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ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Butter Fly
    2010-11-16 03:57
    Butter Fly
    Oh. I don't clearly remember Dammam as I din't stay there long
    Ever Visited Makkah/Madinah?
  2. Haladflire65
    2010-11-15 19:16
    It was an excellent episode with nice action and good acting from Masha, although I'll always love him more as a musician than actor And then there's the recovery episode which has all the nice OryoxRyoma stuff
    I know I was so worried for him there, although he only hurt his hand....
    IMO Chizuru holds characters back... they could've been doing more useful things than saving her butt every episode >.<
    I haven't watched Macross or Bleach so I can't say
  3. Haladflire65
    2010-11-15 19:09
    Alright! Yay! I'm sorry once again for spoiling
    Spoiler for the irony of using spoiler tags after spoiling someone:

    Ryoma's so lovely even when he's... like that
    No, I hate her cause she's incredibly useless and just plain annoying... the jealousy factor's honestly kind of dumb cause they're all two-dimensional characters anyways (although I do feel it sometimes.)
  4. Haladflire65
    2010-11-15 18:53
    Ooooh sorry, I thought you knew O.o
    .... since I've spoiled you already, can I pleeeeeease show you one screenshot? I thought he looked incredibly nice there considering the circumstances....
    I hate characters like her.... With her huge watery eyes and high-pitched '___ saaan~' >.< I also disliked how she just stood there with her eyes shut after getting herself into trouble until the guys came to save her. And there's also the factor that everyone's jealous of her She doesn't deserve to be hanging out with that huge group of awesome men!
  5. Haladflire65
    2010-11-15 18:43
    Kind of, but I'm glad I did because I wouldn't have been able to keep following the current episodes then and talk about it with everyone on the Masha forums (or watch them live!) And I had to see what happened to Ryoma after ending up half-dead like that! The preview had Oryo feeding and shaving him, they were huggling too, how could I not watch that?!
    Really? I was moaning through the whole show and only watched it for Toshi I hated Chizuru (still do), the pacing was just bad, there wasn't any story till episode 10.... I dunno. It just wasn't my cup of tea....
  6. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2010-11-15 18:34
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    So that's why you made two, well it's all good. Thank you again Chaos. I'd huggle you if I could.
  7. Haladflire65
    2010-11-15 18:31
    I have no idea! I got curious XD But episode 36 was the one where Ryoma got attacked and as I said, it was a bad cliffhanger, and then it moves on to his wedding and honeymoon and naval battle... so yeah, I was left drooling for every episode, and here I am at no. 46 now >.<
    lol, that's why I check before and pick the good ones! Hakuouki S1 was pretty bad. I have no idea why I kept watching that I like S2 though^^
  8. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2010-11-15 18:24
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Can you redo the Raphael/Tieria gif? I don't think it's AS safe.
  9. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2010-11-15 18:22
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    That might be a tough one for me to beat....I posted a new image of myself in the general chat thread. Suppose you can check it out and make your choice.
  10. Haladflire65
    2010-11-15 18:20
    Well, I started following new episodes at around no. 36 I think (which also happened to be a painful cliffhanger), so I haven't seen the ten in between.... but yeah, I know I'll be pretty sad
    Ratings are the averages of many people's, so I generally take them into account. I read through all reviews too, of course! Reading reviews is my life (book reviews, movie reviews, Gunpla reviews, anime reviews, CD reviews)... I guess some shows can be like that but for me, even ones rated under 7.5 weren't very good (such as Hakuouki S1 >.<)

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