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Come on everyone

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    2012-08-24 04:51
    Oh btw, I saw your friend's cat. So healthy and fat! Like my Felix too! Sumi is a pretty name. (i like Sumi more than Lizzy, but perhaps that is due to my bias towards Japanese names).
    2012-08-24 04:45
    Offense? Hihi, none taken at all. In fact, I like it when ppl comment it. I don't know why I chose this particular username. My original username was Chinatsu-no-miya. I discarded that because it sounded too high and mighty, heh. As you said, MUAHAHAHAHAHA is an odd one, and perhaps that was why I chose it! It's more memorable, muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    I first watched GA on Astro channel. They showed only S1 and S2, and as soon as I found out that there are S3 and S4, I rushed to watch. Yes, as you said the first few episodes are not very impressive, but it gets a lot better in later episodes. My favourite so far is S3. Many S3 episodes make me laugh like mad. My favourite episode is the one where they go to a restaurant to eat squid and the thing serving them is actually a giant squid. LOL. Oh, and also the episode where Ranpha becomes an heiress due to a mistake, and she starts ordering everyone around. As weird as it is, my fav character is Nomad. His interaction with Forte is priceless.

    Hacked the forum? What did she do? I used to be an active member of a forum called TsubasaChronicles forum. I was in the mod/admin group. Then discord happened and 2 admins kept jabbing at each other. When the forum closed down, we still had many members, which was a pity. I suppose it is difficult for you to move on entirely, considering that forum of yours used to be big. I know the feeling of looking back and visiting old threads or just post every now and then for old time's sake.
  3. Urzu 7
    2012-08-23 23:31
    Urzu 7
    Sounds scary that many drivers would carry guns. I'm sure many of them won't shoot unless they feel their life is in danger, but then there are the people who are just itching to use a gun on some driver they are in an argument with.
    2012-08-23 20:41
    Perhaps I will have a good dream, but I won't bet too much on it. I think I need to go back to reading fairy tales. I might have a good dream if I sleep right after I read them.

    Haha, I usually kisses Felix lightly on its paws or that little nose of his, nothing more than that. I understand your mom's POV, because my own mother enforces the same rule. The only reason why I get to keep one is because I am staying on my own in a faraway country.

    I am only good with cats. I am extremely awkward with dogs. Funny though, because many UK people prefer dogs to cats.
    2012-08-23 20:19
    I just thought it's so cute that you write it down. I wish I could though, as I said, I can only remember 2 dreams, and they are not exactly the type of dream one would write about and read it in the future. So it's really nice that you get to do that, heeeeeee.

    I have a cat right now. He's been with me for almost a year. He means the world to me, and my avatar is a pic of him. He's called Felix. One of my favourite past times is cuddling and kissing him. Pets are certainly good companions to any folks lucky enough to have them.
  6. Urzu 7
    2012-08-23 19:44
    Urzu 7
    I'm not one for cosplaying, either. I'd be one of the bad cosplayers. XD
  7. Urzu 7
    2012-08-23 19:35
    Urzu 7
    Sounds good about getting pics at the con. I look forward to them. I forgot, do you ever cosplay? It'd be neat to see you cosplay.
  8. Whitemoon648
    2012-08-22 09:05
    So that's the anime that this pic has been from. I mean the main female character's pic, i have seen it a lot on the web. A really popular wall paper i believe *_*. I will definitely give it a try as soon as i can. Thanks for the recommendation .

    Let's talk more about it as soon as i watch it . By the time my test is over i should have 5 new Tari Tari episodes to watch as well.

    Also although i won't be active much for the next few weeks, i will most likely check on the animesuki forum from time to time. Feel free to leave me a visitor message whenever you want .
  9. Whitemoon648
    2012-08-22 08:32
    Thanks for recommendation but i think i have seen True tears *_*. I thought it was ok. But i think i am enjoying Tari Tari much more than i was enjoying True tears back then. But i guess one could say True tear has a more "solid" story. Just a personal preference of course .

    Well after my test is done, i am sure i will go on an anime watching Frenzy haha.
  10. Whitemoon648
    2012-08-22 08:05
    Originally Posted by liddo-kun
    Oh and I don't want to sound demanding.. but maybe next time write your replies on my profile? I don't get notified by the forum if you write the reply on your profile.
    Oh interesting. I didn't know that about the notifications. I haven't used visitor message much in past so i am new to it. If there was a reply option ( beside the visitor message) that would notify both sides under the same conversation ( something like Facebook's) it would be so much easier.
    I will post my replies under your visitor message ( unless i forget *_* ) from now on. I never really paid attention until now where i wrote them and i thought both sides would get the notification. Thanks for letting me know .

    As for Tari Tari, maybe it's because i haven't watched too many series of similar genre that i like it so much . I personally enjoy it a ton. It's a sign for me to start watching more similar anime. Do you have any recommendations ?
    But putting myself in critic's perspective, i guess i can see why some might not be as happy about the series as me. They usually have many more anime of the same genre under their belt, so i guess they can compare/contrast and some of the stuff in Tari Tari might have become too redundant for them.

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