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The Chaos The Chaos is offline

ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Rennir
    2011-02-01 22:28
    Btw, thank you so much for the rep
  2. Rennir
    2011-02-01 22:24
    Photoshop CS5 I had to sacrifice a lot in order to make my parents agree to buy it for me I told them that they don't need to give me money for new years, and that I wouldn't ask for the $160 they owed me

    Hmmm...Ima have to watch him/her from now on
  3. Haladflire65
    2011-02-01 22:21
    Haha okay, good luck with that

    We're still trying to date the picture, he does indeed like he's 16 or something, doesn't he

    I don't dislike DBSK! Their music is just not really my tastes but I think as a group, they're fine. I just got waaaay too much Arashi in my face when I was in Japan and it drove me crazy. Seriously though, I think grabbing 6 places out of the top 10 yearly songs in Oricon's kind of too much... It makes me wonder what the music industry has come to in Japan... I think Jun's a bit too girly for my tastes I prefer guys that look at least as manly as the DBSK guys (out of them, I like Changmin's looks the best)...

    ... how can he get tired of variety shows when he's only appeared in them literally 3 or 4 times in his entire career? Tsk tsk, Masha, you should have some fun on those once in a while.
  4. Haladflire65
    2011-02-01 22:04
    Well, if you search 'download music station 090703', tons or results come up, mostly for DBSK's portion though, even though Masha was really the focus of the episode with everyone making conversation with him in their talks (including DBSK) -_- no one cares about Fukuyama outside of Japan... *sigh*

    Yep The image is indeed old, we're guessing from 1993 at the latest. Adorable picture, although he looks waaay too young to be sitting in a bar (which he was in the original picture)...

    Haha, I kind of dislike Arashi too You should've seen how angry I got when I stepped into Haneda airport in Tokyo to see a life-sized Arashi ad, then to be met with giant face shots of them playing Donkey Kong in Shibuya station... grrrr. -_- Oh definitely, but I wouldn't say Masha's active on tv, at all... he comes out on a couple music shows once in a while and that's about it -_-
  5. Haladflire65
    2011-02-01 21:17
    Hehehe, you're welcome Tell me when you watch it! I totally wanna fawn over it with you

    Aw, thanks This is one of my 5 drafts, whaddaya think? Still needs loooots of work though -_-

    True... but not really Groups like Smap and Arashi have their own friggin variety shows... Masha just doesn't like to present himself as a talent or idol, I think. He's vain
  6. hao-sama
    2011-02-01 06:47
    you are super awesome btw. you like DBSK and One Piece.
  7. hao-sama
    2011-01-31 22:58
    thank you!
  8. Rennir
    2011-01-31 20:07
    Yup yup! Uhm...I'm gonna save some of it and use the rest to buy PS CS5
    Cierra? I am officially a fan of her work now
    Oh btw, nice avatar
  9. XCryWolf
    2011-01-31 18:20
    Haha the haruhi movie is a long one, its like 2 hours and 40 mins, but its really good quality which is good for a movie that long
  10. ArabianLuffy
    2011-01-31 17:48
    our house is fine..

    and the arc almost gonna end

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