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ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Tjaard
    2010-12-20 08:57
    For now, the only good shounen around are Nurarihyon and Beelzebub, but i hope a day for another good one

    That's was the funniest part of Perona
    Well, usually new chara are from new arcs (not always but pretty much at 90%), so i think is possible
    Sanji become more funny now (surely no one want training in that island)
  2. Butter Fly
    2010-12-20 07:59
    Butter Fly
    Oh. Yes, they both are awesome
  3. Tjaard
    2010-12-20 06:00
    Same here, i really hope that One Piece and Gintama are always the best series of ever

    New members, i really liked Perona, so i had hope that she join on the crew, too bad, but i want more good crew for the story

    Certainly I know how complicate my life making these sigs but yeah, i like them
  4. XCryWolf
    2010-12-20 01:00
    Haha you didn't really give me much of a choice now did you? :P
  5. XCryWolf
    2010-12-19 12:09
    Lol ok ok, ill check them out when i have the time, im just really busy these days
  6. Suomi
    2010-12-19 11:56
    well...sorta. I prefer to bake, but I want to learn to cook, and cook Italian

    hmmm I dunno...
  7. Mon Cheri
    2010-12-19 08:47
    Mon Cheri
    too busy :<

    I'll send you my msn Nechan, so don't worry<3
  8. Tjaard
    2010-12-19 06:44
    Well, i liked more the fillers than the series after when they grow up
    For the shounen One Piece is always at the fiirst place; for the all-genres surely Gintama

    Yep, Dragon follow is path, so if Luffy he don't move for save it

    I want more arcs, and more good chara for the strawhat

    Today, i need to make your gift, one day for one sig anytime now xDD
  9. Tjaard
    2010-12-19 04:52
    Naruto became only stupid after the 2 years, was better the one before it >_>
    Bleach for now, changed totally the story another time adding new chara/enemy/ally, cause anytime now is Ichigo with a new team
    One Piece at least don't change nothing, only the chara are a little grow up and stronger, for this now One Piece is the best

    Well, surely Teach now can use perfectly WB power and we don't know if him can use Haki too; Dragon don't care of Ace he want only a revolution on the world but yeah, i want he dead too, cause first he steal the devil fruit from his allies, after the power of WB, pretty much is a chara that become stronger stealing from others, don't really like it

    Yeah, surely Beato is better than Battler but for me there're so many chara better than her
  10. Butter Fly
    2010-12-19 04:43
    Butter Fly
    I saw him in pics and think got confused if he was a he or a she. Hehe.

    Haha. Yeah. Micky is a real cutie

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