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The Chaos The Chaos is offline

ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Uchiha Soul
    2010-07-08 11:15
    Uchiha Soul
    Choas-Chan .. how you doin'? haven't seen you in a while.
  2. XCryWolf
    2010-07-06 02:04
    Hey i have a request~!

    Ive recently gotten into kuroshitsuji and i was wondering if u could make a ava of the ending for me

    Time:0:21 ~ 0:27 The panel with sebastian and meirin
    time: 0:44 ~ 0:50 The panel that i want is the one where Cecil and Sebastion are out shopping and the boxes pile up one by one

    I would be very happy if you made these for me
  3. darkmaster074
    2010-07-04 09:40
    oh really? i'm planning to start watching it

    ok since you love swords fighting, tell me what do you think about this ..
  4. Tjaard
    2010-07-04 07:54
    I corrected all the sigs size that was over the top, the problem was that i never controlled the bytes but the normal size on the left (like 49,1), but the max normal size is 48,7 that on bytes is around 49,900

    If you want re-use them go ahead, now are all correct on the starting page of the storage or on the my post on spoiler tag, not the one that you queued
  5. Skyfall
    2010-07-03 17:42
    Thanks, one less year to worry about
  6. Rennir
    2010-07-03 09:11
    Tomoe is kenshin's wife. She was married to the guy he killed and then there were a lot of complications ...she had a brother named enishi who later wanted revenge. Wait there's a movie?!?! I never heard anything about it.

    You make awesome gifs haha. I might have to request something from you sometime. LMAO how many times have you gotten infractions? xD

    EDIT: Chaos-chan, where are you? You should come back D:
  7. Uchiha Soul
    2010-07-03 06:19
    Uchiha Soul
    Thank you

    yeah me too

    yep its an old anime but i still love it .. who is your fav character?
  8. Tjaard
    2010-07-03 04:29
    I never drop something so i continue to watch it, but for me haven't nothing of special^^'
    Any years now they put an anme that have 1 epi at month, for 1 year (is more 13 month^^') that have a size like 2 epi (40-50min), last one Seikishi was really the best, but Katanagatari isn't so good for me

    Funanimation took all the best series now >_> So the big group prob don't make them, i hope only to see the series on a good group

    Well, the immy are 45,9, 43,8, 49,1, 48,7
    The only thing that i think is that the third is 49,1 (50,2), but they control the full tot dimension of the immy too?
    Well, this mean only that the max normal size is 48,7kb >_>
    Sry for the infraction i change them tonight, cause many are 49,.. >_>
  9. Rennir
    2010-07-02 23:57
    Yeah, samurai are interesting lol. Although, I liked Tomoe a lot better than the female protagonist(forgot her name ), for some reason. I wish she didn't have to die...
    Haha yeah I usually triple check the size when I do requests for ppl. Lol I've only been here 2-3 months and I've already got an infraction
  10. Rennir
    2010-07-02 22:32
    New thread is up . Your name is in the introduction, just a fyi . Btw, your sig was removed cause it was oversized and I almost had a heart attack cause I thought you were using the one I made for you and the file size was too big! But I realized you switched sigs, which made me calm down lol. I was ready to apologize like a million times too .

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