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ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 10:17
    Natsuki Hyuga
    ~w~ I'm searching for good brushes too, but nothing has been getting my attention TTATT

    I'll try to remember the site name and upload some pics from her if I can find it

    *Cough**Cough**Cough* It's still debateable *cough*

    Well, he has been in top 3 since... Iunno, Geass season 1 It's pretty hard to get another charcater compared to his popularity, unless it's a character named Kira Yamato xD

    It's C.C. It's quite a shock for me too since Ranka was not even in top 10 last month Guess movie info can cause roars everywhere

    Here is the wall~
    Eeeh? Why be angered?

    Arigatou. And glad to see you happy, Chaos-chan

    Keep working~! And don't give up :3
  2. KiNA
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 09:41
    Natsuki Hyuga
    ^w^ 'S okay~~

    Ooh! Still looks ordinary, but an improvement than just doing crop siggy only~ Go go go Chaos-chan!
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 09:40
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Hmmm... Minitokyo, moe.imouto... Then there was that one... OH! Deviantart seems to have her club and upped her works... And then there is one more site... Hmmm... It's pretty hard to remember the name :<

    Bu-But Hayate is much more girlier than any of HnG girls! xDDD

    True, true *nods* I'll not say that he can uphold his position for 5 more months though

    Haha, Kallen is already out since last month The surprising thing is... Ranka is back on the 3rd But Sheryl-sama wa saikou desu!


    Ahaha, just a bit of nice text for that wallpaper I ran out of idea of what to write there except the slogan for the game (which include long, LONG statement of kanjis that I forgot how to read D: OMFG, where is my dear translator at time like this! TTATT) and Chaos-tan says that I should try to ask someone else... But I'm too shy :x

    Hmmm... Test pic... Test pic...
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 07:14
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Yeah... *thinks about Nice Boat end* D: D: D: is more of the official art that is produced in magazine (like Megami Magazine etc), Carnelian hardly work on anime >.< e-shuushuu... New bookmark for me~~ xD

    Try to search scan internet pages like and you'll see lots of Carnelian's lovely artworks~

    Neko!Hayate is so girly though... And I have a guilty pleasure when seeing him being chased by Klaus the old butler

    Humm... Lelouch~ Tieria is under Setsuna-I kind of forget where he is. OTOH, Sheryl-sama is no.1 in Female Division!

    *gets teary eyed* Chaos-chan~ TAT It's okay to say it fails... TT_TT

    Will do, will do... Although no idea of what to do to it ~A~

    Awww, KiNA is still working on his vector. I don't wanna trouble him :x Hmmm.. Chaos-chan could you help me asking Marina? ///._./// *Is ashamed of her own shyness*

    It's okay, I just have a lot of observation from my obsession with companies well, it's actually because it's an adaptation that it's hard to make a good anime out of it... Usually, nearly all VN or VN-like game adaptation turned out to be only average at the most-nearly none could beat out the original. D: CLANNAD for example has a lot of weakness when compared to the VN (But still has lots of dramatic moments TT_TT)

    Wow, you are turning better and better though, Chaos-chan. Now start practicing brushes, okay? :3
  6. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 06:34
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Because emo is good But over-made emo is bad

    Hummm... I swear she is a very popular in scans site like Minitokyo or Nihonmaru... Which site are you browsing?

    ^w^ Both are all awesomely hilarious! I like the tsun-tsun Hina-chan sooooo much~ But Hayate is so awesomely pitiful that I have no guilt in laughing over his misery lol xD

    xD He sure is~ I just don't like his... "I AM GUNDAAAAAAAM!!!" Moments in the animes, but I still have love for him (though I can't believe he ranked #2 in Newtype poll orz)

    It fails so hard, Chaos-chan TT_TT I should have asked someone else to clean it rather than me myself... ;_;
    Hohummmm... Will try later, but I'm not in the mood of making wallies again atm D: That single wallie killed me since the original pic were like this-very large gap in the middle I haven't had any idea what to make from the source I have improved right now... And I'm pretty embarrased to ask other people that I don't know mch

    Yes, we are still taliking about this Garnet Cradle My problem is when Orbit Soft company (a.k.a the maker of the game) decides to choose bad company... Now that is the time I will rage! D: If this game were ever made into anime (which is only... 1%? :x), I want the original artsyle to be kept! TTATT

    Uhm, more effect would be good, but making the picture to be more viewable is the main point first :3 I can see the happy siggy that it's gonna make ~ <3
  7. Kitsune
    2009-02-16 05:43
  8. Kitsune
    2009-02-16 05:27
    Woooo great one... incoming cookies @_@
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 05:24
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Well... The main character (girl and boy) is quite an emo in the first ep. glance D: The one that I supported (Rina) is getting shafted as a third wheel, or worse, not even an LI ; ;

    :3 'S okay~ Carnelian hardly work for an official manga tbh-she only submit LOTS of beautiful illustrations *_* And people does rarely talk about her even though her works are uses... Nearly everywhere

    Ooh! I like all the charas in Hayate though Hina does claim my heart a lot :3 (Though Hayate has hit my kink button because of he..errr, I mean his neko-mimi getups )

    My shipping is different when it comes to charcaterization Overall, I feel ambiguous at his charcater, since he usually talk "Ore wa Gundam!" before i put G00 on hold, really! (Though Sahriya does win my brownies for having multi-colour eyes )

    Of course, of course I wouldn't~ *hugs*

    ~_~; My artistic self said that wallie is so fail (though I still have the original PSD document-for future uses lol ), you can see so much beginner patching up here and there TT_TT And I need to work on nice text (like what you suggested Chaos-tan but moar poetic ) and brushes before that happen... And I don't wanna touch PS(HIT) again >_>;

    *_* Now I really want this game to be adapted to an anime... Without bad animation quality of course ORBIT SOFT, YOU SUCK AT HIRING ANIME STUDIO AND I WILL NEVER LET THIS GAME BE HORRIBLY CLUTTERED! D:

    Well, I suggest you try to make the wallpaper siggy first (if you want to )... B-But that wedding pic is so full of happiness~ *_* I like it! Though I say make it a bit brighter, it's too dark for me atm
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 04:53
    Natsuki Hyuga
    No talking bad about Kotonoha-chan! But yesh, most of Osana-najimis are pretty much a dead beat to me :S I still feel sorry for myself not to watch White Album because of the osana-najimi factor girl and have a total NO to the osana-najimi pairing in Regios

    That makes sense, actually, since most of them are pretty much illustrators that is not from manga side But Carnelian is pretty famous, you know~ :3 If you go to Minitokyo, you actually can find her girl on the page of Minitokyo's layout As for Yura, you rarely see her artwork unless you are a gamer

    Oh yeah, T2 does have works for Hayate too! I kind of forget orz So Chaos-tan likes Hina-chan? :3

    Yeap, Arabic Prince *sees the getups* Isn't he look like Setsuna? He seems like a more mature version of Setsuna~ <3 (Even though I hate his "I AM GUNDAM" persona, I still am a shameless fangurl who can't say no to hot bishie )

    Oh no, not yet Chaos-chan, it's not even release yet~ I have a really high hope for this game though since it is Carnelian that works for the artwork and the developers is the sister site of a BL game that has pretty good story :3 The scenario writer is actually the same too with the BL game's~ :3

    And you're welcome Chaos-chan~ :3 *Dies extracting the pic from the site tho, since I forgot how to resize an image into a hi-res one D:*

    So full of happiness... ^w^

    And you're welcome again, Chaos-tan

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