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  1. Whitemoon648
    2012-09-21 19:35
    One more episode to go for Tari Tari :,(. This could have been a 26 episode series . At first i was thinking 13 episode was perfect but now i hope it would have been 26 exploring all characters in more depths. Not just the main 5 but rather the other side characters too.
  2. TheEroKing
    2012-09-21 09:25
    Random pic of the day
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
    Btw most of the images I post I get from (has plenty of NSFW content)
    If searching for things you use _ for eg. for anime tari tari it would be tari_tari while for a character it would be something like okita_sawa
  3. TheEroKing
    2012-09-21 09:01
    those are pretty cool
  4. Kirito
    2012-09-21 07:12
    That too but people who don't try and throw away matches just to be a troll. I like a challenge and I hate people who throw away a match, and don't show me their true skills. I'm not big on KoF and turtling players are pretty annoying to face because they just do some damage and wait for the other player to come to them. Some characters in fighting game are turtle playstyle based though.

    Thanks, the ending was incredible but I'm on secret scenario, and starting a new game plus. Finishing a good game with an amazing story always gives me a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Kirito
    2012-09-20 20:00
    Yeah the Tales series? I never played Destiny but I have played Symphonia, Vesperia, and Graces etc but not that one. I'm sort of a late into the Tales series but I'm enjoying them to no end. I think Destiny is on the PSN, I need to check that later.

    I grew up with fighting games and I've been playing and learning them competitively for the past few years. I placed high in tournaments, the latest one was top 4 in Street Fighter. I hate it when people sandbag in matches, there was this one time... that'll be a story for another day.

    I remember FF7, it took me a long time to 100% the game but it was fun regardless. Then my brother deleted my date out of spite and I didn't feel like doing it again. It was nice that you met people through gaming and anime because I experienced that myself.

    Sure you'll be the first to know my feedback when I try it. I'm a writer, so I feel more at ease when a story is compelling and interesting to read or sit through. Characters that you can support, love, and connect with. Plus a premise that speaks out and moves the story and the characters in a great and interesting direction.

    Okay if you can't upload or show the video that's fine. Just do what you can and at a pace that suits you.

    I just finished Tales of Graces, hurray!
  6. TheEroKing
    2012-09-20 11:17
    Hiya. Yes we haven't really talked before. It's nice to meet you and thanks for liking my posts
    ahh Ro-Kyu-Bu, I think I remember making some funny/interesting gifs when the series aired
  7. Ledgem
    2012-09-19 21:39
    That's quite a lot of photos. They came out very nicely, you and your camera did some good work
  8. Kirito
    2012-09-19 12:12
    Been playing RPG's since I was 6-7 years old. I play Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and the Tales series. Even now I'm still a die hard fan. FF7 was an amazing game and I'm sure Star Ocean 2 will be great as well. I'm also a hardcore fighting game player myself, I play and learn them competitively.

    I'll be sure to check Thousand Arms. I really want to get into decision making games. I like options so I think it'll be right up my alley. Voice action is not really a factor for me, as long as the story and characters are great, then I'll sit through the game no matter how good or bad the voices are. I'm someone who scores things like anime, games, and novels based on story, characters, and premise etc.
    2012-09-19 10:11
    Thanks for the feedback! Very honest of you to admit that you didn't read all of it. I do understand;i practically wrote a thesis! Hehe, anyway, thanks!
  10. Kirito
    2012-09-18 19:55
    Sorry for the late reply. Tales of Graces story is getting more interesting and
    As an RPG fan and loyalist, I'll be sure to try out Star Ocean 2. I think it's on the PSN but I'll look into it later. I play 3 though, and enjoyed it to no end. The plot twist of the story was "awkward" but the game was great none the less. I still need to play Madoka Grief Syndrome, as a Madoka fan I feel that's my duty to do so.

    Conventions in my country is a little awkward but the schedule at times seem fair so that you can prepare to attend and get ready for it. I wish my country had cool school uniforms like the anime characters. I hope my future children will have that great experience.

    Oh, don't worry I'm sure people will read if you write a convention report.
    I highly doubt it because I post comments and threads and people hardly apply or visits them. Makes me feel that people on here find me... boring, which hurts by the way.

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