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  1. JRendell
    2010-11-28 19:45
  2. Haladflire65
    2010-11-28 19:38
    No problem

    The ratings aren't out for it yet, I'm hoping it went up a lot though...

    It's a big deal cause NHK's a famous station (the same one that did Ryoma!) and apparently they've been working on this since 3 years ago. Masha went to Madagascar (and got food poisoned) and Brazil (it was a little dangerous apparently) for this and I think he'll do a stellar job. They picked him because he's perfect for the 'traveller' role - he's been to 20 different countries and loves going on trips all over the place. We were a bit shocked to find out that he'd been to Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa and Thailand in the past month O.o

    And he's still singing next year~ A 5-month national tour until July and perhaps an Asia tour at the end of the year^^
  3. JRendell
    2010-11-28 19:29
    Hmm, that would be worth checking out.

    I've also just this minute discovered miss A. :O
  4. Haladflire65
    2010-11-28 19:29
    I bet they are, so the ratings were really high through all of S1 but it kept on dropping But yeah, the broadcaster's way of advertising Ryomaden was just "Fukuyama. Ryoma. Taiga." on the posters

    Nope, it's not a joke. Why do you think so? He'll be narrating the episodes and appearing in the ones for Madagascar and Brazil
  5. Haladflire65
    2010-11-28 19:20
    That was way before Ryomaden was aired though It's Ryoma that's famous, not Ryomaden that's famous And do you mean the theme song? I have it, do you want a Mediafire link?
    I know, I was intending to show you the pretty pictures of frogs and monkeys and fish and stuff, with Ryomasha at the bottom It's going to be the best nature doc ever!
  6. JRendell
    2010-11-28 19:20
    Wow. Best Artist, Best Album, Best Female Group and Best Music Video, those are some serious awards! Looks like they are going very strong
  7. Haladflire65
    2010-11-28 19:11
    Yup And you're welcome, cause Ryoma is one of Japan's most famous and popular historical figures ever Once I went to a hamburger shop in Tokyo that was Ryoma-themed!

    ... I'm not sure how happy I'll be after it's over but this made me happy! The website for Masha's nature documentary is up and I'm quite excited for it~
  8. Haladflire65
    2010-11-28 18:50
    I watched it because I wanted to see Masha but it also helped that I knew who Ryoma was beforehand, I learned about him in history class in Japan

    I finished downloading it but I'm saving it for later this evening, after I finish my homework
  9. Uchiha Soul
    2010-11-28 17:55
    Uchiha Soul
    yeah whatever

    i didnt watch Sae arc bcuz i hate her personality, she remind me of Hinata and Orihime .

    i liked Kaoru arc and i think the new arc "Ayatsuji" will be great .. i hope

    btw, i'll watch the 1st ep of Arakawa now
  10. Rennir
    2010-11-28 17:25
    Haha you're welcome

    I was kinda randomly suggesting it but I never thought so many people would agree
    She is? I didn't know that Thanks Chaos-chan

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