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  1. Julio C
    2012-08-08 12:52
    Julio C
    So AmiAmi will banned my account for good if I don't paid the Yukiho figure which comes out at the end of the month. I'm really in a tight fit now since getting the money for it won't be easy. I also have to paid for the Kyouko figure next month in order to retain my account as well. Good thing it's a month apart for each item. I guess I won't be able to buy anything for the next two months and I really want to get the idolmaster psp games first press.
  2. Triple_R
    2012-08-07 10:38
    I'm glad we're in agreement here.

    I think that part of maturing is learning how to tolerate minor annoyances without complaints because there's always going to be minor annoyances (and they'll start to seem like major annoyances if you focus on them too much). What I see in a lot of people around my age and younger is a tendency to focus on every little thing that pisses them off, and I think that in the long run this just isn't healthy psychologically.

    Some things are worth fighting over, but being constantly angry doesn't help anybody, and I see that with a lot of blogs - Too many blog writers with chips on their shoulder.
  3. justavisitor
    2012-08-05 09:54
    Wow, that's nice!! I never go to those places before lol...maybe I should go and see sometimes in the future
  4. Liddo-kun
    2012-08-02 19:15
    Can see the small hawk. ",)

    I appreciate the explanation about camera lenses. The reason I asked is because there's an area at conventions where it's physically impossible for me to get nearer, which is the stage. When bands perform or when cosplayers are having a fashion show on stage - sometimes I want to be able to zoom a little more.

    Oh, and I don't use my camera for covert purposes. Asking for permission is important before taking pics. My routine at cons is 1. Say hello and ask permission. 2. Cosplayer poses. 3. Pics taken. 4. I thank cosplayer, and often they thank me too (believe it or not, some cosplayers are there simply because they want to have their pics taken, some don't even enter the convention building, just stay outside or in the hallway waiting for people interested to take their pictures).
  5. Ledgem
    2012-08-02 13:57
    The zoom depends on the lens that you're using. Remember that a DSLR alone can't take a photo - you need a lens.

    Looking at your camera model, the equivalent focal length range is 35mm (on the wide end) to 175mm (the farthest your camera can zoom). Those numbers probably don't mean anything to you right now, but I mention them to give you a sense of comparison. The "equivalent" numbers are used to standardize zoom power across different sensor sizes.

    My lens with the longest zoom is a 1000mm equivalent lens - that's roughly 5-6x greater than what your camera can reach. To try and give you a sense of what these numbers mean exactly, I have a nice example. The photos are not very good, but it should give you a sense of the zoom power.

    Here is a photo taken at 50mm (100mm equivalent - so it's not as far as your camera can zoom, but it's close):

    Click on that photo to see it larger, and try to take a look at the upper center. You should see a white and brown bird (a hawk). It's very difficult to see in this shot.

    I did not move from where that shot was taken, but I zoomed from 50mm to 500mm (1000mm equivalent). Here's that same bird, still on the same tree that it was perched on:

    Big difference, right? That's a "supertelephoto" lens. A lens like that is great for birds and wildlife, but it's overkill for people, even if you're trying to be covert. (It's also large enough that it will draw attention to you.) Also, in general, photos look better the closer you are to your subject (unless you're taking a landscape photo, or if you're trying to include more of the background).

    I hope that it gives you a sense of the zoom versatility afforded by various lenses on a DSLR. The 50-500mm (100-1000mm on my camera) is just one lens among many. The most popular telephoto lens focal lengths for people is 70-200mm, which is a range that your point-and-shoot almost fully covers. But as I mentioned before, there are many other reasons to go for a DSLR besides the zooming capabilities.
  6. Endless Soul
    2012-08-01 09:57
    Endless Soul
    Oh that's OK. It was a fun re-watch.
  7. Obelisk ze Tormentor
    2012-07-31 10:36
    Obelisk ze Tormentor
    Did they do some cosplay cabaret in the contest? Does cosplay cabaret can only be done by cosplayers who came with their own set of cosplayer-group?

    To be precise, that's Unicorn Gundam while in its "Destroy Mode". When it's in "Unicorn Mode" all that red parts are covered up and the V-fin on its forehead closed and formed a "white horn" like a unicorn.

    Yup, many Gundam fans from America and Southeast Asia started from Wing. Kira & Athrun is from Gundam SEED & SEED Destiny series. Just in case you want to play catch-up with Gundam series, you can watch Gundam 00 series. That is one good show story-wise, character-wise, and (of course) action-wise ^^.
  8. Obelisk ze Tormentor
    2012-07-30 22:58
    Obelisk ze Tormentor
    Wow, most of those cosplayers look very good and they seem to enjoy their costumes.

    Also, THAT HUGE UNICORN GUNDAM!!! Damn! Even though it's nowhere as good as the model kit, I want to take a photo with me under it!
  9. Ledgem
    2012-07-30 21:04
    DSLRs are not small. They can be used with a tripod, but there's no requirement to do so. The primary advantage of a DSLR over a compact camera is the ability to change lenses, and use specialty lenses. Partly thanks to the lenses, and partly thanks to the larger sensors found in DSLRs, you can create more artistic-looking photos by having a blurry background. Here's an example of mine:

    The Eternal Moment by Velocity of Sound, on Flickr

    Within the past four or so years, a new type of camera was developed that removes some mechanical components from a DSLR. The result is a camera with the same sensor and the ability to change lenses, but it's much smaller. In some cases (and mostly depending on the lens) it's about the same of some compact cameras, but in most cases it's still larger than a compact (although smaller and lighter than a DSLR).
  10. Ledgem
    2012-07-30 07:24
    Wow, you took a lot of photos, and they came out quite nicely!

    It looks like you're using a "point-and-shoot" style of camera. I use an Olympus E-3 (a DSLR), and for portraiture purposes I like to use either my 25mm f/1.4 Summilux or 50mm f/2.0. I have a flash, but generally prefer to do natural light shots. DSLRs offer a lot of control that "point-and-shoot" cameras don't. If you feel like your current camera is starting to limit you, I'd highly recommend an upgrade to the DSLR realm

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