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ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Butter Fly
    2011-02-08 09:55
    Butter Fly
    Yeah, seriously, after those freaking weekly exams

    Hehe, they are great! I just love to attend them! I try my best not to miss any class No problem, you can always take it up anywhere, at any time
  2. hao-sama
    2011-02-07 19:14
    lol me too XD. i really adore kyhd and it's awesomeness. ack, i wanna buy one when i get some money. the last dbsk stuff i bought was best selection 2010.

    oh, they will? congratulations anyways, philippine tv companies have always been fast in acquiring broadcasting rights for anime.

    lol usopp never fails to make me go lol.
  3. Uchiha Soul
    2011-02-07 11:27
    Uchiha Soul
    yeah Buggy i like him .. i dont know Akainu and foxy, i just finished the CP9 arc and i hate Lucci .. im in the next arc, the family that steal the pirates' flags, i stopped there but this conv. makes me want more of One Piece .. i miss them
  4. ArabianLuffy
    2011-02-07 03:19
    worked on One Piece with the group I mentioned before for few episodes.. I just left the group..
  5. Rennir
    2011-02-06 18:29
    I just got it
    Now I'm lost...
    BTW, teach me how to animate. PLZ?
  6. Haladflire65
    2011-02-06 13:03
    Chaos-san, I reaaaally have to request these! Sorry for bugging you so much!
    1:45-1:46 in this vid
    4:27-4:28 in here. Do you also think you can do something between 4:31-4:37?

    Heheheh, thanks once again Chaos-san
  7. Tjaard
    2011-02-06 05:28
    Well, Gintama is the only one so long and famous, except for Naruto, Bleach or OnePiece, that haven't a sub one lol

    Yep me too, i want see more of Zoro overall Yeah, now it's Aizen time, maybe after we can have more filler (cause the 1 year and half skip here too)

    Well, Major, Ookiku and Giant Killing were series focused on the sport theme, Adachi works are focused more on triangular or couple romance, for this i don't call them sport genres, cause no one watch them for this

    Evil Drama try to tempt you anytime, surely you've no resistance to it xDD I don't liked Arakawa2 for now, surely i'm not intoit but the first season was better >_>
  8. XCryWolf
    2011-02-06 02:21
    Alright just tell me about it as soon as you see it!
  9. Haladflire65
    2011-02-06 00:21
    Hey! That is his actual name, you know Kamui Gakuto.

    Hahaha, well, what about Masha, who has to sing alone in front of thousands of cheering fangirls screaming his name for 3 and a half hours, 4 days in a row? Never makes mistakes, either... Can't imagine how he does that... Whoever writes Arashi's music must be a machine O_o

    We don't know yet, but they're definitely parodying him very cleverly and he loves it

    Oh, it wasn't a competition, they wanted me to make them so I did, despite the ridiculous amount of homework I had last week
  10. Haladflire65
    2011-02-05 23:44
    Gackt is a soloist, he does hard rock stuff and he's great Deeep voice with great singing voice, he also plays 7 instruments like Masha and writes his own music.

    I have to admit that they're kind of catchy, but I heard that in concerts and performances they go out of tune all the time >.< After being in choir for a while, that's one thing I can't really stand... Do you know who writes Arashi's music, by the way?

    It's fine, Masha clapping is my favourite thing

    Cause 'haru' can mean 'spring' and they're just wordplaying on it It's in the Doraemon universe, after all, so they can't have a Fukuyama Masaharu there His song Sakurazaka (cherry blossom hill) turned into Sakuramochi (cherry blossom rice cake), too! They're so witty and it's hilarious.

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