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ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Uchiha Soul
    2011-02-05 08:29
    Uchiha Soul
    yeah i did Thanx

    oh yeah, i like Mr.0 (Crocodile), Smoker, Aokiji, ... cant think of anothers now i will let you know if i remember .. how about you? any villain?
  2. hao-sama
    2011-02-05 08:25
    awesome post. one piece and dbsk XD. nice dbsk avatars, it makes me wanna watch the mv again *watches the mv again lol*.

    eh, i started watching it since the first airing in my country XD. i loved one piece from the start

    my favorites would be... luffy, boa hancock, bon clay and zoro. you?
  3. Butter Fly
    2011-02-05 06:55
    Butter Fly
    It's not totally vacation, cuz I have school, but still can call this some vacation!

    I planned out many things like going for some extra classes for basketball and taekwondo, but just my mood went down because of one of my teachers, hence, my lovely vacation got spoiled.. So just normal taekwondo classes for me
  4. Tjaard
    2011-02-05 05:47
    Well, for a series that is so long and continue for so much time i hope that they change idea
    I really hope that ppl here begin to go there and post cause Gintama need more fan here xDD

    I really hope that now begin a filler arc really big, like the bleach ones, for the crew around the world xDD

    This is the problem cause ppl like more Adachi work, ppl is interested more of the romance on it than the sport, when normally on a sport series you don't need this with a major theme: like ookiku, GK or Major >_>
    You watched some of the new series for now?
  5. XCryWolf
    2011-02-05 03:06
    Haha take as long as you need to, im just saying you should see it when you can
  6. ArabianLuffy
    2011-02-04 17:00
    used to be in fansub group called ADC-ARAB as encoder and timer. but I was tired of this shit.
  7. Haladflire65
    2011-02-04 15:57
    Oh, yeah, and Masha and Gackt imitated each other and it was friggin hilarious.

    Really? I wonder why I don't see the appeal in Arashi songs at all... if they produce so many albums and songs in one year they can only fall in quality...

    They look great, thanks! I guess the video's not big enough for a closer up, eh? Ah well, I still love them <3

    and O.M.G. Masha's dreams have finally come true. He has a part in the new Doraemon movie and special, as Fukuyama Masaaki!

    I started ROFL-ing so hard when they said that Masaaki starred in Roma-den, a tale of a brave warrior in Rome striving for change
  8. XCryWolf
    2011-02-04 11:07
    Haha you should defintely do that
  9. ArabianLuffy
    2011-02-04 08:45
    yeah.. you know the first part "Naruto" and then the second part "NARUTO Shippuden"

    someone at other forums said "yay for One Piece Shippuden"

    I was thinking they will add sub title to the main title
  10. Tjaard
    2011-02-04 07:59
    Well, i don't know how is the manga section, but if you put the threads together and make other sub ones like One Piece, i think that many ppl can visit them But yeah, is dead now, except me that post sig lol

    Watched the new epi, the next one is when Teach do the thing Really epic epi this one for WB

    The problem is only that you like the series, but many fan, not like you, around the net, made like a monument for this series, when is only a normal one of the author work >_>
    I always hated the obsessive fan of Adachi around the net, i had many times so annoying conversation with them, if you see the voting contest you understand this pretty much, cause voting for many genres except for sport or romance (where for me sport isn't enough for this one, cause is more romance centered) is only stupid, someone surely that vote the same for best male, female or overall series for this one, or wached only this series or is an obsessive fan of it

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