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  1. ArabianLuffy
    2011-01-10 08:22
    not enough as a reasons to drop them... fillers so far the only thing that could force me to drop them include the plot in both mangas getting boring sometimes.. I just have to continue since I've been reading/watching bleach and naruto for long time
  2. Uchiha Soul
    2011-01-09 13:39
    Uchiha Soul
    im doing good too .. i like your ava, Luffy is a gorgeous guy is he your fav?
  3. Butter Fly
    2011-01-09 10:33
    Butter Fly
    Hehe. I miss this forum even if I checked it the day before
  4. PreSage
    2011-01-08 21:20
    Thanks for the birthday wish, Chaos-chan!
  5. Tjaard
    2011-01-08 13:46
    Well, cause a series is sad, this don't mean is good
    But well, the remake made for Kanon was really good, instead Air story is always a little weird for me

    Not so evil, but for visual novels that become anime, harem genres are always lesser, cause more than harem, become romance/comedy, i think that put seinen, shounen or arem for this series is only stupid I don't remember it lol
    Maybe the best chara with facial expression on the story, never liked surely that endless little smile printed on the face of Nagisa was annoying, after liked the situation which has been in the story and the compare with her twin sister

    I think that maybe the 95% of fangirls on the world for bishounen don't think so (harem isn't only with female)
    I think that Clannad is a little "shoujo-ish", they put the seinen-harem for the genres, but for me is only a romance/comedy slice of life, put seinen for some mature theme is stupid, same for harem when the romance is here from the beginning (the game surely wass harem, not this for me)
    I think this too, lately shounen girls are more famous and good of shoujo ones (lately i dropped totally shoujo series and fled on the Josei ones, too much boring the last shoujo that i tried, maybe i re-try them on the future but not so fast)
  6. Haladflire65
    2011-01-08 12:52
    a bit too realistic.... There were many cringe-worthy scenes. Like that shot of someone with her organs removed, Won Bin getting a bullet pulled out of him, Won Bin torturing a bad guy, bad guys torturing each other, a bad guy giving Won Bin a jar with eyeballs floating around in them... yeeeaah.

    Yeah, my close friend and I just had a long convo on Asian celebs including DBSK. She told me about all the drama within the group and all I could say is just... wow. I'm glad I like a soloist, no offense.
  7. Suomi
    2011-01-08 12:51
    no. He is from Acid Black Cherry and also from Janne Da Arc
  8. Ilija
    2011-01-07 19:15
    Woah late response... but happy new year to you too Good year I hope?
  9. ArabianLuffy
    2011-01-07 17:34
    I see your list.. I wonder why you dropped Naruto and Bleach.. both animes getting good somehow..
  10. Suomi
    2011-01-07 17:14
    Wait, Yasu is not from GazettE.

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