was getting old and couldn't hear the car coming.
    Mottri was like my mother's own child, so it was very difficult to get through, my sister blamed herself, claiming that she was going to bring the cats indoors right before it happened, but decided not to.
    A couple of years later we moved into a townhome, where we lived for a couple more years.
    It had reached the point where Koshka was getting too old to climb the steps, so she stayed downstairs in the living room, but one night she wanted to be with us and climbed the stairs, she passed away in my father's arms at 21 and a half years of age.
    My sister brought Methos (our current cat) home in 2000 as a kitten, so he's 16 years old now.
    His mother was killed in a car accident, one of his siblings died shortly after being born, and the other was tragically and unintentionally smothered while sleeping next to the girl that took him in.
    What I'm coming to, is that tragedies will unfortunately happen, and it's easy for us to blame ourselves after they do, but all we can do is learn from the mistakes when they do happen, and try our best to avoid them in the future.
    I don't think you did anything wrong, as you had no way of knowing what was going to occur, but if you had known you would have certainly taken a different course of action, and at that the outcome could still have been outside of your control.
    Simply put, don't blame yourself, it's not your fault.
  6. kusabireika
    2016-07-02 09:37
    just return I'm sorry if I worried you..... ugh just change internet provider because my last one didn't do good on their service ..... I always called them but ugh.... >_<
  7. Palsa-San
    2016-06-29 19:05
    She was a beautiful cat, I'm sorry that she didn't make it.
  8. Palsa-San
    2016-06-27 21:22
    How did I do that?

    The wig looks good.

    I'm sorry to hear that, I hope that they'll be alright.
    Yep, he's a Russian Blue:
  9. Flower
    2016-06-26 13:06
    Hmm ... no, the cat has not had eye problems, but if the cat has not been able to open its eyes for so long it might be good to have it checked out.

    There is no other unnatural swelling or the like I assume? Or it wasn't accidentally bumped or hurt or something either? First thing that came to mind was that it might have gotten underfoot and been accidentally kicked and its face swelled up.

    Anyway, hope things work out for the kitty!

    Hmm ... the combination of bringing a wig to a hair salon never occured to me, but in retrospect it makes sense.

    Also yes ... up to now (I watched ep 21 last night) the Mahoutsukai series has been really, really engaging. It looks like a big event will occur in ep 22 (based on the pv at the end of ep 21). Hopefully the series will be able to continue as well as it has up to now!
  10. Palsa-San
    2016-06-19 20:00
    I enjoyed the first season, but haven't gotten around to watching the second one yet.
    It basically takes place in a post apocalyptic world, where humans above a certain age have died do to a virus infection.
    While this event was occurring, a number of vampires that had been living underground decided to take advantage of the situation and enslaved as many of the survivors that they could, taking them underground.
    The main character manages to escape, and several years later joins a resistance to combat the vampires.

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